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Dear wearetheenglish. Please see enclosed a photograph of the permanent flag display on the side of my house. I get no grief over here at all about displaying my St George flag alongside the flag the my wife's country. I've been taken aback at how patriotic the Americans are and for the first time in my life I'm actually situated in a place where I can show off how proud I am to be English.

I lived in Walthamstow, London before moving here and I would never have been permitted to fly the St George. I Love my country - brilliant website, well done. Gary Great site chaps pity there arnt more ppl around like us then this country of ours would br great again,godx save the queen and st george What a fantastic website. Especially for us Englishmen who now reside out of the country.

Makes me very homesick! It's so rare in present times. All the best, Tomasz Hello. I'm italian. I live in Rome. Without arrogance I believe that my country and my city have a glorious history, at least as your. Without arrogance I believe that my country produced a number of great men not less than your. But we don't have a site like 'wearetheenglish.

Maybe because we arenot arrogant? Or simply because we are more stupid than you? I have lived in Wales now for 10 years and have not in one second of those years given into the Welsh goading to cast off my Englishness and 'become welsh' as if living here means I can be assimilated. It has been a difficult task. As the one English pupil in a school of welsh, with a broad English accent it was not easy - particularly as I had moved from Rugby, Warks, and to say this was much the same as saying I came from a place called 'Football.

In her workplace, my mother was subjected to such abuse that she would sometimes return home from work in tears. Despite the Welsh protestations that 'its all a bit of fun' and 'you should take it as a joke, friendly rivalry' I have never once found attacks upon my nationality in the slightest way funny and I scarcely need to add that I would NOT be asked to were I asian or afro-Caribbean.

Of course, Welsh patriotism is a license to do just about anything or make any slur against the English that you wish, as I am aware Scottish patriotism is in the North. I, as you do, find it very sad indeed that English patriotism is denied to us by whining lefties.

Its bad enough 'President' Blair trying to turn us all into Americans without our own countrymen telling us we should be ashamed of who we are. We have all seen athletes like Colin Jackson and Jamie Baulch parading the welsh flag around after athletic success, but I can't remember the last time I saw a George cross flying proudly around an English athlete's shoulders I may just be out of touch with sport though! In short, I think wearetheenglish.

And thirdly, Im looking for an English emblem for a tattoo design at the minute and was wondering if you could help? Of course the Rose and the lion rampant but was wondering what others there may be? Keep up the excellent work and I look forward to hearing from you Cheers, Mike As a patriot, serving paratrooper and proud Englishmen I was chuffed to find this web site.

With foreigners literally at our door steps its important to know who we are, and let them know who's country they're in, and I think this web site aids this cause. Thankfully, after reading your site, I now know that is untrue. Thankyou hi. I enjoyed reading your web page on English greats.

I was, however, a little disappointed to see that you failed to recognise or mention one of the greatest perhaps the greatest Englishwoman in your list of English heroes. I refer to Margaret Thatcher, one of the two greatest Prime Ministers the country has had the other being Winston Churchill.

I'm sure I don't need to remind you of her achievements, but I think a leader who presided over the salvation of the economy, restored the nation's confidence and pride by victory in the Falklands while simultaneously restoring the freedom of British subjects , pursued policies which led to victory in the Cold War, and smashed the stranglehold of socialism, not only in England but in much of the world, deserves a mention on your excellent website.

I must also include her corageous stand on Europe, the famous Bruges speech, and her subsequent formulation of a new and radical vision for Europe, one which does not involve absorption into a multi national, multi cultural, federal monolith.

I could list many more achievements, but I'm sure you're already aware of them, and I trust you will agree that Lady Thatcher deserves a mention and a place among English greats. Respectfully yours, Ivan. You describe Snorri as "Norwegian".

In fact he was Icelandic, although he served at the court of the Norwegian king. Regards Bill. Keep up the crusade my fellow countrymen, In these dark days of political correctness and anti Englishness The evil dragon of our time , Stand tall, stand strong, stand proud and stand English!!

Lets make George proud of his children!!! Are there any candidates standing for Elections in the North East of England. I live in Darlington , County Durham , and there would be a lot of support for the English party and its ideals.

We are organising a day out for St Georges Day and will be in our town centre,pubs, with leaflets and flags etc The time has come for us to stand up and be proud , to be English! Please put me on your mailing list. Fantastic site Keep up the good work, Keith. I just wanted to say thanks for putting such a great site together. I emigrated from England 2 years ago, but I am very proud to be English, maybe more so now that I have left and realise how great it is.

