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The stories are arranged in several different story arcs that are further explained in the Wikipedia article on the Discworld reading order. Qui-Gon Jinn, a Force-sensitive human male, was a venerable if maverick Jedi Master who lived during the last years of the Republic Era. He was a wise and. Betting arbitrage ("sure bets", sports arbitrage) is an example of arbitrage arising on betting markets due to either bookmakers' differing opinions on. METAQUOTES WEB TRADER FOREX

In this case, Jinn was reporting on the different schools of theosophy a century ago. Upon Rael's grimace and questioning, if he had angered Dooku somehow, Jinn admitted that he chose the topic despite knowing that it wouldn't be interesting because he thought it would be easy.

It wasn't. They went to the Jedi Archives, and together they studied the one and only holocron that had ever interested Jinn: the one that held the ancient prophecies. They were all fascinating to him, and Qui-Gon kept reading, unable to stop. He asked Rael if the ancient mystics had these visions in trances, to which he confirmed. After contemplating these prophecies, Jinn remarked that Dooku said he should ignore this holocron and that he doesn't believe in the prophecies.

This confused Rael since Dooku, he said, was the one who introduced Rael to it and that it used to be that one could hardly pry the holocron out of his quarters. Qui-Gon said that he didn't know when or why that changed and that Dooku didn't explain. A surprised Rael said he would ask Dooku about it and remarked that Dooku had changed a lot. Qui-Gon protested, surprising Rael, then said not until he's finished his report. Rael then laughed so loud he received a stern look from Jocasta Nu.

They were assembled to track and find the notorious Falleen bounty hunter Shenda Mol. They eventually tracked her at her hideout on the planet Numidian Prime. While searching for her hideout, Mol captured Jinn. Before Mol could kill Jinn, Dooku struck her down with Force lightning to save his apprentice, causing Jinn a degree of concern.

They shared many adventures together, with Brennonn saving Jinn on two occasions. During the second of those adventures, events transpired that resulted in Jinn feeling as though they saved each other. He also came to know the Wookiee Balfus. You're a much wiser man than I, Qui-Gon Jinn. Jinn became a Jedi Master in his own right, a master who developed an independent attitude towards the Jedi Order.

Others saw him as a maverick Jedi, one who would disobey the Jedi Code if he felt it was the right decision. Jinn eventually took on a Padawan named Obi-Wan Kenobi , who believed that Jinn could've been a member of the Jedi High Council if he followed the Code, [5] though as Kenobi knew, Jinn had rejected an offer to join. At another point, the master and apprentice sparred, with Jinn complimenting Kenobi's skill.

On another occasion, the two visited a plain and overlooked its native creatures, giving Jinn the chance to teach Kenobi about how the Force existed in all the life that surrounded them. Despite his Padawan's clear proficiencies in lightsaber techniques, Jinn held Kenobi to practicing only basic methods, which impacted his apprentice's confidence and their relationship.

Although Jinn did so to not rush his apprentice and allow Kenobi to carve out his own distinct style out of mastery of the fundamental cadences , his lack of clarity on his teaching philosophy hurt Kenobi. After hearing this idea from Kenobi, Qui-Gon told his padawan that lightsabers were about how the Jedi wished to be seen, and that was not intended to be a display of power.

That lesson resonated with his young Padawan, who would carry it for years to come. They sent bounty hunters after us. We were always on the run, living hand to mouth, never sure what the next day would bring. The leader of the New Mandalorian movement, Duchess Satine Kryze , [23] became a target for the traditionalists, who hired bounty hunters to eliminate her.

However, Jinn and Kenobi were sent on an extended mission to Mandalore, where they were assigned to protect Kryze. The three remained unsure of what the future would bring, but they continued their effort to survive, living hand to mouth everyday. During the mission, Kenobi developed romantic feelings for Kryze. Although Kenobi would have left the Jedi and stayed behind to be with her had she had asked him to, Kryze never did, so he and Jinn left the planet.

The two Jedi escaped Teth, but not without complications including a key miscommunication between master and apprentice. Upon returning to Coruscant, the Jedi High Council extended to Jinn an invitation to join their ranks, as with Master Poli Dapatian was stepping down by that month's end. Jinn was shocked to be asked due to his disagreements with the Council on various occasions, and while he was initially pleased to hear the offer, he thought of his Padawan, who he would have to pass on to a new master if he were to accept.

While it would solve the growing problems between them, Jinn felt guilt at the thought of it and thus told the Council that he would meditate on their proposition. A performance troupe known as the Opposition that began playing political pranks to protest a treaty signing that would end the absolute monarchy on Pijal, allow the world to join the Republic, and give more power to Czerka Corporation was thought to be making increasingly violent attacks nearing the treaty's signing.

