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Diana S. Frazier '12MBA. Writers. Lori Bauer Finn M.W. Caspersen Rowing Center as an official train- ing site. school social worker in Hartford. Mairin Finn. Coordinator of School Transformation. Read More. Click To Learn More. Jeffrey Garrett. Senior Vice President of Leadership Development. Currently, she works with directcare staff and consumers on developing and updating the clinical treatment plans in the residential facility in. FOREX MACD INDICATOR EXPLAINED SYNONYMS

The leaders built an infrastructure, but there was fear of criticizing the government. To get things done, you had to pay someone off. To make matters worse, the government is currently close to bankruptcy. The government is also ambivalent about the relationship with NGOs. Some see NGOs as a good thing and others are suspicious. They rebuilt the bridge as a cooperative venture and helped to rebuild their respective communities in the process. In a roundtable discussion with both international and domestic companies in Karlovac, Staples highlighted the opportunities that business leaders had.

The local economy is not strong. These are small unsystematic donations, rather than strategic investments in NGOs that are working to achieve substantial community development goals. The business sector certainly can and should do more to provide financial support for the grassroots community-based groups that are helping to rebuild this war-torn country.

Stifled by war and oppression, youth and artists have been supported by nonprofits to hold annual festivals like this one above in Karlovac. This is especially apparent at the federal level when looking at the social and economic issues President Obama and Congress are trying to tackle. From a macro standpoint, policy and advocacy are needed right now more than ever.

Nonprofits have been at the backbone of the recovery and are arguably one of the bright spots of the disaster because they have successfully taken on challenges in unprecedented ways. She describes her time since moving back as an amazing learning experience. Here, I can understand how federal policy trickles down to the local level.

And now, after four years, it will be a challenge to sustain the momentum. While New Orleans has made notable strides since the storm, the city is still mired in corruption in local politics, longheld views of racism and classism, disputes between every level of government, and indecision among policy makers on how to effectively spend government aid.

This has resulted in a slow recovery, especially for disadvantaged populations. For example, we must convey to policy makers how national debates such as health care and the economic stimulus impact the unique challenges in our region. Housing remains the linchpin issue for the city, as many low- and moderate-income residents cannot find homes due to a lack of quality, affordable housing.

Fortunately, nonprofits have faced this challenge head-on and become a community leader in rebuilding the housing stock. I enjoyed taking classes in the business school as it gave me a different perspective and learning experience. I knew I wanted to focus on macro work going into BU, after working on Capitol Hill and interning for a nonprofit.

The beauty of the Human Services Management Certificate program is that you get the best of both worlds. That needs to change. Nonprofits must be at the table for their sake and the sake of their clients. Social workers must utilize the talent they have to advocate for their clients and push for policies that better our communities. As a key member of the Annual Giving office, Sacks develops and implements strategies to increase leadership Annual Fund gifts from individuals for the School, as well as other programs at BU, including Sargent College and the College of General Studies.

His primary research focus is adolescent obesity. Her work focuses on individual, couples, and family therapy, with a clinical emphasis on working with Black families, LGBTQ, people of color, and multiracial families. Her primary research focus is risk and resiliency among the deployed military, with a special interest in the needs of women and those in the National Guard.

They each bring expertise that will complement our curriculum and our research efforts. Visiting Assistant Professor Lisa Moore is a great addition to our faculty for the coming year as she comes with excellent teaching experience and a strong background and skills in working with diversity in many forms. In this role, he managed a portfolio of select prospects—including alumni, parents, and friends of the college— with a focus on raising participation and soliciting gifts.

Violence and the threat of violence against social workers are common yet frequently underreported. After the death of a Massachusetts social worker in , the School is continuing to lead a collaborative effort with the National Association of Social Workers NASW —Massachusetts Chapter, as well as other schools of social work, to better prepare students for working in potentially threatening situations.

Of students reporting threats or violence, 49 percent of students reported threats or incidents beyond being insulted or sworn or shouted at. Surprisingly, 16 percent of students experienced sexual harassment in their work with clients or consumers. While 48 percent of students reported that their placement agency had a safety policy, only 34 percent were able to identify any content areas included in the policy. Additionally, 40 percent of students did not know whether the agency had a safety policy, and 55 percent did not know that BUSSW has a safety policy.

