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Best long term crypto investments

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best long term crypto investments

Top 10 best long term crypto investments after the crash · ArbiSmart · DeFi Coin · Solana · Decentraland · Binance Coin · Ethereum · Chainlink. 1. Dash 2 Trade – Overall Best Long Term Crypto with Ongoing Token Presale a cryptocurrency trading signals and social trading platform that. Top 7 Cryptocurrencies to Invest Now · Ethereum · Bitcoin · Solana (SOL) · Avalanche (AVAX) · Binance Coin (BNB) · Tron (TRX) · Cosmos (ATOM). FAZE CS GO BETTING

Expectations of Long-Term Investments in Cryptocurrency A profitable long-term investment in cryptocurrency is one with value that appreciates over a period of time and suits your investing goals. Typically, long-term investors hold their investments for several years or decades to grow their returns.

So, if you believe blockchain-based technology will explode in the future, investing in crypto for the long term can be a great option. Therefore, you must understand what you are putting your hard-earned money into before venturing into the cryptocurrency space. Younger investors who have faith in cryptocurrency technology think it will get wider adoption in the future, thereby increasing its value.

As a store of value in the long term, the more real-world applications it has, the more likely it is that its value will increase. The long-term cryptocurrency investment gives you direct control over your portfolio. That means lower fees and better access to your investment. Cryptocurrencies give you a tool to build personal wealth over the long term if you invest in a small but diversified group of coins.

How To Choose the Best Long-Term Cryptocurrencies for Your Investment Portfolio Before you venture into creating a long-term cryptocurrency investment portfolio, there are four critical questions you need to consider. What Is Your Risk Tolerance? To buy into or invest in cryptocurrencies for the long term, you need to have a high risk tolerance. Cryptocurrency values rise and fall drastically.

Furthermore, there are no guarantees they will not end up collapsing. Take time to consider what would happen to you if all your cryptocurrency suddenly became worthless. Again, putting your money in cryptocurrency is speculating and not investing , per se. Why Are You Buying Crypto? If that is you, then long-term cryptocurrencies could be one avenue into high returns.

There is a long-term value attached to cryptocurrencies due to blockchain technology. This has infinite potential to drive innovations within the financial and other industries. Therefore, investing in crypto for the long term is like investing in the jewel in the crown that is blockchain.

You may see this as trivial, but you cannot just walk into a bank or other financial institution and buy cryptocurrency. Peer-to-peer platforms and cryptocurrency exchanges operate under little or no regulation. That means as an investor, you lack the oversight and protection offered by mainstream investment platforms and banks. You have the added burden of assessing and evaluating differing layers of security within your preferred platform.

Part of your due diligence is finding and securing the right wallet. Your wallet may be cloud-based or a physical device you can safely keep at home. There is the additional danger that if you lose your keys, you also lose your investment. Thousands of token options are available in the crypto market. Bitcoin has the advantage of being the firstborn, having the largest market share and currently being the most popular. These traits allow bitcoin to maintain and increase value over time, making it among the safer long-term cryptocurrency investment assets.

Conversely, you may find that less well-known currencies are driving innovation. Such innovations often have white papers you can review to learn more. Consider whether the potential for growth outweighs the greater risk. In the cryptocurrency world, almost anything can trigger excessively high returns from a crypto — take dogecoin , for example, which saw a massive rise in value despite having begun as a joke. Of course, what goes up can also come down, and dogecoin prices did — dramatically.

Having a strategy that works well with your investing goals is the first step toward cutting down losses. At its core, Bitcoin is a decentralized currency designed to allow people to transact without the need for a third party. Spotlight Wire As the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is one of the most commonly invested in cryptos. This project was the first to incorporate smart contracts allowing developers to build their own projects on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Spotlight Wire While Ethereum is already well-established and tends to be a regular among the best long-term cryptocurrency portfolios, the upcoming ETH 2. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is a standard site in a well-balanced crypto portfolio and is well worth consideration. Chainlink - Long-term oracle provider Chainlink LINK might not be the most exciting asset on the market but it is one of the best cryptos to invest in long term.

Spotlight Wire The project allows blockchains to interact with off-chain data sources in order to bring crucial information to on-chain projects. Chainlink is already used by a number of large projects including Aave and its adoption rate currently shows no signs of slowing down. Chainlink provides a much-needed service in the crypto industry and will likely continue to perform well in the future making it perhaps the best long term cryptocurrency on the market. With the exchange growing and constantly expanding, it could well be the next BNB.