I have just spent 2 hours reading through the site and am very proud. Thank you. Happy St George's Day! I will be celebrating from miles away. Danielle Rourkes Drift English you should be ashamed. Most regiments in Wales had a English county name, not because they were English but because they were Run by English Politicians.

Monmouthshire is very complex, that problem was by the Oxford Papers that all of a sudden included Monmouthshire as English, this problem is still there now, but Monmouthshire is and always been very welsh, the English in the Regiment excluding the mixed up ones are from mainly the Forest of dean, which was actually a part of wales but came under the same problem. All I say to you is work out your facts.

Wales has lost a lot of its heritage this wat. And let us add to your list that the English were the last people of Britain so how sad Ye Old English what you put on everything, and you have no claim to Arthur. Wellington won his war with mainly welsh people at wellington, and the backbone of the british Empire was secured by the Celtic people, and not the so called brave English.

The thing that the English do have is political power and that is why then as now as then your brainwashing as come to power. Tomorrow will be a proud day and I will certainly be wearing my England Shirt and flying St Georges flag. I blame the Labour Goverment for obsessed with political correctness. Nowadays many people are afraid of calling themselves England for fear of being branded a racist whereas they should be proud. Perhaps you would like to review your 'quotes' section.

You have a number of very derogatory marks to England and her people. It takes little imagination to work out what having a site like this must do for your 'ego' - Mister patriotism. WATE Comment - eh! Im a Canadian. My parents are from the English Land of what people only can dream of, Surrey, and Cheshire. Not British, not welsh, not Scotish, English!!. Not cause i disrespect my Canadian soldier brothers.

But because im picking up the torches of my granfathers. Im ready to stand, listen and pay back what my heritage created for me Canada, and and awsome life Im more then ready to become a man of England, proud of my country Canada. If it came to it, the English would go in first, and Id love to lead them with my boys the Canucks right behind you boys.

Fuck these terrorist fucks, take you r country back!!!!!! Ps, Never met my Grandfathers, but you can bet your ass the jerrys did. The Scots can, the Welsh can, now lets show them that we can. Dear England! This site has blown me away. I can not word my admeration any other way, this site has completely been what I needed to feel that once again the true English spirit is alive and thriving as it has shown itself to do in times much worst than present.

Thank you from the deepest regions of my heart for instilling the love and desire and pure strength of the english that thrives in all of the true-blooded english, and allowing us to express our love for this beautiful and majestic people that helped not only to shape the course of this planet, but give the people a basis for education and understanding of integrity and humanity I have long been awaiting my first tattoo and i wanted to get something to symbolize not only my father and my grandfather's legacy, but also stay true to the real Briton's.

Nordic peoples have their suncross and also often laugh at British people for not having a real heritage, but i wanted to have a real symbol tattooed on my arm to symbolize the strength of the Britannic peoples, and to show that there was a indigenous peoples of england before the vikings and germans came, not to mention the damned french!!!

I guess what i am asking is, please send me some pics of real britantic symblos that i might tattoo upon myself to show that the suncross is not the strongest symbol out of the european continent. Thank you and always, "he that thou knowest thine" Matthew WATE Comment — Started off well but faded after the PS I have greatly enjoyed your sight and I was just wondering about 'the fighting man' banner of King Harold and I was just wondering if there was any information on what it looked like.

Contemporary descriptions of it however are all very similar. One describes Harold's standard as being "made of gold tissue having the image of an armed man upon it. I know that the Greeks have been making a lot of fuss lately about the Elgin Marbles being returned to Greece. I don't know about you but I would gladly return all the treasures from the British Museum if it meant that somehow the standard of the last true King of the English could once again return to these shores.

Very much like the sight especially Athelstan Stuff - Visited Malmesbury Abbey recently and admired his tomb but why only Football gear? Where is the Rugby, Cricket and countless other sports we English enjoy. One of our greatest gift to the world are our sports and our fans just ask the Ozzies Keep up the good work — Nick couple of things: where is the the content about our Country's traditonal music and our world famous songwriters?

I went to this today, thanks to you informing me of it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be there again next year. The wreath laying was also very moving I thought. I have just ordered from your site, the white dragon standard. I have been after one of those for a while now and saw one today at the wreath laying, then noticed it on your site. Nice One and thanks again for keeping me informed. Regards Tommy 3 Lions Looking forward to receiving my goods, was wondering if you plan to make the dragon available on other items?