Based on these preliminary findings, the Field Education Department has already taken several steps to create a culture of safety and and ensure that students are better prepared to practice safely. On these pages, readers can find information about the field education program, staff, and upcoming events. The department is particularly proud of the searchable agency database which was created this past summer by Justin Feldman, a BUSSW student. The department increasingly uses electronic forms and documents for communication with students, faculty, and agencies.

To update your information, please e-mail sswfed bu. The program continues to offer a unique field education experience for students who are interested in working with older adults and their families. In the fall, two cohorts of 21 students each entered programs at the Fall River campus and at the BU North campus in Chelmsford, bringing the total number of students at the three off-campus sites—also including the campus on Cape Cod—to Currently, there are 88 OCP students placed at field internships in these communities.

Most of our field instructors are alumni of the OffCampus Programs and have maintained residency in these communities. Our alumni are invaluable partners in educating the next generation of social workers and the training continues beyond the MSW degree. These for-credit, continuing education seminars are offered at a nominal cost and are open to social workers in the community, alumni, field instructors, and current students.

For more information, please visit bu. The delivery format is geared toward adult learners and our programs recognize that many adult learners are managing multiple demands. For more information about this model, please visit bu. PEP is excited to report that registering for a program now saves time and trees as PEP has moved to a completely paperless automated registration system. These new workshops featured faculty members who regularly teach at OCP locations and were conveniently held 2—4 p.

It is hoped that these real savings will reflect how much our alumni constituents at PEP are valued. Please check the box for the alumni discount when registering online. Finally, PEP wants to remind social workers that the second year of the licensing cycle is beginning.

All social workers must renew their licenses by October 1, PEP is already planning ahead to provide you with the programs social workers need and want. Please watch for the new brochure in the mail this spring, and visit bu. Change is in the air. This is an exciting time to be a social worker. Elisabeth, Director of Federal Policy for the Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations, monitors federal policies and lobbies Congress about issues that impact the Gulf Coast recovery and nonprofit organizations.

We also celebrate change, as reflected in the news of new faculty and staff at the School, as well as the completion of the first phase of renovations to the building at Bay State Road. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve you over the past two and a half years in this role.

I will continue to be active as a member of the Steering Committee, but this period of vibrant interaction linking the alumni and the School together will be sorely missed. Catherine has been working in adolescent mental health, school-based program development, and college counseling in the Boston area since graduating from BUSSW. She has served on the Greater Boston Chapter of the Alumni Board, has been a member the Steering Committee, and has been the Secretary of the Alumni Association for the past two and a half years.

I have every confidence that Catherine will do a fantastic job as your leader. As always, we welcome your feedback and ideas about how the Alumni Association can better meet your needs. We hope to hear from you. There are many opportunities to stay involved and connected with the School. I wish you all the best! Man also has his seasons, some adverse— And good or bad, his deeds cannot reverse The list of things that he would countermand.

And if he could, the insights he would gain Would not restore him to his rightful place And though he would strive harder to attain A somewhat more ennobled state of grace, He still should have good reason to redraft The folly of his ill-wrought handicraft. She has worked for most of the specialized contractual foster care agencies in the District and in Maryland.

Currently, she works with directcare staff and consumers on developing and updating the clinical treatment plans in the residential facility in DC. She plans to further her education at the University of Maryland in family, marital, and couples counseling. She continues to have a small psychotherapy practice specializing in trauma recovery and is also busy training and showing her horse Pepper.

Allison B. She is currently living in Minneapolis while conducting her dissertation fieldwork on trauma, coping, and identity among Somali refugees. The program provides leadership training, social justice and service opportunities, and spiritual offerings for SU and other Jesuit-educated alums living in Seattle. She and her husband, James, are very pleased to announce the birth of Magdalena Rend on October 23, Veronica E. I continue to be amazed by the adaptability of we humans and the power our spirits have to keep our hearts open.

I see adults and adolescents and love those late teenyears! I stay in touch with the supervisors I met as a BU intern and enjoy regular contact with a dynamic network of clinical compadres. I am also working with a group to provide a full dialectical behavioral therapy program to folks in the area. I am lucky indeed. You want to go to BU! She is currently staying at home with her boys. Network to your next job or share your career advice with the new Boston University Career Advisory Network.

