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Horse racing betting tips south africa

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horse racing betting tips south africa

myracing is the home of free South African horse racing tips. Our experts fully research every race to give you the best tips, stats and trends for major. Horse Racing Betting Tips With 29 Grade 1 races and even more at Grade 2 and 3 level, there's always something big on the South African horse racing calendar. For your convenience we have collated selections for today's local racemeeting from South Africa's top tipsters in an easy reference grid. Enjoy the racing! ETHEREUM PROGRAMMER

The average field size is 12 horses, while the two biggest race days are the Sun Met, run on the last Saturday of January, and the Vodacom Durban July, held on the first Saturday of July. Make sure to check our South African betting tips for these events — they really are huge.

Michael Roberts — a legendary jockey in his day in both Britain and South Africa — is among the top trainers in the country. When it comes to the biggest and most famous, Mike de Kock is your man, and will regularly feature in our South African racing tips. When are your South African tips updated? Our South African horse racing tips will be posted between 9am and 10am each day.

In other words, there will be something to please everyone! We provide tips for all South African Horse Races, and we do this each day. For every day, you will be able to see the upcoming races and our top tips for each horse race. In order to provide our tips we use historical data and push it through our predictionEngine. This then provides data which we share with you, to empower you to make better, more informed betting decisions.

For each race, we will show you the top 3 performing results for horses that finished in the top 3. We also show you the top 3 results for horses that have won and show you their winning percentage. You can then use these horse racing tips to decide which horse to back. See TABGold Fixtures Serious punters and spectators that want to attend them carefully plan their schedules around these 3 spectacular events, while newspaper reporters eagerly await interviewing horse owners and dazzling celebrities that attend them on the day.

The three major cities in our country hosting the prime races, Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, are abuzz long before the actual races occur. People literally live, breathe and eat the ambience that accompanies the introduction into the weeks leading up to them. And on the day of the event, the commotion sweeps away the few that still remained without horse fever, and magically wakes them up in an extravaganza of proceedings that leave them all in awe.

What could be more eye-catching than window-shopping the appearance of magnificent animals that are at the ready to measure endurance, or the eye-popping models displaying an array of colourful fashion? There may be a slight pip at the post where catering is concerned, but all in all, these three gatherings make for exciting times Horse racing in South Africa started with the imported horses by Dutch explorer Jan van Riebeek to the Cape from Persia and South America in He was the perfect example of a South African thoroughbred that were tough and agile and could run great distances.

With the discovery of wealth in Kimberly for diamonds and in Gauteng for gold, the racing industry was able to coax more wealthy interest in horse betting in South Africa. Within a year of the discovery of gold in South Africa the Johannesburg turf club held its first meeting in June of It ran in Port Elizabeth annually until it moved to the new Rand influx creating a wealthy capital of horse racing in Johannesburg.

There are three major horse racing events born and bred in South Africa which locals and internationals alike look forward to each year. With Sunbet you can place bets on local races as well as ones that take place in the UK and Ireland.

Betting and horse racing have come a long way together and are somewhat inseparable in this day and age. We associate horse racing with betting due to its start and history in South Africa and all around the world. Five Most Popular Betting Markets for Horse Racing When it comes to sports betting, horse racing does eclipse all other sports in terms of popularity. The popularity of horse racing betting stems from the adrenaline rush that engulfs the punters as they watch their picks take to the track to compete.

Since time immemorial, many punters have found comfort and solace in horse racing betting. By just seeing the emotions that punters espouse as the race begins, many others find themselves joining the horse racing betting bandwagon with the sole intention of experiencing the joys, high and lows of horse racing betting.

If so, then all we can say is that you have taken a noble decision. You will find all the fun and entertainment you are looking for when you start your betting adventure.

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The country now plays host to official meetings a year.

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