T-shirts, badges, mugs etc? Would you consider maybe producing a "Fighting Man" symbel? Would also like to say that I attended the wreath laying at the Harold Stone on saturday and was wondering if it was your goodselves or the "English Companions" who arranged it? Whoever It was they done a superb job and I found it a very moving experience. Today is the 25th October , not 25th october The world is changed and is still changing.

Forget the past and look at the future. Every people in Europe has his part of glory in the past, not only England. But we live in the present. The most part of the nations in the world hate you, because your arrogance and your attitude to be pretencious. Be careful. The history is like a wheel.

What now is up, tomorrow can be down. If you continue in this way, some day England could be destroyed and english could desappear from the face of the earth. It would be a pity How can we survive without your beer!? Naturally, England is the focus, as that is the location of BP, St. James', Windsor, etc. All the greatest aspects of the monarchy are contained within England. I feel it is important to teach America about its mother country.

It will all start taking place in january of Take heart - there are many of us in the US who remember England and fight for her every day. Continue with the good work in uniting the English People and with our struggle. Its about time. Tony l English through and through Love the idea of the White Dragon flag of England being flown to symbolise the feelings of the native Englishmen not putting up with any more eradication of our Englishness.

Are there any plans to release any more products, apart from the flag, so that we can fully show our pride in more than one way?????? Cheers, and really love what you're doing with the site, keep up the good work. Love the site, it fills my heart with pride to see there are English left with the old spirit. Take care, Matt just luv this website. Nice that you advertised in the news of the world. Please put me on your mailing list Regards Andy Found an advert for your website in the Daily Sport, just like to say I've never seen such an inspiring website.

Keep up the good work! PS, any idea when the templates will be available for the tattoo ideas? I had your site recommended to me by a friend and I have just had a look I spent a number of years as a footslogger in the military and this is NOT the country that I worked so hard to get. Our government seem ashamed of all things British and there is no national pride any more.

I live in Havering where you are deemed 'racist' by the council if you fly a Union flag or a cross of St George! Why is there shame in belonging to what is, arguably, the greatest nation that the world has ever seen? Now we have to apologise for it?

We have to say 'sorry' for what happened over a hundred years ago and offer compensation? Most kids in my granddaughters school can't even tell you that date of it! It is an inescapable fact that hate groups have tried to hijack the national identity but they will not win. It is our way to be tolerant of others; to be acceptable of foreigners who wish to settle here and enjoy our country and way of life. Now we are paying the price for it with asylum seekers. I had always thought that one of the European treaties stated unequivocally that any asylum seeker must only apply in the FIRST EU country that they crossed, yet the French only want to make them OUR problem and then our own government are too scared to do anything about it and, if we are foolish enough to make our own thoughts clear on this subject, then we are branded bigots and worse.

God forbid we should round up the obvious troublemakers and zealots and ship them back home Human rights? It's a joke to make lawyers rich! WATE Comment - I think it's the British government that has tried to hijack our national identity I will recommend your site to ALL people that I come across from here on in whether they be English or immigrants to show them what this country actually stands for and what it means.

PLEASE keep up the good work - John Hornchurch You are right there is a big difference in the dna of the welsh and english but I still think the anglo saxon thing is far too 'black and white'. Recent studies of saxon burials have shown that many of the buried persons were dressed as Saxons but were in fact Britons.. Couple this with the University of London's research into the y chromsome of the English suggests that the West of England Devon, Somerset, Cumbria etc has far more Celtic blood than English.

As for Bede' commentary it has been commented that a lot was written at a time of heightened friction with the Welsh kingdoms, perhaps suggesting a 'politcal' motive. As to your comment about there being 'no Anglo migration' its obvious there was and you have given the reasons for this, language, law etc I just feel that you maybe need to at least 'mention these things. Denying a share heritage with our Celtic neighbours is both devisive and simply bad science.

I don't know what studies you are referring to but the ones I have seen have said there is a distinct difference between English and Welsh DNA. These studies also have the backing of historical documentation, archeologically and linguistic studies.

Many contempory historians including Bede documetated the migration of the English to the time that coincided with the disappeaence of archaeological finds in the Anglo-Saxon homelands. The way that the dead were buried, their pottery and house buliding techniques all changed. The Anglo-Saxons laid the foundation of our nation and gave their name to our country, they gave us English common law, our system of government, local organisation, our boroughs and shires, our language.

Many would say our very outlook and sense of humour can all be traced back to our Anglo-Saxon ancestors. Without the Anglo-Saxons there would be no England. How is that too simplistic? I was appalled to see pictures of the Islamic demonstration where police escorted those carrying placards urging extreme violence against those who insult Islam Don't they always argue that Islam is a religion of peace? Words such as annihilate, behead, massacre and slay were on these placards together with threats against Europe were all displayed without any action being taken by the Met.