For example, I am working with executives in the division to write a SAMSA grant proposal to bring trauma-informed services into the clinics. I am also being considered for a promotion that would have me overseeing all the HIV-related programs at the clinic. She was married in June at Marsh Chapel. Lisa welcomed daughter Livia Elaine on September 30, She was also a recipient of the Women of Color Recognition Award at the University of Connecticut, where she teaches.

The award will allow her to finish her book, Social Flow: Immigrants and Social Mobility, a framework describing the way in which Latin American immigrant women get ahead. This support was gratefully received from alumni, faculty, staff, students, and other friends.

A number of donations were matched by employers. We are very pleased to acknowledge each donor publicly. We have listed all contributors unless anonymity was requested. Class of Anonymous Dorothy C. Allen Mildred H.

Haliburton Frances Nadash Millicent P. Scott Elinor B. Class of Anonymous Robert H. Cohen Margaret J. Dwinell James A. Garland John K. Matsumuro Anne B. Tenney Leah R. Weiss Isabelle Wiedis Many thanks to all contributors! Class of The Estate of Gertrude L. Sullivan Dorothy L. Smith Rollin C. Mills Howard J. Mezer Chester A. Rubin Emily L. Coleman Kathleen M. Morris Class of June M. Barrack Dorothy A.

Fahey Mitchell Jaffe Faith T. Sulloway Class of David W. Campbell Camillo G. DeSantis Mary S. Hartzell Jane K. McGrath Class of Anonymous L. Daniel Carter Harriet H. Hickey Robert M. Rice Timothy F. Ryan Louise P. Corwin Arthur Eisenberg Paul H. Ephross Viola S. Haywood Robert H. Lennon Donald R. Hand Patricia M. Hartung Joyce Hutchins Carol A.

Johnson Marilyn A. Nolan Judith E. Spelman Class of Diane L. Namrow Joan E. Harrington Anita P. Balgopal Addison R. Carver Miriam Gross Martha E. Hartman Robert G. Knott Jr. Julianne Wayne Class of Charles A. Beaverson Susan J. Bliss Irving Kessler Gypsy B. Michaud Cornelia D. Bulger Deborah Guptill Lydia P.

Ogilby Elizabeth Rumelt Louise U. Slayton Sandra A. Dieter Mary C. Gray Jeanne P. Louizos Eleanor I. Nay-Chiles Ann H. Ross Danielle D. Strickman Class of Paula R. Budnitz Peter W. Gariti Martha H. Kaplan Joseph B. Lillyman Diane B. Meskin Sally W. No part of ESRA Magazine may be produced in any form without prior permission in writing from the editor, except in the case of brief quotations in critical articles and review.

The contents and corrections of articles and opinions published herein are the sole responsibility of the particular authors. ESRA and its affiliates shall not be held liable in any way for the articles, comments, opinions or statements published herein or for any errors, inaccuracies, omissions and the like regarding the contents herein nor for any consequences thereof.

The contents of this journal are for general information purposes only and are not to be regarded as counseling in any way or form. Any use of such information is upon the judgement and under the sole responsibility of the user and ESRA and its affiliates shall not be held liable in any way for the consequence of such usage. After guests mingled in the foyer over cheese and wine, Fund Manager and Entrepreneur Saul Orbach kicked off with his story of a good idea that met with bad timing, despite his vast experience in start-ups and business growth.

A short scan of the actor allowed this software to recreate texture, shadow, and nuance in a computer-generated image. Although the idea was good, external factors meant Orbach had to know when to let go. CEO of Shufersal E-Commerce, VP of Customers and Services, Baida is the person behind the welcome convenience of Shufersal Online, but he was forced to reconsider his business model after an unfortunate experiment in transcontinental online retail.

Customer service based in the USA meant Israelis could only get help from midday, and along with other practical issues, Baida soon opted to pull the plug on a fledgling partnership. He closed down the venture after three months, but is now using the lessons learnt to successfully run the Shufersal online platform for Israelis, out of Israel.

He told a story that happened while he headed the FIU, where sensitive information was mistakenly shared with the wrong party, a country not partial to information sharing. Shaffer immediately owned up to the mistake. Even though it was clearly a clerical error, he insisted that since he headed the unit and had put the structures in place, it was his fault that those structures had failed.