Jinn's old friend Rael Averross requested Jinn and his Padawan's assistance to end the dispute and ensure the signing of the treaty. The Council sent Jinn and his Padawan to Pijal to help. However, as the mission began, Kenobi became aware of the offer presented to Jinn regarding the Jedi Council when the two met with Supreme Chancellor Kirames Kaj.

Jinn felt great shame at not being the first to tell his Padawan learner. Before they left, Jinn sought out Kenobi and the Padawan's dojo. He attempted to apologize for not being the first to tell him the news and said that he had several reservations that he had to dwell on before committing to the position, but Kenobi made a sarcastic reply.

Jinn told his Padawan that he would continue to discuss the matter when Kenobi was in a more rational mood, and when Kenobi quipped again, Jinn sadly said that he supposed that the Force always allowed things to turn out for the best. As they traveled to Pijal, the tension between them grew.

Jinn and Averross became reacquainted quickly, although Jinn was skeptical of several of Averross's choices during his service, as Averross also loosely interpreted the Jedi Code. As he and Kenobi began to do more investigating on Pijal's moon , they encountered two jewel thieves, Pax Maripher and Rahara Wick.

Although Maripher was very abrasive towards Jinn, Wick was more cooperative. Onboard their ship, the Meryx , Jinn recruited the two to help them find the terrorists that posed a threat to the treaty. Shortly after returning, Jinn received a vision of the event, which turned into a bloody battle. He brought it to Averross's attention, but the older Jedi did not share his level of concern.

Although they had peacefully made demonstrations against the treaty, the violent terrorist acts that had alerted the Republic were not caused by Azucca's people. As Qui-Gon learned of the complications surrounding the treaty due to the lack of Pijali representation and the heavy influence gained by the Czerka Corporation , he decided to oppose the treaty himself and refused to act as a Republic representative.

At the coronation, she rejected the treaty as well as the Republic's influence, proving herself to having been underestimated by the Jedi. Ready to remove Czerka influence from the system by force, she prepared to attack their ships. Jinn attempted to convince her to stop and prevent the innocent casualties that were the Czerka slaves onboard the ships, but when she refused, Jinn took matters into his own hands, and with the help of Kenobi as well as their two new friends Maripher and Wick, they succeeded in saving the slaves.

After the mission, Jinn decided to stick with training Kenobi and declined the offer to join the Jedi Council. He learned from five Force Priestesses who had retained their consciousness after death. Jinn was considered worthy of the knowledge of eternal life and secretly began his training to unlock its mysteries fully. It was being called a great warrior. Although Yoda sensed that internal debate in the man, Jinn continued on with his Jedi duties for sometime.

When Jinn and Kenobi were sent to the planet Bri'n to establish negotiations between the the Priestess Th'er of Wood and the Metal Clan , Kenobi stayed within their Eta-class shuttle while Jinn met with the Priestess's rivals. When the Metal Clan instead tried to kill Jinn and the Priestess as a justification to begin cutting down the world's trees, he moved to defend Th'er and escape with her.

Deflecting many blaster bolts with his lightsaber, the Jedi contacted Kenobi to start their shuttle and inform him about the failed negotiations. After being surrounded by the Metal Clan, Th'er proclaimed that Jinn was a warrior who could take down all who opposed her, yet Jinn instead used Force jump to escape with her aboard their shuttle, ordering Kenobi to take them to Coruscant so as to protect the Priestess. Although Jinn informed her that was not the path of the Jedi Order, Th'er felt Jinn was instead a coward who did not live up to the legends that proclaimed the Jedi to be great soldiers.

Greatly distressed at being called a warrior, he returned to the Jedi Temple, where he did not report to the Jedi High Council. Deciding to confront Jinn over his internal turmoil, Yoda located the Jedi Master on one of the Temple's balconies under the pretense of asking for him to report to the Council.

Aware that Kenobi had filed his own report, Jinn quickly saw through Yoda's claim, leading to a discussion about how the Jedi should act between the two masters. Needing a world full of life to find a deep communion with the Force, Jinn—travelling off Coruscant in his Delta-7 Jedi Interceptor with his astromech droid —trusted the Force to guide him to answers, resulting in him coming out of hyperspace above a charted but unnamed world.

And for that I gift to you the bounty of the Tangled Shore. Unleash upon the Fallen… chaos. His first target was the Vestian Outpost where the Scorn laid siege to the throne room. Uldren knocked on the door to the chamber and called out to Paladin Dinna that it was his throne she was guarding and requested to be let in. She refused due to the Scorn, whom Uldren informed her were just his retinue. The Scorn blew open the door to the throne room and Uldren entered first. He ordered the Royal Awoken Guards within to be at ease, and their training and his status as a royal caused them all to briefly hesitate and lower their guard for enough time for the Scorn behind him to begin firing without resistance, and Uldren joined in on slaughtering the remaining defenders.