I seem to remember a peaceful demonstration by mainly white middle class people in London during which some police officers laid about them with riot clubs, there is obviously one law for white demonstrators and another for bloodthirsty followers of Islam. I have emailed the Home Office and The Commisar deliberate of the Met to complain about the lack of police action. I expect, if I receive any reply, to be fobbed off with some waffle about not making the situation worse by taking action at the time, more likely I will be arrested in the middle of the night for inciting hate crimes.

Regards Mike Just want to say what a brilliant website!!!!! The problem is, the English always patronise the Celts and other foreigners, and forget about how beautiful our own country is. I have a St George flag flying in my window, and nobody can tell a year-old to take her own country's flag down, although I wouldn't be surprised because political correctness in Britain is sinking so low lately.

A very Happy St Georges Day to all concerned. Mike Keep up the good work Happy St Georges Day to one and all Although recently I was in Southampton, I cannot say for the rest of the English mainland, but here on the Isle of Wight, where I live, there are hundreds of St George flags hanging out of windows, on flag poles, and sticking out of car windows, and nobody seems to be complaining, granted it is predominantly white, but the amount of flags is like never before, it actually feels like you are a part of ENGLAND.

And on the radio and TV, I've heard loads of people who celebrated St. George's Day and wanted it as a national holiday. I think winning the Ashes and rugby World Cup helped, and hopefully so will the football World Cup this summer. The other thing that I cannot understand, I am not racist at all and welcome a multi-RACIAL society in England, but why does the BBC always use a black or Asian family in the stories when complaining about something which is wrong with the country?

My name is angela, i live in scotland and upto twelve years ago i always called my self british, but after encountering racism by quite a few scots who made my life and that of my two daughters a misery. I now profess my self to be English and proud of it. I have got stickers of st george on my car plus i have a st george's flag cushion in the car.

My husband said that my car would get smashed up but that has not happend. I will not let myself be intimadated any more. The reason i live here is because my husbands job is here and i cannot wait till he retires and that i can move back down to the best country in the world.

I will carry on wearing my t shirts with st george on them, and i am going to get a brolly with the st george flag on it and use it with pride. Nice website, but I'm disappointed that you don't carry a link to the BNP. I have to tell you I am a member: I am against all violence; I am a family man; a vegetarian, and I hope I am quite representative of the BNP's new membership.

Please don't believe the comments in the press. Kind regards, Ray. Sir Walter Raleigh, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, William Shakespeare etc etc people that have made a profound impact not just on our small island but on a global scale Well done. Well written. Stay proud. This from a Welshman. Just to let you know that the White dragon flag of England is flying again in Malmesbury ,Wiltshire!! Thank you for the write up on your web site too. What a top site it is, and makes me more proud to be an Englishman.

I don't see myself as a racist but I feel that in this day and age the British Government are failing us and stripping us of our dignity and rights for the sake of not offending others. Nice to see you making a stand for our proud and righteous history. I will be back for more. Jason hi, just a quick note to say that i received my white dragon flag today and i am absolutely delighted with both flag and your service. Thanks regards alan. I saw a question in the Daily Mail regarding the White Dragon flag and decided to look it up on the web for more info, and found your excellent website!.

Keep up the good work!!. Regards, Glyn. Despite my Welsh name, I am English to the core. Hi there,Just wanted to say thank you for running this site. It has cheered me up no end to read some of the quotes and the history, and God bless Billy Connelly for his honesty in what he said, it takes a big man to say that.

Keep up the good work, your message is getting across to more and more people. Best regards Richard Hughes Congratulations! I read this right through and wish more people would take the time and make the effort to de-programme themselves from the deliberate cultural decimation called education in this country and discover their ethnic English identity. I totally endorse the part at the end about the mistake in valuing ourselves as a culture only in terms of material consumerism, rather than making the basis of our judgement the things that are of true, lasting value in our lives, our own abilities, our family ties, our kinship with our English brothers and sisters under the White Dragon flag.

I was very moved by your reference to drawing on the strength of our ancestors. Your website brings great joy as well as an unfamiliar freedom of expression in what is becoming an oppressive, totalitarian regime here in our beleaguered country.

We must all continue to resist. We do make a difference collectively. We are a people who are never beaten when it matters. Harold and the huscarls look on from the heavenly mead hall, we cannot let them down. Keep up your important work on this excellent site - Waes Heil, Mark Welcome back, but There cannot be many of we English who have not lost family members in the past while they were fighting for England, even if it was long before we were born.

