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Winning betting systems

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winning betting systems

System sports betting is the name given to a strategy for placing wagers. They can vary in aggressiveness and in goal – some offer high earning. Kelly criterion. This system involves you betting your entire balance on every bet. The advantage is that if you win, you win big. Conversely, if you lose. INVESTING DAILY FALLS CHURCH VA LIBRARY

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If your bets win, the 2 numbers are crossed off the list. If you lose your bet, you add the amount lost to the end of the list. It is yet another system suitable for those with a large bankroll. The line can go on infinitely if you lose most of the time, and sooner or later, the system would become too costly. Paroli Formula The Paroli online betting system is a positive progression formula that requires players to double their wager after each win until they hit 3 in a row.

You start by betting one unit on an even money outcome to use it. If you lose, you bet another unit. If you win, you wager 2. You continue betting double after wins until you hit 3 in a row. If everything is streaking your way, it will be successful. Parlay System The parlay is one of the most profitable sports betting systems, but not without flaws.

The goal is to build a pyramid of winnings that will eventually cover up most of your losses. Of course, betting the original unit and the winnings also means you can lose it all in one sweep. It reduces the risk associated with the best sports betting systems by requiring you to minimize the wager amount after losses.

Of course, you still need a backup plan as things can go awry if you lose too many times. Fibonacci System You know the all-important Fibonacci sequence, right? Science has found it all over in nature, and many bettors make it a central part of their betting systems. It is a negative progression system that follows the unique sequence of numbers. It starts with a zero and a one for your first 2 bets. The next numbers in the sequence are the sum of the 2 previous ones.

As you can guess, it can get pretty costly and requires a large bankroll if your losses accumulate. The Unit System We mentioned betting units several times in this guide. While most bettors are familiar with these units, new punters might be confused. How to Develop Your Betting System? All bettors have used sports betting systems that work. Well, at least apparently.

Each bettor approaches their bets with the system that has worked in the past. Some like the Martingale, others bet the Fibonacci. Free betting systems are also available online — you can try them all for small bets and practice a bit before developing your own. That depends entirely on you.

However, there are many you can try yourself and see if they fit your wants and needs. All these systems are free and easy to use, so you only need to try them in different markets and find one you prefer. It is by its nature a very selective and elite list. We have tested out literally hundreds of betting systems and tipsters over the years but only a small number have passed one of our trials.

And even fewer have managed to sustain that profit over the long term and remain on our list. It is a rare skill to be able to beat the bookies and only a select few have managed to do it. Hence the relatively short list of winning systems you see on this page.

The list above allows you to see those systems set out by category, with the horse racing, football, sports, tennis and matched betting systems grouped together. We have tested each and every service ourselves and continue to monitor and proof their results to ensure they still warrant a place on this list.

If they should falter and no longer produce a profit, they will be removed from the list. We have been testing betting strategies and systems for over twenty years in an effort to try and find successful ones. When we set up this site in , we wanted to bring you the expertise we had built up over previous years — the lessons we had learned and the pitfalls to avoid. Our aim has always been to provide a fully transparent, open service which is free for people to view.

We record every tip and selection of the betting system or tipster exactly as they are given out, with nothing fudged or missing. All results are then recorded in a spreadsheet so you can see exactly how the system has performed.

Our goal is to lay it all out there for you to inspect. Having meticulously recorded all the results, we then analyse these in great detail for each system and examine other features to determine whether the system in question belongs in the winning category: Authenticity of claimed results and trustworthiness Average number of bets placed per week Ease of use Strike rate also known as win rate ROI return on investment Bank growth also known as return on capital Subscription costs Our simple star rating system helps you shortlist systems at a glance, while clicking through to any listed item will give you a more in-depth review of the service.

Online betting systems may look to be authentic or profitable, but looks can be deceiving — especially online.

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