Investors that own FTT can gain access to exclusive presales and it can be also used as collateral for futures trading, for staking, and reducing transaction fees. Enjin - Long term gaming token Enjin ENJ is a project that aims to merge the traditional gaming market and blockchain technology in order to create the next generation of P2E games.

Enjin aims to tokenize in-game items to allow for easy trading and cashing out. With the rate at which the blockchain gaming sector is growing, Enjin might well be the best cryptocurrency for long term investment. Stellar - Token leading the financial revolution Founded by former Ripple team members, Stellar XLM is a transactional asset and one of the best cryptos for long term investment.

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It is the pioneer cryptocurrency that though originally designed to replace fiat currencies has been widely adopted as a store of value and hedge against traditional investments. Even with its massively volatile price action, it has won investor interest as evidenced by the rising Bitcoin dominance.

Through its overall uptrending price action, Bitcoin has proved its resilience. The most valuable crypto has also survived bans by the national governments and mounting criticism from both the political class, mainstream media, the banking industry, and environmentalists. Granted, some of these made it stumble - triggering highly volatile market crashes. But BTC always recovers - which is a testament to its resilience and reliability as a long-term investment.

Other factors that make it a good long-term buy include the fact that it addresses a real and urgent global problem of inflation. Its use cases and adoption have also been on the rise in the ecommerce industry as well as with countries like El Salvador and the Central African Republic that have given BTC a legal tender status.

Crypto asset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. It is also the largest DeFi platform and is home to most emerging crypto technologies. It has turned into the defacto internet of blockchains. All these inform our decision to include it on our list of the best long-term investments for The platform has also surpassed Bitcoin as one of the most used blockchain technology. And over the next few years, some crypto analysts are confident that ETH will overtake Bitcoin as the most valuable Cryptocurrency.

Much of this will be made by the level of development taking place on the Ethereum network - especially the upcoming Ethereum 2. Popularly referred to as the Merge, the upgrade will help the Ethereum blockchain transition to the proof of stake consensus algorithm. It will also be made possible by the development of Ethereum protocols. Layer 2 protocols, and sidechains. All these have the net effect of pumping up the demand for ETH tokens against a slowed down supply. These will help ETH resume and surpass its all-time-high, further confirming why it is a good long-term crypto investment.

It is a virtual world blueprint, inspiring the creation of more metaverse projects. It is important to state that this crypto virtual world niche is still a work in progress. Plots of land on Decentraland are still being sold but their owners are yet to create functional establishments on the metaverse. Decentraland has also embraced emerging crypto technologies aimed at future-proofing its existence and catalysing the value gain for MANA tokens.

To achieve this, it has integrated the play-to-earn technology, integrated NFTs to the metaverse, allowed for the creation and deployment of Web3 apps and protocols, and handed the administration of this virtual world to a DAO. All these confirm that Decentraland has a rather bright future and that MANA token prices will sustain their current uptrend. And this further affirms why Decentraland deserves a position on your long-term crypto investment portfolio.

Though it only started in late , it has gone to become the fifth most valuable crypto technology - making it the most successful of the new smart contract blockchain networks. This level of growth is one of the reasons why feature BNB tokens are among the best long-term cryptocurrency investments for Like most other progressive blockchain networks, the Binance Smart Chain is consistently working on improving its network.

It has onboarded many emerging crypto technologies, from Decentralised exchanges, dApps and DeFi protocols as well as Web3 apps and programs. It is also closely tied to the Binance exchange - the largest and most liquid centralised exchange - which is expected to continue supplying it with a constant flow of users. And all these speak volumes about the sustainability of this crypto project and the growth of BNB coin prices.

It has not shown any signs of slowing down on its mission of overthrowing Ethereum as the most valuable and preferred smart contract platform. Solana is on a mission to prove the sustainability of its blockchain and proof its future.

And this is one of the key reasons why we think you should add it to your portfolio of best long-term crypto investments. To achieve this, it has gone full throttle in expanding its ecosystem. Thus far, it has onboarded virtually all the emerging and fast-growing crypto technologies. It hosts several metaverse projects and is home to such popular meme currencies as Samoyedcoin.

It allows developers to create and launch Web3 apps and programs, hosts several decentralised exchanges, and is home to several dApps and DeFi protocols. We expect all these to continue drawing in users to this ultra-fast blockchain. We believe in its future because of the silent but rising privacy concerns among crypto traders and investors. This, plus government interference in the crypto space are expected to inform the mass migration from regulated centralised exchanges to DEXs like Uniswap.