The England that was bequeathed to us had to be fought for; the England that is so attractive to so many foreigners cost countless English lives over the centuries. And if those forefathers of ours could see England today, what would they think?

It is a rhetorical question to which we know the answer, and we should hang our heads in shame. What have we done to bring our England into the state it's in? There are places like Leicester where the English are now a minority. In Nottingham, I'm told, blacks killing blacks in drug-dealing turf wars is virtually a daily occurrence. One third of prisoners in our jails are ethnic minorities. And, as we all know, there is much else.

The English have abrogated their responsibilities to their forefathers. So what is to be done. The English need to regain power in their country. This is our nation and we should be the only ones who can say who stays and who goes. This land should have only one culture, and that is English culture, one language, which is English, and one law, which is English law.

What is this talk of flags and symbols and folk music? Are we to be like Red Indians in reservations? Stop faffing about with trivialities. We are losing our inheritance, we are losing our land. We English need to fight to regain what is rightfully ours and is being systematically stolen by invaders.

Thanks for the e-mail. We believe that our people are only going to take a stand when they begin to see themselves as a single people. Everything that we do is about encouraging a greater communal identity within English people and showing them exactly what they have lost. I wouldn't call flags, symbols and folk music as trivialities. It is only because we have lost these things and a clear sense of who we are that we are in the mess that we are now.

Whether it is too late for the English people remains to be seen. Dear We are the English,I recently bought some of your t-shirts and would just like to say they're superb. Everyone I've spoken to thinks they're great. They could be from a high street fashion retailer, but celebrating our heritage rather than the usual pc rubbish che Guevara etc.

Waes Haeil! Dear England,I would like to point out a couple of errors on your website. In the second paragraph of 'about england' you talk about 'our island'. England is not an island. It is part of an island. The island is known as Great Britain and includes Scotland and Wales. You say that you are not given the opportunity to celebrate English culture.

Don't be such whingers. Who is stopping you? Just do it without all the self-pity. Do you think the Scots got permission to celebrate whatever they celebrate? It is a matter of temperament. In any case the English celebrate St George's Day more than any other nation celebrates its patron saint's day. Typically the festivities start a day or so before April 23 and consist of celebrating the English sense of victimhood.

This includes complaining that they are not allowed to celebrate their nationality - it is never absolutely clear who stops them but the implication is that other Brits are to blame. Pursuits on the day include polls asking if the English should celebrate St George's day. The English celebrate their patron saint's day by bemoaning the fact that they cannot celebrate it. It is not exactly a carnival atmosphere but hey if that is how the English want to celebrate that's their choice.

To those who are not English, it does, however, appear a little sad. Your suggestion that the English has a character trait which predisposes him to being a drunken thug is very sad and possibly the reason the English have such low self esteem and feel the need to seek permission to celebrate their national identity.

Thanks for the comments. Sorry if the reply is a bit rushed. It doesn't say that England is an island. It says "Britain" stood alone. As for not being given the opportunity to celebrate our culture. My son's school has in the past sent his friends on visits to mosques, hindu temples and jewish synagogues and yet they do nothing for St George's Day. This is in stark contrast to the situation in Scotland where even in the political classes Scottishness is seen as something positive and to be celebrated.

In multi-cultural England anything that is seen to encourage a greater sense of an English communal identity is something to be weary of, as it is seen as a threat to multi-culturalism. I don't know where you get the idea that the English have low self esteem. I certainly don't feel the need to go out and buy an opposition shirt every time Scotland play an international game.

From what I can see it is obvious to all that it is the Scots who have low self esteem. What else could you say about people whose identity is actually based on celebrating not being English, rather than their own Scottishness. Why do we get so many Scots on our website? They celebrate what they are not rather than what they are. Stay in touch. Have relayed it on to all my friends, English of course!

Yours sincerely Chris English parliament! I have nothing against the Scots or the Welsh, they have always treated me with respect while I have been in their countries, but I have something against our rulers in our parliament in Westminster. It is called hedging ones bets, without the support of labour politicians in both Wales and Scotland they would not now be our rulers in England. I have also noted that our cabinet and our parliament have a large amount of politicians who are either Welsh or Scots, this is highly disproportionate as there are only 5 million inhabitants in Scotland, and only about 1 million Welsh, there are about 54 million inhabitants in England.