He claimed that although Mara was gone, she was their Queen and would be with them now and forever more. In thanks for their loyalty and embracing him, Uldren gifted the Tangled Shore and asked them to unleash chaos amongst the Fallen there.

Fikrul bowed and said they would do so by Uldren's grace, and the Prince nodded in gratitude to the leader of the Barons. With the Barons gone, Uldren began speaking to Mara and told her that the Reefborn's love for her remained. She appeared and told him love was fleeting while devotion was forever.

Mara praised him and told him not to trust the Awoken and that he must bestow the gift of extinction upon them. Picking up a nearby torch, Uldren contemplated what to do as corrupted Darkness energy spread along his neck.

Mara whispered once more to free her and he threw the torch upon the throne, lighting the chamber on fire as he left to pursue his goals. As he walked through the forest, he was set upon by dozens of Dregs from House Dusk, but they did not attack him and allowed him to pass through to the Shard.

Reaching out, Uldren watched in fascination as the Shard reacted to him with Light, but Mara appeared and told him to be brave. Yelling in a rage, Uldren opened fire upon the Shard, blasting out a hole that allowed him to recover a Light infused crystal from within. Mara then warned him to move, and he was barely missed by a sniper bullet fired by Petra, who had been tracking him in hopes of ending his campaign of terror.

Do you know what side you're on? The last of the Barons met Uldren outside of The Watchtower alongside many of his soldiers. Thanking Fikrul, Uldren told him this was as far as he would go, but Fikrul wished to go in Uldren's stead into the Watchtower, warning that only Darkness and death lived within and that he could not bring Uldren back if he perished.

Undeterred, Uldren asked Fikrul to go and avenge his murdered friends. Contemplating the chest which contained the Light crystal, Uldren was approached by Mara once more who stated that there was no time for fear. Uldren hesitantly said he was not afraid before opening the chest and taking the crystal.

Mara sung his praises for all the torment he had been through before asking him to walk through hell one last time for her. Uldren agreed and passed through the portal into the Watchtower. Reaching out to the portal, the Light crystal floated away from his hand while the Darkness corruption was drained from his body. Uldren fell to his knees before looking up to see Mara floating through the portal towards him, but she called him a poor devoted fool.

Ignoring this, Uldren opened his arms to embrace her and closed his eyes, but when he opened them again he saw not Mara, but the Voice of Riven wrapping tentacles around his arms. Screaming in horror, Uldren attempted to draw the Ace of Spades, but the Voice knocked it from his grasp and devoured him. The Guardian, with the Ace of Spades, approached a defeated Uldren who questioned where his sister was, but Petra arrived and declared the Queen was not there and never had been.

Realizing that this was to be a reckoning, Uldren prepared to accept his fate, but the Young Wolf's Ghost objected and pointed out that even with all the Prince had done he was already defeated. Petra countered that she knew what Cayde would do in this situation, and Uldren asked the Young Wolf what a notorious Guardian like Cayde would do and that since the Guardian now had the Ace of Spades they would get the last word.

Turning to Petra, Uldren declared that everything he had done had been for Mara. Chuckling, Uldren noted how thin the line between the Light and Dark was before questioning the Young Wolf on if they knew upon which side they fell. The Young Wolf hesitated for a moment before raising the Ace once more and nodding. Realizing his end was coming, Uldren closed his eyes and accepted his fate as he was executed for his crimes against the Reef and Vanguard.

Soon after his death, a Ghost named Pulled Pork found and resurrected him as a Lightbearer. Uldren sat up in shock as the Light returned him to life, although he was unaware of who and where he was. He has yet to go to the City and spends his days alone, save for his Ghost.

All the Guardians he's ever encountered have shown a range of negative responses to seeing him, from grief to outright hostility. However soon Crow would be forced to work for Spider due to Glint being lined with explosives which could be detonated at any time if Spider felt he was going rogue. From there Crow was used for constant menial tasks that Spider would normally pay his Associates to do. Crow was originally oblivious to Spider's exploits however the longer he observed his Associates, House of Dusk Fallen , and even other Guardians , he began to doubt Spider's want to "Help" Crow and Glint, eventually wishing to flee from Spider, but couldn't due to Glint's explosive shell.

The High Celebrant Rises Once Season of the Hunt begins, Crow is tasked with being the researcher of Wrathborn , using technology within Spider's safehouse to jury-rig lures to give to Guardians in order to lure out and hunt Wrathborn leadership. While the hunt continues, Crow manages to augment the lure in a way to hunt down the leader of the Wrathborn, Xivu Arath's High Celebrant.

He then provides The Guardian with the special lure to kill the Celebrant. Once the hunt begins Crow heads to the Dreaming City 's Ascendant Plane in order to corner the Celebrant and force them back to the Dreaming City so the Guardian can continue the hunt.