By the end of , Uniswap was estimated to have a user base of more than 2. Uniswap protocol is also massively dynamic and is expected to further improve its efficiency when its base layer - Ethereum - transitions to the more effective PoS consensus algorithm. It is the largest and most valuable Decentralized Finance platform - according to DeFi pulse. Here, you can save and earn high interest on coins or borrow and pay competitive interest on the crypto loan through an easy, straightforward, and instantaneous process.

It provides an actionable solution to the ills staring at the global finance industry, especially inflation, bureaucracy, over-regulation, and negative interest rates. This then makes MKR tokens among the best long-term crypto investments today. Moving forward, and as more investors appreciate the benefits of saving in the crypto space over the traditional banking industry, we expect MKR token prices to record unprecedented growth.

And this further affirms why MKR is a good long-term crypto investment. It also is one of the fastest-growing blockchain technologies. But even more importantly, Cardano is arguably one of the most secure blockchain, seeing that both the Cardano blockchain and integrated protocols are thoroughly researched and peer-reviewed. But the Cardano development team is looking to make their blockchain more than sustainable. They are looking to make it usable.

To achieve this, Cardano is on a mission to integrate as many emerging technologies, just like its competitors - Ethereum and Solana. It has already integrated smart contract technology, launched an algorithmic stable coin, and is working on integrating DeFi, dApps, and Web3 technologies. That as the adoption of crypto technologies rises and more brands build on this space, the demand for an interoperable blockchain. And this goes a mile in cementing its position in the future of the crypto world.

This is the primary reason you too need to add it to your basket of best long-term cryptocurrency investments. But Cosmos offers more than just an interoperable blockchain. Its developers understand the maturity of the crypto space and the achievement of an interoperable blockchain will attract not-so-savvy programmers and brands looking to build on the space. They, therefore, have embarked on a mission to demystify crypto technology to make it possible for virtually anyone to understand and create dApps.

This increases the brand's usefulness and adds to the reasons why ATOM is a good long-term crypto investment. Risks of investing in Bitcoin Like all cryptocurrencies, the value of BTC fluctuates due to market volatility. Nonetheless, if price fluctuations affect you, you may want to avoid investing in this cryptocurrency. Ethereum Ethereum was launched in and morphed into one of the most robust smart contract networks today.

However, the network allows developers to create digital assets and deploy smart contracts on its network. Ethereum has become the de facto internet of blockchains; therefore, this cryptocurrency is on our list. Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and is currently the most popular blockchain. The upgrade is scheduled for the third and fourth quarters of It is crucial to remember that thousands of projects are built and utilize the Ethereum network; these tokens are known as the ERC tokens.

Risks of investing in Ethereum Even though Ethereum uses blockchain technology, the platform experiences clog and overloads, allowing transactions to take a more extended period because the network uses just one route for every transaction.

Again, transaction fees are high on the Ethereum blockchain network. Even though The Merge update aims at solving this problem, many investors have grown tired of waiting. Again, security hacks have constantly been an issue on the Ethereum blockchain network. The Merge is expected to resolve these issues. However, Binance is the biggest crypto exchange in the world. Even though it only began operations in , Binance has the most successful smart contract blockchain network.

This growth level is why we included it in our list. Like most blockchain networks today, the Binance smart chain works tirelessly to improve its network. The platform has also added many crypto technologies such as Dapps, DeFi protocols, decentralized exchanges, and Web3 apps and programs. Risks of investing in Binance Coin Even though BNB is the native coin of the largest crypto exchange in the world, it makes the currency vulnerable to regulatory issues.

This cryptocurrency lost about 7. However, this network is arguably one of the most secured blockchains in the crypto industry. Furthermore, Cardano ADA blockchain network is more energy efficient than other more extensive networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which means transactions on this network are cheaper and faster. But once it launches, it should be able to scale the Cardano platform. Cardano also launched a test platform called AdaSwap, where developers can build decentralized finance applications.

Furthermore, Cardano is on a mission to add more technologies to its ecosystem. The blockchain platform has already integrated smart contract technologies, launched an algorithmic stablecoin, and is aimed at adding Web 3 technologies through AdaSwap. Risks of investing in Cardano ADA Although Cardano has a stable ecosystem with powerful functionalities, it may not be able to battle with more extensive crypto networks.