He demonstrated leadership and insisted that the worst idea in such a case is to consider a cover-up. Although each story was delivered in just ten minutes, all three speakers left the audience with valuable lessons. FUN Nights are clearly not to be missed. In order to keep even further to more areas of the country where it is needed — and there are many.

Terry Morris, ESRA Chairman everyone updated I am including here a few of the main points to be Running effective projects, and presented in my report. ESRA volunteers is run in close cooperation. Not are simply everywhere. Our last Together we continue to develop only do they describe the year but annual report, The Annual Impact new and novel ETP programs, such also offer an indication of what we Report , impressively cites as Teacher Chat, giving non-native must strive for in the future.

By forcing , hours. Clearly, we needed to and others serving on committees Running effective projects, that run ESRA branches and organize pride in our make changes to adapt to our new achievements, and in fact running an events. Still more volunteers work emerging world. As our our overriding theme for the year. Epitomizing the at creating a relationship between long-established ones in 4 Netanya amazing amount of volunteer work ESRA and the younger generation neighborhoods, and the more that goes on behind the scenes, of English-speakers, as well as recent one in Akko making a total ETP has experienced an almost new Olim.

Tutors to be involved and fall in love with success. Difficulties, largely due to are operating in numerous schools ESRA as we have done. It has ing platform that now involves of the newly elected Executive a required much dedicated work, but tutors from around the world successful and enjoyable year, we remain confident that we will be regularly connecting with Israeli with ESRA continuing to go from able to expand the SBC program schoolchildren. Please check all summer until Your opportunity to make a difference in the Israeli Education System!

ESRA is looking forward to continued growth in its English tutoring programs and needs more volunteers for coordinating and training roles to expand the support given to weaker students in schools. If you have relevant pedagogic or admin background and would like to impact the Israeli Education System in a fulfilling and fun manner, we want you! Jackie Carol bcnovis zahav. Esther Rose Joanna Email Raanana Tel. Shirley Amount To see for effort? Tour — Wineries South of the More important still: it reminds Galilee.

Israel consists sometimes lose them — to keep of several geographic areas, the Pesach cover of us all, our children and our Galilee being just one of them. To whom we owe thanks the article are in fact in the Lower What a glorious cover. God Bless Galilee. The cover is lovely, appropriate Lord turn his face toward you and elegantly colorful. It is so special. Facebook page. Ingrid Barzel Several items in this article, also, Beer Sheva were outdated or incomplete: Bit Payments, for example, — no mention is made of the charges.

ESRA Magazine. A recipe, a bath thoughts and ideas that I was the army and have long military towel turban, a report about unable to articulate in words. I look forward to being able who need you. Raanana magazine. Puah Menschel. Firth, Michael Halliday, and school-age language development. Her work has placed Modern University, where she began Hebrew on the map of current teaching in , and from which she linguistics and psycholinguistics retired as Professor Emerita in Uzzi Ornan.

After she received her She was born in in Cape Town, Ph. Second, she on Developing Discourse Stance became involved in crosslinguistic across Adolescence] ; research on language acquisition Acquisition and Development of and development in a functional, Hebrew: Infancy to Adolescence.

Hebrew: Morpho-lexicon and speaking different native languages syntax Mum was born in Her first Her father, Henyek, was killed in childhood memories were of her life a partisan raid and her mother, as a displaced person in Paris and, Sarah, survived until their libera- soon after, watching dolphins chase tion by the Russians in She carried children.

Leave this one for me. She became a teacher at 19 and then Heat dissipates from any argument, again at 44, after a gap of 20 years. We view the deceased She fell in love with her she returned to college for retraining with unprecedented objectivity and students with a no-nonsense with a determination that propelled clarity. This gives me the confidence her back to the classroom. She was never more outside and soft in the center. Mum taught like a Sabra educate continued.

Competition such a fitting tribute. Shisha Partisan Unit in Belarus in Henyek was killed and Nellie was born in the Solowski after the war months after this photo was taken. The credibility of how their interaction with Mum No doubt, to those who are now of her own experience added a changed their lives. So simple, aliyah but with all three of her yet so powerful.