During the hunt Crow is trapped within the Ascendant Plane and crippled, forcing the Guardian to head in and finish the celebrant themselves. While the Guardian struggles to keep the pressure on the Celebrant, Crow recovers and finds a way to rig the Celebrant's portals, forcing them to stay in the Ascendant Plane and stun them, allowing an opening for his partner to end the Celebrant's campaign and its life for good.

Dreams of Light "It's a warning. It's everything. It's us, it's Crow, it's the Taken, it's our path. Guardian, the Traveler is talking about the future. About how the choices we make will impact Crow and whatever his role to come will be.

Soon enough the Guardian found several paracausal feathers in places Crow had dreamt about, and discovered a golden hawk which led them to a previously unknown shard of the Traveler in the Hallowed Grove. The Traveler would gift a ship to the Guardian too: Radiant Accipiter , paracausal in nature, much to Amanda Holliday 's bewilderment. Slaying the High Celebrant "I survived by watching the world around me and learning from my Light.

I've studied how that thing creates those portals. This time, I'll be ready. Providing the last upgrade needed to attract the High Celebrant's attention with the lure, Crow smiled and stated that they were, as the Spider liked to say, in business and ready for the hunt. Crow noted that he had been studying how the Celebrant moved between planes and was learning its tricks.

As the lure was placed Crow attacked the High Celebrant and wounded it so that it bled energy to track easier as it traveled between realms. After the Young Wolf forced it back into the Ascendant realm their Ghost reported it left residual energy behind. Crow explained that they could use that to open a gateway and continue their pursuit of it.

He remained in the Ascendant realm while they pursued the High Celebrant back to the Dreaming City, stating that as long as they were within the same spot in both realities the High Celebrant would have nowhere to hide. It fled back to the Ascendant realm and sealed the way back, and without the energy it left behind Crow and Glint were left with no way to return.

With the tables now turned, Crow was pursued by the High Celebrant through the Ascendant realm. It caught up with him and after a short fight broke both his legs and flung him into an abyss. He sent a message to the Young Wolf asking them not to blame themselves if things went badly for him and thanking them for giving him the choice the help and feel like he was doing some good while trapped in the Spider's employ.

The Young Wolf and their Ghost managed to recreate the portal into the Ascendant realm and messaged them, although Crow stated he could handle the situation. Glint disagreed and revealed his injuries, although he quickly healed Crow. Crow insisted he was fine and had a plan, directing the Young Wolf to the High Celebrant's location. Ghost questioned if he was leaving, but Crow noted that the High Celebrant had to die in the Ascendant realm to truly be defeated and he believed that the Young Wolf had the best shot at making that happen.

Waiting at the point where he had deduced the High Celebrant would emerge when it retreated back to reality, Crow used what he had learned of traveling between realms to close the portal shut on the Hive warrior, sending it back into the Ascendant realm and vulnerable to being finished off.

Osiris was astounded as Crow explained what he had done and asked the Young Wolf to recover the High Celebrant's head to present to the Spider as proof their mission was a success and told them it had been an honor working with them. Spider told the Young Wolf to name their reward, having promised anything within his lair, and Crow was stunned when the Young Wolf named his freedom as their prize. Spider balked as his guards readied themselves for a fight, but the Young Wolf reminded them of their deal as Crow nervously watched.

Trapped by his own wording, Spider agreed and told Crow to fly away before demanding they leave his lair. Exiting the building, Crow and Glint wondered what they would do now and that their freedom did not feel real. Turning to the Young Wolf, Crow questioned why they had done this for them, and their friend told them that it was because the Crow was a Guardian. When the Young Wolf visited him Crow wearily noted that he was suspicious of the Spider holding up his end of the bargain and noted he never did anything if he did not get something out of it.

He informed them of his plans to remain for a few weeks to wrap up his business and that afterwards he would find some way to enjoy his freedom. Crow stated he was planning on exploring remoted places across the Sol System , including Venus , but the former Warlock made him another offer: to come the Last City and join his fellow Guardians in the Tower. Agreeing to the plan, Crow began packing his belongings and making ready to depart from the Shore.

Before leaving, the Young Wolf visited him one last time in the lair. He explained to them his plans and expressed nervousness about leaving the Shore and going to the Tower. However, Crow resolved that while he might be judged for who had been in his previous life he would not cower in fear of it and would act like a Guardian. He wished he had the bottle of alcohol that Druis had once offered him as he had never been drunk.

Glint suggested he could drink as much as he wanted in the City, but then suggested caution about that after quickly looking up details on what happened when drinking. Crow told Glint he suggested caution about everything, but became nervous as he thought about all the people in the City who could recognize him for crimes he did not even remember. Glint reassured him that he could do whatever he wanted as long as he remained in disguise.