Another anomaly is that only Scots MPs are allowed to sit in the Scottish parliament. Lets face it, we are no longer a union anymore!! I personally want to be governed by an English parliamen that is inhabited by English MPs only. So let us English have a referendum of our own, the ball is now in our court! The real tragedy is that England has not had a formidable leader since Alfred there have been leaders of the British state since And now you insular narrow minded little racists, and you try to hide it as best you can beneath that pretentious veneer of respectability, will not help the cause of the English nation any further Hi there,Just wanted to say well done and keep up the good work.

I've been trying to find an English tattoo design for ages and was told to go for pre Roman celtic designs, as there wasn't really anything typically English worth having. After searching for a couple of weeks and thanks to your site, I now have some fantastic designs that instantly mean something very special to me.

When they're done I'll send you the pics. I also now have the best site on all things English bookmarked. Thanks again Smudge. English and bloody proud of it!!! Just a small observation. It is high time we stopped apologising for our country and for our beliefs.

Our approach seems always to be concerned with what non-English people will think if we do this or that, but this bothers me, since we are English people in England, and if people who do not originate in England don't like our ideas, principles, laws etc. Certainly, if I were to live in another country, my approach would not be to change it if I did not like it, but to move away, since it is not my place to change a country from which I do not originate.

My second point is that I have not yet seen anything on your website regarding the recent plans to build a 'mega-mosque' next to the London Olympic site. I would very much appreciate it if you would consider posting the following 2 articles from the Times newspaper on your website, so that as many Englishmen and women as possible have a chance to consider for themselves what the plans mean to them.

My take on it is that it would be an enormous shame for the world to look at a huge mosque whilst watching the London Olympics. This is because England is not historically an Islamic country-and seeing a mosque next to the English Olympic site would suggest otherwise. Muslims do not originate in England.

Therefore, I feel that they should have respected English history, and not suggested erecting a mosque next to the Olympic site. Yours faithfully Edward I had recently answered a Scottish friend on the matter of DNA as a result of the programme you mentioned in your news letter.

You may not agree woith me but I always fight back on any attemt to divide us or to deny us our identity. As for DNA, I expect it would be just as easy to get similar results from populations wherever you go, except in really isolated regions. I expect the same to apply to Scots people as it does to English and Welsh, for I doubt that the English army soldiers kept their equipment in their doublets throughout their occupations, anymore than the crusaders did, or the Romans did.

Not for nothing did we have Anglo indians or Burmese or Eurasians or whatever. In any event, to filter down, we are all supposed to have had only five birth mothers for all nations and races, so DNA mixing is to be expected though not as much as some would suggest. If it wasn't, it wouldn't be such an issue for them, There is method behind it.

It is basically disingenuous, for instead of emphasising the majority content as one would expect, the search is for the minority, so we can just as easily identify the majority content to prove national identity as we can seek the minority or fractions to undermine it.

The bottom line is ones own image of oneself and where one belongs, or how one identifies oneself as truly belonging without reservations. Anything else is just historical referencing to our past and doesn't matter a jot. Im English, and shall remain so, with sufficient proof of lineage to satisfy myself beyond any reasonable doubt. Does it really not register that something is drastically wrong? Their policies have benefited foreigners and left our own people feeling isolated and abandoned.

I feel the same way, but I have always thought and said that Tony Blair is a traitor to the Ethnic English people as was his predecessor Mrs Thatcher, because during her rein and the minors strikes I was given a seat on a restart course and at the same time Mrs Thatcher was given a seat in the house of lords with a pension you cant have any clearer evidence than that about what is going on in this country and what kind of people are running it.

But again one has to put things in their right perspective, Tony Blair and most of the Scottish mp's have NO heart for England anyway because they were born in Scotland so to them none of them will feel like they are traitors which is why they are so smug about everything, so Tony Blair's feelings wont be hurt any by what he has done to the ethnic English.

His predecessor mrs Thatcher who is English was just a stupid conservative Bitch of woman who really was a traitor to herself and England and its workers because of her pure SELF interest. But she did get her feelings hurt by her actions which revealed itself when she lost her job, but of course being a conservative the money she got in compensation quickly made up for her show of SELF centred tears not for England.

A lot live better but they miss their homeland and it gets difficult when you get older because its a young persons country. When you talk about England your talking therefore about heart and feelings which is a sense of union with the land and the earth built on generations of memories, blood, sweat and tears and those who have heart and feelings like that and push such feelings to one side for whatever reason will regret it one way or another as time goes on and a lot of those leaving will feel the pull of the heart strings and want to come back but after a long period of years away when they do come back it will all have changed again, you only have so long to correct things.