In a lesson to all Competition, it is our wish that The ESRA Young Writers Competition of us, once she and Dad made their students continue to have an closed on May 30 and judging is now decision, they embraced it with a opportunity to foster their self- positivity and enthusiasm that was belief. The competition, held in infectious. They settled in Poleg be an inspiration and a reminder conjunction with the Ministry of South Netanya and made new that we should be on a constant Education, was open to all 9th and 10th groups of friends through involve- journey to test our capabilities graders.

Winners will be announced in ment in book clubs, poetry clubs and strive to be the best we can be. A source of pride for Mum was that so that we can encourage as many she was able to continue teaching students as possible to participate. She was not one to seek to sored by ESRA. The group Hilma af Klint — and Emma Kunz — were two of the pioneer was founded in Munich in , and disbanded with onset of World War I in In spiritual artists during the first half of the 20th century.

It was the chapel of the Doge and was scene, where we can see it in Museums and galleries. But we forget that the graffiti subject to his jurisdiction, and as such was also a political edifice. Much of the interior decoration is based on preparatory drawings protest against the separation of the two cities and the country.

Numerous scenes, themes, visual similarities as well as conflicts floating in fields of color - which he produced for over 20 years. However, the relationship and artistic dialogue between the father and caused him to refund commissions, and donate the paintings to museums instead. The lecture will include an introduction to Renoir in the development of art during the second half of the 20h century.

Known primarily as a painter, both as a subject of the lens, and as an accomplished photographer in her own right. Entrance to the Museum from Reservations online www. When a parent W hen the elevator door opened, I was greeted by a curvaceous, small china doll that had perfectly caught one of the children in the act, her mother was summoned In England she was greeted and absorbed quickly by a large family forthwith as the Mother Superior coiffed curls and professionally accused her of trying to convert and soon met Mick, who was Jewish made up, highlighted lips, big the Christians!

This her father. She knew that this was year-old had the figure of a After seven years in the movie a husband that would please her year-old, with skin to match, in industry which had promoted her father and three short weeks after her lovely off-the-shoulder blouse, to star status, also in magazines, their meeting, she agreed to marry tight stretch jeans and high heels. In secret, this had been a major Her entire presence exuded movie she took a one-month respite by reason for her trip, as in India she star stature.

They choosing a man her father would And this is exactly what she was! Not traveled up to North India, through not have approved of. They went She went back to India to fulfill when one boring summer morning through a thousand miles of desert some more of her contracts, but her best friend took her along to be in Iran with luminescent colors and returned to Mick within six months an extra at a movie studio.

Turkish mountain ranges, where as promised. Although they lived they found white-skinned blond in Israel together in the sixties, Not that her father would approve. Mick insisted on returning to He was a stalwart leader in the and blue-eyed residents selling fruit baskets. They also came England where they lived another Bombay Jewish community, with 55 years.

There he established a a large company importing across roadblocks of boulders which white figures in the night large, successful business in car German pharm products, who parts, which his son runs now. They had encouraged and helped removed to allow them to pass after they paid a ransom. Lillian lived a luxurious life as as easily and quickly as a new luxurious Which is not to say the she does a child with many servants and gown at the age of 16 and a half.

Albert Jacob. Kivunim center. He spoke using team run by Ellen Danino and oper- It happened to be an excellent time his official interpreter about the ating in 10 different schools in Beer for a new English speaking group to importance of increasing the Sheva once or twice a week. We have managed to keep these had ceased to function and HOB activities going during the Another project that Carole set Association of British Immigrants Covid pandemic.

Telfed equipment together with the Lectures have been advertised South African Zionist Federation, appointment of a trainer for and given on ZOOM, bringing Israel , for some reason, does not 10 children who could not normally in much needed funds for our encourage new olim to come to Beer afford such an activity. An investor volunteer activities. All this, despite the fact that was found and there are now weekly there have been many new arrivals We all wish to thank Carole practice sessions for the children.

For over thirty years Philip Symon has been synonymous with reliability and expertise. Join his long list of satisfied clients and bring a touch of class to your home. M enorah was born in South Africa on January 6th The unusual name Menorah was meditating in the dark and silence as usual, Menorah suddenly began In many cases, Menorah was called upon to lead the meditation which speaking aloud with a very spiritual sometimes also included a chan- given to her by her father, as a gift message.