Crow expressed a desire to eat food that did not taste like ether and gun oil and was startled when Osiris arrived and suggested the Long-Boy Special at the Drunken Noodle. Remarking that he had seen images of noodles and that they reminded him of worms, Crow listened as Osiris suggested they get him a change of clothes before going to the City. Glancing at his cowl emblazoned with the Spider's symbol, Crow agreed and followed Osiris back to his ship where a change of clothing awaited him.

As they boarded, Osiris halted and warned that a day would come in which Crow's face would be seen and the City would know who he was, but reassured him that one exile to another that he could trust Osiris when that happened. Happy with Osiris's support, Crow began to feel like he might find acceptance after all.

After arriving in the Last City, Crow was gifted a new suit of armor that was paid for by Osiris, although Glint chose the material it was made from. He also took to wearing a mask to hide his face for his own safety. He was asked by Osiris to join a task force put together by Commander Zavala as a reconnaissance expert. The task force was dedicated to preventing Empress Caiatl of the Cabal from reuniting the Cabal Empire with the remnants of the Red Legion.

Crow agreed to join and took up residence in the H. Crow met with Osiris and the Young Wolf to discuss the situation. While Osiris cautioned him to ensure he kept his mask on at all time, Crow reassured him that would not be an issue and that if it was the price he had to pay for making a difference for humanity he was fine with it.

Osiris reassured him that he once had to walk in disguise within the Last City and that Crow would be welcomed like he was one day. Turing their attention to the Cabal, Crow commented that Saladin would hold the frontline as they identified and eliminated targets of importance. Relaying what he learned on the Shore, they made a plan to eliminate all contenders for Caiatl's War Council and prevent the Cabal from reorganizing for war.

With their plan in place, Osiris dismissed them, but before departing Crow commented to the Young Wolf that they would be working together in the field again and that he was getting the impression they liked having him around. Crow reported his findings to Saladin, who made Basilius the first target of the task force.

As they approached, Glint worried that it could be a trap, but Crow reassured him that if the Spider wanted him back he would have made his move already and that the outpost had no idea he was coming. Several snipers suddenly trained on him, and Crow quickly shouted the password. The snipers stood down as Avrok opened up a nearby hidden door.

Entering, Crow noted that the associate had been promoted and questioned what the odds were on Caiatl winning. The warehouse was dark, and Crow's eyes had trouble adjusting to see what was stored within. Avrok growled that information cost, causing Crow to produce a bundle of glimmer that partially lit up the room and allowed him to see numerous Cabal weapons, vehicles, and technology being used as collateral by betters.

Commenting on the objects, Crow's attention was caught by one Sparrow , which Avrok noted belonged to Val Ma'rag , who had bet he would become the first member of the War Council. With this new information, Crow turned back to Avrok and placed his own Sparrow on a counter-bet, claiming Ma'rag could have it if he ascended to the Council, but suggested to Avrok that the Guardians would disrupt the Val's Rite of Proving.

Avrok was pleased with the bet and to do further business with Crow, departing to get the betting book. Glint was concerned about losing their Sparrow and noted Crow hated walking, but Crow simply shrugged and stated he liked winning more. After one operation on Nessus, Crow wondered why the Cabal had deployed a tank on Nessus and Amanda claimed all they knew was brute force. He questioned where she had learned Cabal tactics and learned from her that she had fought on the frontlines of the Red War and witnessed the Cabal slaughter defenseless civilians and Lightless Guardians.

Crow was surprised, having little knowledge of that conflict, and did not understand why the Cabal still fought even after losing their leader Dominus Ghaul to the Traveler. Soon to be Lightless. If I wasn't Crow was dispatched to monitor Cabal reaction to their strikes and observed that while they were angry with the Guardians disrupting the Rite of Proving, many others were upset that Caiatl had tried to recruit humanity into the Cabal to begin with.

Returning to the H. While Osiris saw this as an angle to be exploited, Crow voiced concern about retaliation by the Cabal using the data stolen from the Vex, which they had determined revolved around the future of Commander Zavala. Osiris noted that it was only possibility not fact they found and assigned Crow to work with the Young Wolf to stop whatever the Psions were plotting.

Crow protested not informing Zavala of what they found, but Osiris expressed hope the two of them would ensure there was nothing to report. Turning to the Young Wolf, Crow stated that he would take that as a compliment to their abilities and departed to begin his new mission. Believing that the Psions intended to assassinate Zavala on behalf of Caiatl so that the Empress could coerce the Guardians into her service, Crow summoned the Young Wolf back to the H.

Noting that Glint needed more data to accurately pinpoint when the assassination would take place, Crow requested that they gather their own data from the Vex's systems. Crow met with them once more and informed them that the device would disrupt the Light of a Ghost it was attached to and render their Guardian vulnerable to a final death, a refinement of the cage used by the Red Legion on the Traveler.

