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Investing in educational success

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investing in educational success

“We are seeing an increase in spending and investments in student systems from higher education systems of all sizes and types,” says Vicki. The Investing in Education Success (IES) policy was announced by the Prime Minister in January and with a $m price tag, is the biggest item of new. Investing in Student Success Act of - Declares that income share agreements that meet this Act's requirements are valid, binding, and enforceable. RAY DALIO ALL WEATHER INVESTING FOR BEGINNERS

And when the Hon. Anne Tolley mentioned me in the newspaper, it was to invite me to keep my seditious views to myself. The IES working group report also includes a statement from the NZEI that explains that the evidence section was only produced by the Ministry towards the end of the deliberations underlying the report. This is interesting as the limited depth of analysis does indeed suggest post-hoc rationalisation.

Again a similar thing happened with the National Standards. On the other hand the IES is very much a business approach to quality — using financial incentives to get the job done — and such corporate perspectives are pronounced within the Wellington beltway. Hollowed out There are good reasons for teachers to be unhappy and why primary teachers are especially unhappy, see below.

It seems to me that what is happening to New Zealand schools involves a thinning or hollowing out of the education culture that most New Zealanders grew up with. I am talking about the not-so-gradual decline of professional development, professional resources, educational research, teacher education, curriculum coverage, special education, funding, support for leadership, morale, moral purpose and security of work.

What is happening is that children and young people are being commodified and schooling is becoming less genuine. There is a foreshortening of possibilities for school leaders and teachers in resolving their daily problems and a general decline in the vitality of teaching and less opportunity for progressive practice.

Where teaching is not in decline it is often because educators are working against the grain of policy rather than being supported by it. To borrow from Brian Picot, it's a worsening system but still some good people.

There are already some significant elements of privatisation in all of this and it seems there will be much more to come unless we have a change in direction at the election. One of the concerns about the IES is that there are other policy developments occurring in the background around legislation, funding, roles, structures and digital technologies to which the IES will be linked in ways that are yet to become apparent.

This is why the working group requested information about the links to other policies as outlined in Part Two of the report. Its easier to see the new arrangements being harmful or not making much difference. The IES is also not going to simply undo the various problems within the system as mentioned above and these should not be overlooked during the debates around the new policy.

Finally it is important to be realistic about the impact of wider social pressures on schools, a point made repeatedly by the NZEI over the least few months. The changes mentioned above are coupled with wider shifts that are also hollowing out society such as insecure housing and increasingly unequal incomes.

The IES could easily contribute to the politics of blame where schools are being increasingly held accountable for the effects of these wider concerns. Certainly the evidence section of the working group report gives the most optimistic reading of research around teacher and school effects.

A more realistic reading would not attribute so much power to any school-based intervention. Less principled Our school system is also becoming less principled by the day as it is infected by managerialist politics and as it gradually becomes more privatised. The problem is most acute in the education agencies as they are in a contractual relationship with their Ministers and it is that relationship that has to be prioritised. And a profit motive is generally central to the private organisations the agencies contract out to.

But other national organisations that support schools are also in trouble. STA is clearly in the pocket of Government rather than really representing the interests of the boards it works with. NZCER is the same. Funding for university-based professional development has become insecure from year to year, or even a few months ahead. Within the school system the rot is mostly in the early childhood sector now highly privatised but fighting to stay authentic and in secondary.

Secondary school principals are effectively running large businesses and schools compete with each other for students. Where they enthusiastically market themselves, there is often little honesty about how schools gain advantage on the back of their intakes nor much concern about the impact of marketing on other schools and on the good of the overall student population in the area.

It is the prosperity of the individual institution that nearly always counts. This is why they were willing to create such a fuss over the introduction of National Standards and it was a wonderful thing to see people standing up for what they believed in. Posted: 5 May Reference : 1H9ctV Design of the Investing in Education Success programme, hailed by some commentators as the most definitively positive policy move for our learners in many years, continues apace. A number of myths need exploding along the way.

Thankfully, our understanding as to what constitutes quality teaching has advanced a huge distance since the days when the finger pointed exclusively at students who came up academically short — but that means the discussion has grown correspondingly more complex. It seems logical that those best placed to continue building on our understanding of teaching excellence should be those who have demonstrated that excellence in their day-to-day practice: it should be stand-out teachers helping all to be more outstanding.

Evidence backs up the truism that great teachers make for successful students. While the titles of the new school roles are likely to change, their proposed functions are: Executive Principal: These will be exemplary principals from around the country, with a proven track record of lifting achievement. They will be released for two days per week to work with the other schools; time that they will spend providing leadership across their community of schools, while remaining in their own school.

They will establish and work towards objectives that a community of schools have identified as priorities. Expert Teacher: These will be highly capable teachers who have demonstrated excellence in their practice. They will work with Executive Principals, and they will be experts in areas relevant to achievement objectives. They will work with teachers, inside classrooms, including within other schools in their community, to help lift teaching practice and improve student achievement. Time will be allocated to Expert Teachers to work with the other schools in their community.

Lead Teacher: These will be highly effective teachers, with a proven track record, who will act as a role model for teachers within their own and other schools in their community. Their classroom will be open for other teachers, including beginning teachers, to observe and learn from their practice.

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The Importance Of Investing In Your Education! investing in educational success

Posted: 5 May Reference : 1H9ctV Design of the Investing in Education Success programme, hailed by some commentators as the most definitively positive policy move for our learners in many years, continues apace.

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