The platform has plans to increase its adoption rate, but it remains to be seen whether the blockchain can live up to that expectation. This blockchain network offers basic abilities compared to Ethereum. It offers parachains- a series of connected blockchains running alongside to speed up transactions. Furthermore, Polkadot features protocols that allow its network to interact with other blockchain solutions.

Crypto experts see Polkadot as an inevitable progression in the blockchain industry. Also, it is the next step in improving blockchain technology. As a new blockchain network, Polkadot has a little track record for comparison, which makes it a bit riskier.

Again, government regulation could also affect the coin. In addition, this platform is the most successful Layer-2 scaling protocol for Ethereum. The platform has also made significant contributions to the Ethereum blockchain. Furthermore, Polygon currently has more than 19, Dapps on its blockchain platform. Polygon also supports the tether stablecoin, which might boost the growth of the Polygon network.

Black-hat hackers had already stolen more than , tokens. A hacker discovered the vulnerability and notified the Polygon team to fix it, which they did within two days. Avax is the native cryptocurrency of the Avalanche network, and, like Ethereum, it uses smart contracts to support different blockchain networks. The Avalanche network differs from the Ethereum blockchain — its three individual blockchains validate transactions independently. Again, this makes the Avalanche network scalable faster than the Ethereum network.

The network can handle larger volumes of transactions — up to 6, per second. With such a short history Avalanche does not have a track record for comparison yet. Terra 2. The existing Terra blockchain would be split into two blockchains. Before the launch of Terra 2.

After the crash, the Terra ecosystem launched Terra 2. It rebranded the original network Terra Classic LUNC through its hard fork to stabilize the Terra ecosystem and help investors who lost money recoup some of their investment. Risks of investing in Terra 2. With that in mind, several projects have already launched on the Terra blockchain network, and its native coin LUNA is worth watching if you have a high tolerance risk.

Chainlink LINK Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that enables universally connected smart contracts. Chainlink allows blockchains to securely interact with external data feeds, events, and payment methods, thus, providing critical off-chain information needed by complex smart contracts to become the dominant form of digital agreement. Chainlink partners with Google, under which Google uses the platform to connect to its cloud services. Chainlink Network is driven by a large open-source community of data providers, node operators, smart contract developers, researchers, and many more.

In addition, the Chainlink network focuses on ensuring decentralization for all node operators and users who want to contribute to the network. Furthermore, Chainlink is also the choice of a new inflation index from Truflation, a decentralized company created to serve as an alternative to the Consumer Price Index.

However, Decentraland offers a virtual world that enables users to create their digital avatars. These avatars are virtual versions of individuals. They are customized and represented via unique NFTs. Users can also explore the Decentraland virtual world — they can be able to buy virtual lands. To explore the possibilities of Decentraland, users need to connect their wallet to Decentraland and pay for their purchase with MANA tokens the official token for Decentraland.

Up till now, many plots of land have been purchased for significant sums. In addition, these plots of land can be used to build virtual projects such as hotels, casinos, and apartments. Many crypto enthusiasts see virtual real estate in the Decentraland world as the next big thing and possibly an excellent long-term investment.

It is projected that as the metaverse and Decentraland become more mainstream, the value of virtual lands will increase. Axie Infinity, on the other hand, is a blockchain-based trading and battling game inspired by games like Pokemon and Tamagotchi. Users can collect, raise, and battle creatures within the platform. Besides facing stiff competition, Decentraland is extremely volatile like most altcoins. Its profit potential is immense, but so is its possible downside.

Decentraland MANA is a good investment if you have a high-risk tolerance. Ripple XRP Ripple is one of the most innovative projects in the blockchain industry. The project serves as a payment solution, and we believe the company can serve as a long-term investment. Ripple has created an innovative payment network that allows big banks and financial institutions to make cross-border transactions. Even though there are lots of services that offer cross-border payments or transactions, Ripple is much faster and cheaper.

For example, if a European bank wishes to transfer funds to an institution in Asia, this will typically go through a third-party service like SWIFT. However, the SWIFT network- which has dominated the interbank sector for several years — is expensive and slow. On the other hand, Ripple enables banks to transact with a minimal fee, and the transfer size does not matter.

Furthermore, transactions on the Ripple network take a few seconds before they are validated. Ripple can handle up to 1, transactions per second; not only that, but the network also ensures that cross-border transactions have sufficient levels of liquidity.

Risks of investing in Ripple XRP Ripple has attracted lots of controversies because a private company runs it, and because of the SEC lawsuit, it is under scrutiny.

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