He noted the device was an elegant way of defeating Guardians without a fleet or army, but a single assassin. Crow passed the information along to Osiris and vowed to keep an eye on Zavala to ensure his safety. He was pleased that his hunch was right, but quickly recalled that several Guardians had been reported missing over the past few days, and the body of one had been found with no Ghost or Light and was seemingly killed by human weapons.

This caused him to suspect that these Psions were experienced and had been planning this for some time. During the day he covered him from after with a sniper rifle, while at night they snuck into the Tower and served as secret bodyguards due to the more limited visibility. As they watched over the Commander one day, Glint suggested he should get a new mysterious shell from Tess Everis since they were undercover, but Crow pointed out that they were on a reconnaissance mission and that only Crow needed to hide his identity as no one knew who Glint was.

His Ghost protested that he knew everyone and had been around for hundreds of years. Crow teased him that they knew him as "Pork Bun" and were not aware he had a new Guardian. As Glint grumbled, Crow adjusted his position deeper into the shadows to ensure that Zavala did not spot any reflection from his binoculars, closing his cloak deeper around him. As he admired the garment, he felt guilty for being stringy after the generosity shown to him, and told Glint they would get him a disguise shell after the mission.

Glint was ecstatic while Crow joked that it would only be a rare or legendary shell and that he would need to find another Guardian if he wanted an exotic one. Glint refuted that notion and told him he was the best despite what Saladin said, causing Crow to snort and note that he hoped the Iron Lord would realize they were all on the same side soon and treat him like a real Guardian. However, he spotted a Psion approaching the distracted Commander and shouted a warning, enabling Zavala to spin around and kill the assassin before they could strike and allowing Crow to quickly depart.

The two argued over Crow's actions, and he insisted to Osiris that the situation was far more deadly than the Warlock realized and that he had to risk his cover due to Zavala being distracted and his Ghost Targe being out and vulnerable as the Psion approached. Osiris criticized him for being unmasked when he did so and questioned if the Spider had not taught him that small mistakes could have large consequences.

Crow angrily shot back that he supposed Osiris had learned that chasing Xivu Arath. After a moment of silence Osiris warned him to choose his next words wisely. Calming down, Crow acknowledged that he should have kept his mask on but did not regret acting and that he still believed Zavala was in danger. Osiris agreed and ordered Crow to become Zavala's new bodyguard, noting a full security detail would be too obvious and they needed to draw in the assassins, but warned him to never speak and always keep his mask on.

Crow reassured him that he would handle the assignment with the utmost discretion. He knew that whatever choice he made in that moment, to either let Zavala die or expose himself, would invite criticism from someone but did not regret his choice.

Ruminating on how he was sure the Young Wolf had lost people in similar situations where they were too far to act but close enough to wonder, Crow bet that they would given anything to stop it no matter the cost. Recalling his own experiences at being at the mercy of other Lightbearers attacking without knowing the reason why or how to stop it, Crow declared he had no intention of ever being the cause for more pain.

He vowed that the next time an assassin came for Zavala they would have to go through him, mask or not, before quickly requesting that they not tell Osiris he said that last part. He tried to reassure her that he understood how she felt, but noted that the Commander had survived.

Amanda retorted that Zavala was all that was holding the City and Vanguard together and that if the Cabal had killed him, then they would have been doomed. Surprised by the passion and hurt in her voice, Crow questioned how close the two were, and Amanda explained that Zavala and Ikora were like family to her, just as Cayde-6 , the deceased Hunter Vanguard, had been. Crow recalled the stories he had heard of Cayde and wished he could have met him, causing Amanda to state that at least his killer got what was coming to them.

Expressing sympathy for her loss, Crow was caught off-guard when she asked him to get a drink together when they returned to the City. He told her that he had always wanted to do that, surprising her and causing Amanda to warn him to get ready for a fun time.

As they exited the jumpship, Crow noticed Osiris having an intense conversation with a Exo Titan and quickly pulled Amanda back behind a landing strut. Looking to Amanda for an explanation about what they witnessed, she promised to tell him later but went over to comfort the Titan. Crow worriedly followed, as being introduced to new people still made him nervous even with his mask. Amanda introduced him to Saint and told Crow he ran the Trials of Osiris , surprising the Hunter, as he did not think the exuberant Titan matched what he had heard of the Trials.

As they talked, Crow wondered what a dour figure like Osiris could possibly have in common with someone like Saint. Saint departed for a meeting with Ikora, leaving Crow with barely enough time to bid farewell, much to Amanda's amusement. He questioned if she could explain now, but she would only do so over a round of drinks, insisting that Crow buy this time. Who I am, not who I was. Zavala offers Crow a hand up, accepting his former identity.

