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Crypto currencies youtube

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crypto currencies youtube

The Coin Bureau is your go-to informational portal to the Cryptocurrency, the Crypto guy is the captain of this crypto ship and he takes you on. The channel discusses cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other altcoins, as well as covering news surrounding blockchain. Crypto influencers speak out and share updates on YouTube deleting had removed all of his videos that mentioned cryptocurrencies. SUPER MATH PROFIT FOREX REVIEW

The only downside is the videos are quite infrequent — you might have to wait up to six months for a new one to be uploaded. Davis offers his insights into the latest market movements and information on important events such as the Bitcoin halving. He posts about two videos a week and has garnered more than nine million views. Crypto Zombie Crypto Zombie is a useful channel for the more experienced crypto enthusiasts out there.

The channel discusses cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other altcoins, as well as covering news surrounding blockchain technology, ICOs, and coin reviews. There are also general discussions and trending topics related to cryptocurrency and the future of digital assets. Crypto Zombie is well-known for its up-to-date Bitcoin feed and analysis of the trends in the Bitcoin market. It is quite technical though, so viewers need to have a fairly good grasp of crypto trading and understand financial charts.

Crypto Zombie has gained 94, subscribers and more than 11 million views. Crypto Daily Crypto Daily has been running since and aims to offer its viewers honest news on an almost daily basis. The host delivers news in a sarcastic, witty, and chilled-out manner, making it an entertaining choice for those wanting a light-hearted take on the latest market goings-on. The YouTuber focuses on the data science behind price movements and he offers an unbiased view of the crypto markets.

This being said, Cowen breaks down his investment thesis in a clear and concise manner, making it easy to understand without needing to break down his technical jargon. Moreover, Benjamin Cowen predominantly covers Bitcoin and Ethereum, and occasionally analyses a small suite of other altcoins. As a result, if you are interested in technical analysis content that covers a broad range of cryptocurrencies, particularly cryptocurrencies that are trending at the moment, Benjamin Cowen may not be the man for you.

However, his analyses on Bitcoin, Ethereum and other well-established cryptocurrencies are both thorough and lucid. Similar to Benjamin Cowen, the channel tries to avoid the hype and offer a clear, unbiased view of the cryptocurrency markets. The channel covers separate crypto projects in each video, and the videos are typically around 20 minutes long. Moreover, Coin Bureau offers a wide range of educational guides relating to cryptocurrency, including topics such as crypto insurance, reading the white paper, airdrops, on-chain analysis, crypto investing routines, trading bots, buying the dip and much more.

He has spent years building his platform to become one of the best crypto YouTube channels. Lark Davis also provides tutorials on his YouTube channel for investors looking to jump right into the crypto markets.

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As TV shows and publications hunt for talking heads that can explain the next big cryptocurrency, these hype men are finding regular perches on outlets from CNBC, Fox, Forbes, Bloomberg, and Insider, extolling the virtues of their favorite token with little scrutiny of their credentials or credibility.

Off-target predictions from unorthodox backgrounds "Don't trust a word I say," John Vasquez, a year-old former Wells Fargo district branch manager turned influencer, told his 1. In an email, he said his "content has always been based on long-term view of the markets and not get rich quick. But his favorite coins have flopped.

Screenshot Vasquez, like many of his crypto-influencer colleagues, came from an unconventional background. Before hawking crypto advice wrapped in New Age platitudes, he netted hundreds of thousands of followers as a TikTok wellness vlogger. By , after pivoting into finance and crypto, he boosted his follower count well over seven figures.

The self-described "truth seeker" now records videos in tank tops preaching the merits of Jesus, TikTok, and crypto. Vasquez's experience in retail banking gives him some financial background, but many of his peers have none. Unlike mainstream financial professionals — from certified financial planners to research analysts — most cryptocurrency analysts rarely have any certifications or financial training.

Christopher Jaszczynski — aka MM Crypto — was a former taxi driver before pivoting to cryptocurrency and sharing his advice with news outlets ranging from Forbes to CNBC. Runefelt worked as a grocery-store cashier before making it big on crypto YouTube and moving to Dubai. Jaszczynski and Armstrong have track records similar to Runefelt and Vasquez.

Armstrong championed the high-yield savings crypto platform Celsius before it went bankrupt earlier this year. Runefelt, Jaszczynski, and Armstrong did not respond to Insider's email seeking comment. According to Gjersten, traditional financial advisors go through a rigorous training process before handling people's money.

They also often have strict rules around disclosures such as felony charges or bankruptcies, and against investments that could constitute conflicts of interest. Credentialing doesn't solve everything, but it gives you a little more confidence Both Vasquez and Armstrong filed for bankruptcy in the early aughts, which, in many financial-services roles, would require disclosure to a regulator like the SEC and would be scrutinized by prospective employers.

YouTubers are also under no obligation to fully disclose their holdings, leaving viewers unaware if the content creator has a stake in what they're pushing. Perhaps wary of running afoul of regulations, Armstrong adds written disclaimers to his videos asserting that his views are "strictly personal opinions … NOT financial advice.

And even Wall Street veterans and analysts are often wrong about their predictions. But some experts say credentialing the field could help bring more oversight into the industry. According to Donna Hitscherich, a Columbia Business School professor, credentialing influencers may give consumers reassurance that they have a baseline understanding of the cryptocurrency market and are held to a professional standard.

When their trades fail, influencers lean on supplemental income sources Even as their predictions have faltered, many cryptocurrency influencers use other revenue streams to pad their own wallets. Many lean heavily on referral links, receiving financial incentives from cryptocurrency exchanges in return for sending them a pipeline of customers.

