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Ethereal dark chocolate

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ethereal dark chocolate

In the words of the Ethereal Team! everything from scratch—from our great bean to bar chocolates that are sold in specialty Ethereal Dark Chocolate. Chocolate with a smack of strawberry. This limited-edition chocolate bar is made with our house dark chocolate (a mix from Haiti, Ghana, Uganda), then laced. Get Ethereal Confections Handcrafted Single Origin Chocolate Bar delivered to Hershey's Assorted Milk and Dark Chocolate Candy Bars, oz, Share Pack. LEDGER NANO S CANT SEND NO ETHEREUM

They create everything they serve from scratch so that they can perfect and hone their recipes into something people will love. From their bean-to-bar chocolate to gluten-free pastries and desserts, all the way to the syrups they put into their lattes, everything is created with verve.

They have surrounded themselves with people in their business who love their creations as much as they do. The support of their customers, whether in Woodstock or across the country, is probably their biggest inspiration. They create for others, to bring people an amazing experience and bring food to them in a quality and atmosphere that is almost forgotten.

The support and feedback from everyone they have encountered has been overwhelmingly uplifting. When customers say, "I never knew dark chocolate could be so smooth and delicious! Ethereal Confections has a philosophy about the central place food should have in people's lives and bringing people together through food. This philosophy drives Mary and Sara and they do not cut corners. They do things because they are hard, because no one else wants to do them that way.

They take chocolate back to a period when people didn't move quite so quickly and had the time to savor life — when food itself was an experience. We asked Mary and Sara how they got into chocolate making and here's what they said: "Chocolate is something that gets into you and never goes away once you are bitten. It might start with some small nibble in your youth or perhaps in a restaurant that puts an amazing twist on a savory dish at some point along your journey.

Then, you suddenly have a unquenchable desire to spend all your time in the cool and the dark, never too warm or too bright, laboring over your craft. You disappear for months at a time and your friends and family wonder what's come over you. We love creating it. We love eating it. And we love rolling up our sleeves to create everything from scratch—from our great bean to bar chocolates that are sold in specialty stores across the country to our pastries, cocktails and small plates in our cafe.

We want to reconnect people with real, authentic food—the joy of creating it, the joy of sharing it and the joy of savoring what whole foods can do for your mind and soul. You don't need big beards to do that! Food has a central place in our lives and we want to bring people together through food.

We do things because they are hard, because no one else wants to do them that way.

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