Crow accompanied Zavala to the sealing of an armistice between the Vanguard and the Cabal Empire on Nessus after the Young Wolf led a strike team in defeating Caiatl's chosen champion Ignovun in a final Rite of Choosing. As the ceremony progressed, the participants were caught off-guard when Zavala's Ghost Targe was suddenly imprisoned in a Light-draining cage. As Zavala collapsed, disoriented and Lightless, the Psion attendant Valir charged the Commander with the ceremonial blade being used to ritually seal the armistice.

Crow moved to stop the Psion but failed to stab him, only intercepting the first blow and fell to the ground injured and maskless. However, Caiatl personally intervened and killed Valir before sending off one of her bodyguards to find the sniper who imprisoned Targe. Crow reached out to Targe and broke the cage off of him, restoring the Light to Zavala. The Commander inquired if he was alright and Crow stated that he was alive, but reluctantly turned to face Zavala without his mask.

Although Zavala was shocked to see his face, Crow was equally surprised when he reached out and offered him a hand up, which Crow happily took. However, Crow's actions also made him a hero of the Tower and earned him an offer of official institution as a Guardian and recon agent for the Vanguard.

For his first assignment from Zavala, Crow was asked to hunt down the other Psion conspirators behind the treaty incident. Now maskless, Crow met with the Young Wolf at the H. He believed Caiatl's word that she was not behind the assassination attempts but was not willing to take chances on more happening. Reflecting on his interaction with Zavala, Crow noted that the Commander saw him, not who he was before. Noting that while it was taboo to discuss who they were before, Crow now felt that the weight he had around his neck since being reborn was finally lighter.

Bidding his friend farewell for now, Crow was sure that they would see each other again soon. The Vanguard would come to the conclusion that the Vex are responsible and seek out the one individual who possess the skill to pierce into the Vex's domain: Mithrax of the House of Light. The Guardians would be able to locate Mithrax and his fleeing House of Light on Europa and would be able to gain his assistance. Further, Ikora Rey offers Mithrax and his people safe haven within the walls of the Last City to which he gratefully accepts.

The decision however, doesn't still well with the Consensus Factions, leading to increased tension within the Last City. Upon learning of the eliksni being granted sanctuary within the Last City, Crow expected to be given the assignment of observing the eliksni but instead was benched, leading him to confront the Vanguard for an explanation. Zavala and Ikora understood his expertise with the eliksni but with the Consensus objecting to the House of Light being granted safety within the Last City and if they discovered his true identity then the situation would only become more tense.

Outraged that he was still being judged in a court of public opinion over a crime he had no true knowledge of, Crow accused the Vanguard was playing politics despite their claims it was meant to protect him.

Regardless, Crow leaves to search for Osiris to which Zavala believed he would tell Crow the same thing. Despite his orders, Crow would still observe the eliksni of the House of Light but during one night when The Guardian visited the Eliksni Quarters, Crow contacted them, recollecting his time with the eliksni in the Tangled Shore.

Secrets and Lies Revealed "I had hoped you'd find your way back. Do I know you? Crow receives a message from his mentor asking him for help in the Dreaming City. Revealing that Osiris had contacted him, Saint becomes angry and orders him to leave and that Osiris is his responsibility, and he will be the one to bring him back.

Crow refuses to back down and instead suggests that they bypass Xivu Arath 's forces by utilizing an Awoken Beacon to enter the Ascendant Plane. Crow entered a chamber and discovered Osiris was with Queen Mara Sov.

The Queen remarked that she had hoped he would find his way back there, but Crow noted he was lost, although the room did feel somewhat familiar. Looking at Mara in confusion, Crow questioned if he knew her, but before she could respond the Guardian and Saint arrived. Confronting Osiris, the Warlock began mocking the idea of the Vanguard's mercy, and Crow told him that it was not too late for forgiveness.

Crow and the other Guardians watched in horror, but the transformation was halted by Mara's power, who froze the creature into a crystal. The Hive Goddess promised to return Osiris safely if they helped extract her Worm. Crow mainly aids in coordinating the Guardian's efforts alongside Petra, yet becomes curious of the Dreaming City, something to which Mara Sov hopes to teach him the history of the Awoken.

He is currently serving as the City's intermediary with Empress Caiatl, and it is unknown when he will return. However, Glint still listens in on the Guardian operations in the Dreaming City. After leaving the throne world to report their findings and being informed of the situation with the Cabal from Ikora, Zavala managing to set up a meeting with Caiatl, the Guardian returned to the Last City to meet with the empress to prevent another conflict with the Cabal from starting. Crow would also partake in this meeting and while he snickered at the situation, earning himself a glare from Lord Saladin, the meeting nonetheless ended favorably, as Zavala was able to convince Caiatl to forgive the Guardian for what happened on Mars and agree to an alliance against the Lucent Hive.

