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Dynamic data exchange forex

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dynamic data exchange forex

codebonus1xbet.website › codebonus1xbet.website › help › forum › ptmc-dynamic-data-exchang. The terminal allows to export the current quotes to other programs in the real-time mode through "DDE" (Dynamic Data Exchange) protocol. foreign exchange reference rates that are published by exchange rate Some exchange rate providers are included with the demo data in. JUSTIN R DURBAN A BETTER PLACE FOR WOMEN

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FlowDDE Dynamic Data Exchange server for Bronkhorst instruments (Tutorial)

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For applications that operate on file-based documents, the topic is usually a filename. For other applications, the topic is an application-specific name. Because the client and server window handles together identify a DDE conversation, the application name and topic that define a conversation cannot be changed during the course of the conversation. A DDE data item is information related to the conversation topic exchanged between the applications.

Values for the data item can be passed from the server to the client, or from the client to the server. Data can be passed with any of the standard clipboard formats or with a registered clipboard format. A special, registered format named Link identifies an item in a DDE conversation. For more information about clipboard formats, see Clipboard. The System Topic Applications should support the system topic at all times. This topic provides a context for information that may be of general interest to another application.

Individual elements of item values for a system topic must be delimited by tab characters. The following table suggests some items for the system topic. Item Description Formats Tab-delimited list of clipboard formats the application can render. Help Text that briefly explains how to use the DDE server. This item is useful when more than eight bits of application-specific return data are required.

Status Indication of the current status of the application. SysItems List of system-topic items the application supports. This allows browsing of the items supported under any topic. If the items cannot be enumerated, this item should contain only "TopicItemList". Topics List of topics the application supports at the current time; this list can vary from moment to moment.

Permanent Data Links Once a DDE conversation has begun, the client can establish one or more permanent data links with the server. A data link is a communications mechanism by which the server notifies the client whenever the value of a specified data item changes. The data link is permanent in the sense that this notification process continues until the data link or the DDE conversation itself is terminated.

There are two kinds of permanent DDE data links: warm and hot. In a warm data link, the server notifies the client that the value of the data item has changed, but the server does not send the data value to the client until the client requests it. In a hot data link, the server immediately sends the changed data value to the client.

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Dynamic Data Exchange

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