Armstrong and others have repeatedly promoted Binance, one of the world's largest exchanges, through affiliate links. But smaller trading sites like Phemex and Bitget offer similar enticements to influencers as well, and there are numerous crypto-trading "tutorials" on YouTube from dozens of less prominent YouTubers enticing viewers to use their referral links.

MMCrypto has made some sky-high predictions for bitcoin that haven't been borne out. This method allows traders to use loaned assets while trading, which can deliver outsize returns or completely wipe out an investor if the market goes south. The rival exchange Coinbase briefly offered customers three times their collateral in leverage before removing the option due to regulatory concerns, but Bybit allows users to trade with times leverage.

Aaron Sharockman, a vice president at the media ethics and education group Poynter, told Insider he had concerns about how these referral schemes could incentivize influencers' coverage or push them to encourage reckless trading behavior.

They have no investment in you being successful. It doesn't matter to me if you win or lose, it just matters if you put it in," he said. They're not invested — they have no investment in you being successful. That part doesn't matter to them. And once we eliminate that connection, that bond between the creator and the user, we really do have an ethical problem.

Online paid courses are another popular business model for influencers. Benjamin dives into the data and looks at logarithmic trends, relationships and regression bands. He mostly does this for Bitcoin although he also takes a look at other cryptocurrency prices. I have seen videos on Ethereum , Cardano, Nano etc. Benjamin Cowen YouTube He tries to illuminate interesting trends and relationships that may have been ignored from some of the other crypto tubers in the space.

Despite how complicated these disciplines can be, he tries to explain it in a simplified manner that most of his subscribers can understand — and if you check the comments you can see why. Benjamin appears to shoot the videos from home so it is not has high budget as some of the other channels on the list. Nevertheless, the quality of the analysis cannot be faulted. He has just over 14k subscribers as well as a Telegram Group.

In that time the channel has amassed over 18 million views, and k subscribers. That makes this one of the largest crypto channels on YouTube. In addition to the content being posted on YouTube, Ivan is also an international blockchain speaker and educator. The channel has a strong focus on Bitcoin, but altcoins are also covered, as are the occasional macro events that can affect the entire market.

The channel posts a daily update each weekday at am GMT, but Ivan might post once a day or three times a day. And videos can run from 10 minutes to 90 minutes or longer, with the average looking to be around minutes. Ivan is extremely knowledgeable about the markets and about the technology behind the cryptocurrency revolution.

He is also articulate, energetic, and fun to watch. The channel also has Tone is another cryptocurrency enthusiast who got his start on Wall Street. In his case it was as a risk analyst at Bear Stearns for nearly a decade, followed by a stint as a VP at JPMorgan Chase following the financial crisis. He is also very knowledgeable regarding economic trends and trading in general. While the channel was started in , Tone has ben involved with cryptocurrency since , spreading knowledge about blockchain technology and its relevance and importance to the modern world.

The channel itself is very educational, interesting, and entertaining all at the same time. Videos are posted on a daily basis in most cases, and they can run quite long, in some cases almost two hours long. He is also another crypto YouTuber mentioned above who has seen his videos deleted by YouTube in March The channel is primarily focused on Bitcoin, but there are videos produced about other cryptocurrencies, and even about the traditional markets from time to time.

He covers general crypto news, Bitcoin news, and some basic technical analysis suitable for beginning traders. That aside, the information presented is top notch, and that makes the channel worth watching. Hosted by Randall, a former satellite programmer at NASA and an emergency veterinarian, he has a love for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency that is infectious, and he spreads that infectiousness on his YouTune channel.

Crypto Love on YouTube The channel itself began in August , but the videos showing in the playlist only go back to September , and there are less than , channel views. If you watch that September video Randall refers to an earlier video, so I can only think that YouTube has axed his earlier videos.

Also note that the channel has This should be an easy channel for most anyone to get into. Randall is intelligent and entertaining, giving out solid information in short videos of less than 10 minutes. Since then he has grown the channel to 6. Primarily though the channel is about teaching people how to trade and invest in cryptocurrrencies and make more money. He does this by posting his technical analysis of Bitcoin. These videos typically run minutes, so its a quick watch, although there have been some videos of minutes length sprinkled throughout the playlist.

Cryptobud The Cryptobud channel is one of the more long-lasting crypto YouTube channels, having started in April The channel has seen over 1. CryptoBud on YouTube There seems to be no production schedule here. Some weeks have 3 or 4 videos upload, and others have just one. Video length is also all over the place, although they tend to be in the minute range.

If you check out the channel and find you like the material and the delivery of Cryptobud you can also join him over on Patreon , where he posts far more content in his cryptocurrency learning group. His adult life was spent learning about financial markets, technical analysis, and the art of trading. In the nearly four years of its existence it has grown to Those are indeed impressive stats for a crypto YouTube channel. One thing to know is that the channel is focused exclusively on Bitcoin.

There is no altcoin coverage, no ICO shilling, not even coverage of any traditional markets. This channel is nothing but Bitcoin. The channel uploads a new video each day, and sometimes twice a day, and the videos tend to run from minutes in length. Some are clearly aimed at beginners, while others delve into more advanced technical setups.

Jason leveraged his knowledge and contacts to quickly grow his YouTube following and as of March his channel has

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Five YouTube cryptocurrency channels you should subscribe to Read full article Emily Perryman January 11,PM YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms for people seeking entertainment and education about their favourite topics.

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