But again such thoughts and feelings don't exist with the big business and money investors because they are like tumbleweeds always picking themselves up and moving on when there is not enough sustenance for them, so its easy for them to just use or ignore feelings and words like England or even the word Britain for that matter, they are what is called the unacceptable face of capitalism.

You can actually call this country what ever you like as in the fashion of the times and situation to help keep costs down and profits up because capitalist know its a spiritual form of incentive to those working, they just don't want workers to get to worked up about it like a religious faith as in the past with the unions and miners and their solidarity because it means wage rises, when they see this happening and profits dropping they soon start to close things down because they believe and think money always rules and they are the ones with all the money and they intend to keep it that way regardless of anyone else's heart or feelings or whatever word you choose for the country.

The last thing the rich want is for people to take a less favourable liking to money like nationalisation because it would destroy their high profit margins and fancy high living life styles, so they use symbolic images in their methods and control of people through the media encouraging people to be the same as they are.

S gunpowder will present no problem. Hi, I've been looking at your site with much interest. It's great that a site does exist to celebrate all things 'English'! One thing does confuse me however. It's this notion that present-day English people are the direct descendents of the Anglo-Saxons, which the site does seem to agree with. Surely we are a mongrel race descended of various ethnicities? As you are probably well aware - The country of England did not exist until well into the 10th century under Athelstan.

Under original Anglo-Saxon rule, the country was more or less divided amongst the various kingdoms. It wasn't until the arrival and mass immigration of the Danes that things began to change. After all the fighting and conquering, England as we know it was divided into Wessex and The Danelaw.

At this time, a large amount of Danes had immigrated into the land and largely lived in the North East. The unification of both these kingdoms finally made up 'Angleland'. The migration of both cultures created England. The Danes weren't massacred and didn't emigrate, they stayed.

Let's also not forget that current thinking takes the view that the Anglo-Saxons did not push the Celtic Britons so much out of present day England. A years of interbreeding between the Anglo-Saxons, Danes and Celts would make up the present day indiginous population of England, so it would seem a little unfair to award all the praise on the Anglo-Saxons.

Just a thought. I live in Greenford, West London and have witnessed first hand the destruction of what was once a thriving town with a mainly English white dare I say it population, a community where people said hello as they passed in the street and you knew your neighbours. Many of the English families have left to the rural areas or left the UK alltogether. Even if I knew some of my ethnic neighbours I wouldnt be able to recognise them as they cover there faces with a burqa or hijab whatever its called, imagine me walking round in a balaclava!!!

Of course to your normal do-gooder socialist I would immediately be accused of being a racist because of my views, as it is an easy attack on a white Englishman, but I, just like the ethnic groups am proud of who I am and where I came from so why an earth can I not speak openly about it without fear of being labelled and at least try to protect whats left of my ancestral roots?

It seems to me that we are being eradicated ,were not even allowed to call ourselves English on any official documents. This is all done to appease the new British imigrants and their families so as not to offend and give them a sense of belonging.

It is not that I dislike different cultures or people ,infact I love travelling and exploring different ways of life ,I just want to see the country that I grew up in remain recognisable as England ,green fields ,historical towns ,quaint villages not Mosques ,Temples ,Burkhas ,Hijabs ,Arabic schools ,Halal butchers etc. It seems to me that Scotland and Wales are being given a chance of preservation at the sacrifice of England by this government and unless there are radical steps taken soon it will never be undone as the English will be effectively bred out, it is no secret that migrant families are rapidly multiplying in large numbers outbreeding the English families and nothing is or can be done to halt it.

The once normal English family life is a thing of the past thanks to high taxes,the only way to survive is by living in high numbers per house which is not really the way we English live I shudder to think what lays ahead for us that are left here, next will be Islamic law recognition in our courts and it will then spiral even further out of control,what was once the unimaginable is sadly a distinct possibility On remembrance Sunday I march with the British Legion through Greenford up to the war memorial and as we walk past the 12th century Anglo Saxon church round the corner to the converted mosque I cant help think what those guys must be thinking, I bet they wonder if fighting to protect our great island was all worth it ,to be sold out so cheaply now by this bunch of lefty dogooder assholes.

On a closing upbeat note I would like to say that many more like me are getting more patriotic and starting to stand up, for the last 4 years I have been going out on St Georges day with a group of friends who have been doing it for the last 10 years. This year we have a full coachload participating, and it gets stronger every year. Good luck with the growth of the site ,lets hope the thought police dont try to label wearetheenglish as being a racist site!!