Crow idly waiting outside the meeting. They may be killers, which he considered thanks to the large amounts of Light-drained Guardians discovered during Psiops missions, but to put them into torpor and raze their minds for information was too far. This boyish naivete about the circumstances of war, and Crow regaining his memories of being Uldren Sov in his past life, would cause Saladin to be concerned for his involvement in operations.

Zavala encouraged the Iron Lord to guide Crow, make sure he doesn't make mistakes, and make him into a Guardian worthy of the Vanguard. Saladin would meet with Crow in the Psisorium upon the H. Throughout the weeks of Psiops strikes upon Lucent Hive activity, Crow continued to express his feelings about the path taken being wrong. This would eventually come to a head as Crow went missing during the Scarlet Keep offensive.

Instead of being present during the invasion pushback, Crow went to the Psisorium and attempted to shut down the machinery holding the Lucent Hive catatonic and subject to mind-probing. In his foolishness, instead of ensuring a safe shutdown, he ended up inadvertently causing the death of the Psion working on the Lucent Hive in a botched attempt to close the system down [53]. In his grief at his actions, he remained in the Psisorium, on his knees despondently gazing upon what he had done.

Eventually, the Guardian and Saladin arrived, questioning Crow as to what happened as they saw the Psion lay dead amongst the machinery [54]. Crow admits to his fault in the scene, but protests it was the right thing to do, and will face the consequences, whatever they may be. Saladin then leaves the scene, telling Crow he hopes the Vanguard can survive the actions of Crow's conscience. This weighs heavily on Crow, who then seeks support from the Guardian, asking them if they understand.

He then leaves the scene.

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I currently have 60 bookies in my matched betting spreadsheet. For all of this, you definitely need a spreadsheet. You can download my matched betting spreadsheet here. The bet section is the perfect place to write what you have to do next for that specific free bet. You should also write the free bet in bold underneath along with any restrictions that it has so that you know to go back to that bookie and claim it. Accounts Tab This tab is pretty important as it will tell you where all of your money is.

This section appears to the right of the Accounts tab. It will update automatically and tell you how much money you have in your accounts and exchanges. It will also help you to see what the difference in your bank is as you may want to know how much money you started with and withdraw that after your profits grow. There will be an addition to this guide at some point down the line explaining how to take advantage of a weekly schedule and casinos at a later date.

This is guaranteed money! You can even sign up for a free trial, make some money and cancel! There really is nothing to lose, but so much to gain! Introduction A new account offer is when a bookmaker gives you free money for signing up to their bookie. This is guaranteed profit for matched bettors and will be some of your most profitable offers. In order to receive the new account offer, you must not have had an account with the bookmaker before. These offers are also limited to 1 per household, so, ensure that no-one else in your house has recently claimed the offer.

MatchedBetting has many facets and trying to understand all of them can be quite complicated at the start. You do not want to do the new account offers for casinos and bingo until you have finished all of the bookmakers new account offers and are sufficiently ready to learn another dicipline. Make your way down the list from top to bottom. OddsMonkey will walk you through the process of matched betting and hold your hand through your first bets. This will help you know which ones you still need to complete.

Save filters on the Oddsmatcher as you search for certain bookies, this will speed the process up the next time you use that bookie. Make sure you hook up your exchange accounts to the Oddsmatcher, this will allow OddsMonkey to lay the bet for you. Let me explain. A good way of illustrating variance betting is using slot games. All gambling sites have to publish the exact figure that each slot pays out, this figure is called the RTP Return To Player.

Matched bettors only gamble when the odds are in their favour. This is because slot machines pay out on different degrees of variance. This problem is exactly the same for the house when the odds are in their favour, but they know that eventually the house always wins if they have their edge …So you need to keep on playing. Remember the house or in this case you always wins, eventually, as long as the odds are in your favour. On some of the biggest races the bookie actually loses money every time on the EW market and they even know this.

To demonstrate the positive expected value, take a look at the screenshots below. If we look at all of the odds for this race and calculate the total probability, we can figure out how much the bookie is going to make on each race. All of the odds are listed in the first column and the second column is the corresponding implied probability. Adding up the total implied probability results in the total of This means that for this particular race, Bet is going to make a profit of However, this is for the win only market, what we now need to figure out is the implied probability of the place market.

This is where the value is for EW betting and how matched bettors can make a guaranteed profit! Generally, bookmakers incorporate terms by which bettors must first place a bet using their own money in order to qualify for the free bet. For this, a bet is placed on particular results occurring with the bookmaker and a second bet placed on the same result not occurring at the betting exchange.

The latter is required to offset any loss in the event that the result does not occur; for instance, if a team loses. Once the free bet has been qualified, the same process is followed with the exception that a free bet is being used. No matter which result occurs, there will always be a guaranteed profit because the bet was made free of charge. Online betting outlets, betting exchanges, have become popular in recent years for they allow betters to bet without official odds-makers.

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