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Donk betting heads up app

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donk betting heads up app

Poker Professor Reviews Doug Polk's Advanced Heads-Up Mastery Course · Casino Del Sol Poker Room What is Bravo Poker Live and the Bravo Poker App? Usually seen as a sign of weak play, however donk bets are sometimes useful. Playing heads up is a skill every serious player should master. The images included in this poker guide are taken from a free program called Donk betting is only relevant in heads-up pots between a single preflop. MEDIOLANUM FLESSIBILE OBBLIGAZIONARIO GLOBALE MILANO FINANZA FOREX

There is simply too much information to process once you start playing more than two or three tables at the same time. Most players purchase a HUD because they are playing multiple tables and want to be able to focus on important decisions without missing out on what is happening on the other tables.

When you only play one table at a time, it is quite simple to see who is playing very loose and who is only playing premium hands. However, as you play more tables, even simple information, like how often your opponents are raising preflop, is easy to miss. Your HUD takes care of that for you. Self-study The benefit to self-study is often overlooked, but, in reality, it is one of the most important features of a HUD.

The more serious a poker player you become, the more hands you play. Using your HUD, you can look at your own statistics to see if you have flaws in your strategy. Fixing simple deficiencies in your game, such as the percentage of hands that you are opening from each position, will improve your win rate quickly.

Your HUD will automatically save hands in an easy-to-view format so you can review them afterwards. Is it possible to win without using a poker HUD? It is possible to win without using a HUD, but you are putting yourself at a large disadvantage by not using one.

First, however, you should be able to beat the stakes that you play at without a HUD. If you are unable to win while playing on 1 or 2 tables without the assistance of a HUD, then you need to move down in stakes or work on the fundamentals of your game.

The purpose of a HUD is to allow you to increase your win rate and to let you play more tables simultaneously. Think of poker like the job market: a basic understanding of poker is the equivalent of a high school degree. A job that you could get with a high school diploma twenty years ago may require a college degree today. Similarly, games that could have been beaten easily with a simple understanding of poker strategy ten years ago may now require additional tools such as a HUD.

What are some dangers of using a HUD? However, those who choose not to use HUDs often have the wrong idea about them, thinking that they allow you to play robotically without thought. Remember, a HUD is a copilot—not an autopilot. Basing your decisions solely on the statistics that your HUD displays will equal disaster. Making decisions without a large enough sample size A major mistake of players is using a HUD for decisions based on insufficient data.

Basic preflop statistics, such as an unopened preflop raise that measures the percent that your opponent raises when the action folds to them preflop, can become useful after just a hundred hands. But statistics like preflop 3-bet, which tracks the percent an opponent re-raises preflop, needs at least hands and preferably over 1, hands to become reliable. Postflop statistics require thousands of hands, if not tens of thousands, to become dependable. But if you look closer at the statistic, you may find that your opponent has only faced two continuation bets in the small sample!

Basing decisions completely on percentages You cannot just blindly trust percentages when playing poker. You need to understand the range of hands your opponent is playing and how this range of hands interacts with different flops. For example, which board below do you think you will get more folds when you raise from first position and are called by the big blind? On the first board, they are likely to call with flush draws, straight draws, pairs, and even the occasional overpair that they did not re-raise preflop.

On the second board, your opponent does not have any flush draws to call with, has weaker straight draws that have fewer outs than in the first example, and will be in a difficult spot with underpairs a pair of cards lower than one of the board cards. If you start continuation betting based on their fold to flop continuation bet while ignoring board texture, you are going to make costly mistakes. This is a prime example of when not to use a HUD as your only reason for a bet. Getting overwhelmed by too many statistics It is better to use no HUD at all than to be overwhelmed by statistics.

Beginner players should use just a few statistics to start with and add more as they become more comfortable. Using a HUD as an excuse to stop paying attention A HUD will hurt you in the long term if you use it as a method to divert your attention away from your games.

Poker requires intense focus. If you start basing decisions on statistics and not on the reasoning behind your play, you will never attain the highest win rate possible, and you will improve much slower. Is using a poker HUD cheating? A HUD analyzes this information in a way that could be done manually, though it would take a huge investment in time. What this means is that buying a HUD will not suddenly give you statistics on every hand that your opponent has ever played online.

It will only give you statistics on hands that you are present for. Just sounds of chips and cards. Another star for that. Other than that the only positive thing I can say is it will be good practice for people wanting to learn how to deal with donk betting online. The problem is the A. It is a little aggressive, which can be good. Although it regularly makes hero folds preflop against the smallest bid. It also seems to be favored. That could just be bad luck. But I played a lot.

It can be easily beat EVERY game if you land a couple of good hands and it has anything at all, or if have the patience and are willing to grind it out. It was predictable and either frustrating or boring. Little in between. It could be good practice for someone starting out and having trouble playing others online. Cheers and stuff. With the current raise layout, you are forced to move the raise slider almost to the very top of the screen to go all in, which on an iPhone 12 Pro Max is impossible to do with my thumb.

I would like to see a speed based movement distance similar to how an apple trackpad works implemented, so the slower you swipe up, the higher raise precision and the faster you swipe up, the lower the raise precision. This way you can dial in exactly the raise you want by moving slowly and go all in with a quick swipe up.

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