With enough incentive fun and frolics in the major parks of London during working hours, say, sponsored by Wells' Brewery and others to do so, the businesses which seems to be all this govt cares about, could take a major hit from mass absence from workplaces.

Of course, if the Mainstream Media aren't receptive, there's still the internet to spread a message of peaceful subversion. Just a thought - John Smith. At last, someone has said what the majority of the indigenous population of this country want to hear and believe.

This Stalinist, power hungry, undemocratic, euro worshipping, traitorous excuse of a government has brain washed the youth of this country to believe that multi culturism is "right on" and cool. What utter crap!!!! Have a look at the prison population and look at the ratio of foriegners to anglo inmates. Are the english sacrificing children in churches, as the Police suspect that African immigrants are?

No, of course they arent, because we understand our own laws and faith. Who runs the drugs cartels in nearly all the large towns and cities Yardies and other assorted scum. Eastern Europeans are bringing their twisted forms of mafia type lawlessness from Bosnia and Kosovo. Thats the big league stuff. Don't forget that the taxes of the working population are subsidising the lifestyles of countless immigrants both legal and illegal, while our pensioners get by on a pittance, and our health service, paid for by generations of Britons, is about to implode because of the rise of diseases that we thought we had got rid off, but have now been reintroduced by immigrants who have not been screened properly through lack of cash and political will and a system that allows those that put nothing in to take everything out.

I for one have had enough of Blairs Britain. All those generations who fought for our freedoms must be spinning in their graves and wonder if their sacrifice was worth it. Could Hitler have made a worse job than this government has. Thanks for the opportunity for a rant Firstly, i apologise but your right-up was forwarded to me some time ago but unfortunately i have on just logged onto my computer.

Congratulations on a very thoughtful, well-constructed write-up. Its quite funny as quite literally all your points made i raised on a BB discussion forum at the time. It was amazing to see on the forum how bullying, rascist comments made by the so-called minorities on the forum were allowed, however, if anyone dared to say anything realistic i.

But at the end of the day who can we blame? We need to start shouting louder. We need to stop talking about our disgust in little huddled corners and start standing tall and together. I know it may sound dramatic to others but i stood outside my childrens school listening to a group of mothers who were showing fury at what was being made of the BB discussions.

I couldn't help myself. I asked, 'oh good, a bit of sanity, are you going to ring up and complain? Needless to say just a flood of comments followed that did everything but answer the question. I am proud to be a realist, not a rascist. I am willing to stand up and be counted, i just wish more were. I have lived all my life in London, only recently relocating to Essex. There is no such thing as an ethnic minority in London.

I lived quite happily alongside every nationality imaginable, but i came increasingly frustrated at the exclusion of my childrens history within their schools teaching. His translation into English of Plutarch's Parallel Lives, from the French of Jacques Amyot, is notable for being a source text used by William Shakespeare for several of his plays. Sternfeld A pleasaunte laborinth called Churchyardes chance framed on fancies, vttered with verses, and writte[n] to giue solace to euery well disposed mynde: … Printed by John Kyngston, London..

Thomas Churchyard? Of my Lorde cheef Baron that was THe Sittern sweete whose siluer sounde, the sloggards witts awakes: Through chaunge and choice, of notes newe founde,a pleasant Musicke makes. The Harpe whose twang and stroke is strange, is vsed eury where,His many stryngs and warblyng sound, so mutche delites the eare. The milde Recorder hath a place, where sweete Concordance is,The Cornet and the Howboies bothe, maie matche and sound wt thisThe Uirginall with quiet noyes, must matched be I trowe,The sliller that the Musick is, the better doeth it showe:But some had rather heare for chaunge, a cherefull ryng of bells,Who fains the noies doeth pearce the aire, and thonder crack expels.

In elder daies when stormes arose, and tempests rough did rore,Thei loudly rang the halloude bell, for cause I told before. The blest birthe daie of Kyngs and Queenes, wt bells is honord still,In signe of Princes happie raignes, and Subiects greate good will:A ryng of bells is heard farre of, and pleaseth many a minde,Now nere thei sound, then farre thei seem, as bloes the gale of winde.

But I delite in passyng Bell, for that doeth plainly shoe,As one from hence doeth take his leaue, so hence we all must goe:A passyng Bell then shall it be, that makes best Musicke here,It tings and tolls what we are worthe, and sounds in eare so clere. That eche man knowes the passyng Bell, is best in these our daies,Let Lute and Sutern then giue place, and yeeld to Bell the praies. He obtained a pension from Queen Elizabeth, but was reduced to earning a living by writing.

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