We were all shaken by this neled message. We also organized 12 of LIGHT for her to emit in her unexpected loud voice and listened international conferences in Israel, whole life. He believed that she for about 10 minutes. This was the the last one being held in Eilat.

During her last days in bed at home, regularly channeling messages For many years, both in South through our son Daniel. She the high-level heavenly spiritual was an avid reader, but there were and also made herself clearly guidance of mankind. I was working in Tel Aviv and home for the last time and left her would bring her books in English In , Menorah started her own watch on the table by her bed.

A few from bookshops there. It had stopped at ten to she was immediately attracted. It all began in five — exactly the time her soul left There she came across Spiritual our house, in once-a-week meetings her body. Healing for the first time, which and grew quickly as the news Some months after her departure, completely aroused her interest spread amongst the spiritual- she began communicating with as well as perhaps offering a solu- ly-minded public. It outgrew our Daniel, and also made herself tion to her health problem.

She explained generosity of a patient and good to us that she was now a very high- In the late sixties, we attended an friend, we built our own MPH level soul in heaven in the form of evening at which spiritual healing, Center which contained healing today known as complementary an ENERGY. She can be at my side, rooms, a large hall for meditation medicine, was demonstrated. There and at the same time appear in mil- and facilities.

Menorah became their healing This connection brought Menorah Early on, she explained to us that pupil and assistant. Neither I nor anybody clean water from the washing if NO I feel nothing. My conclusion is she can cm wide 2 meters long. I checked all She is always protecting and guid- bring things into my flat the plumbing including the sink in ing me, helping me avoid accidents from outside.

I checked miraculous things that are hard to again and pushed the water into the believe. When I tell and show peo- drain. Since then, no water on the ple, they find it hard to accept, even The third incident: I collect my floor. My conclusion is that she can my own family. But knowing me, Jerusalem Post newspaper early make things appear, like this water. Maybe I am the Here is the first incident: I woke up and neither was my doormat. When she passed the two newspapers, side by side on shelf under the ceiling with other over, her body was interred in the top of the two doormats, one on top similar statuettes.

This place is com- Savyon cemetery. As we were walk- of the other. My conclu- was above us all the way, until the of my flat. It was me that she can move things any- Two months ago, now 18 months later, so calming that I did not even cry. I have missed her ever since, but her soul is always with me. The campus is also green mention North Americans and and vibrant, not too big and not too O ver South African students began their studies at the Raphael Recanati International 80 British students studying for full degrees, is a Zionist accomplishment.

School in October of Their son Aaron has begun his first year studies in offered in English, state-of-the- art laboratories and research Nicki Wingerin, from Cape Town Computer Science at Reichman institutes, students are also able and mother of Ashleigh Wingerin, University. She was ready to leave home and see the bigger picture. Computer Science and is currently our tender loving care approach. However instant sense of community and the staff were amazing, patient and social support was a strong factor so willing to help.

As parents Stephanie Miller Jonathan Davis option to explore life in Israel, as we could not be more comforted in well as to be exposed to other or satisfied by the fact that our It was always a dream to make it communities and cultures. Melissa children have chosen to study at possible for overseas students to finished her service in the IDF and Reichman University.

It was a stepping stone conduit to future opportunities in to considering aliya. Gadi has also satisfaction. We see that our undergraduate degree that would been involved with JLIC, attending university is making an impact open potential opportunities. We shiurim, events and minyanim. His family constructed the creative thinkers, effective collabo- hard on the heels of that.

But what rators and skillful communicators. A few years later libraries and cafeterias, science labs extra curricula activity right on the and state of the art gyms? Art rooms the school expanded into two rooms premises: piano lessons and choir, and music rooms and robotics in Kfar Shmaryahu; several Foreign drama and art, sport, chess, and rooms and playgrounds for tiny Service wives enlisted the aid of the learning support programs which tots?

GAIA, small classes and spacious grounds, Department for further expansion. Pratt stresses two-day weekend; swim in the Jerusalem might not get to school that scholarships and financial aid gorgeous pool, play tennis or basket- before it was time to go home again. The villa, a three-minute walk from the campus, will be a swish place to live. Then followed a really lovely hip hop dance by our Hefzibah girls Their aim was to collect funds for T he Volume Music Center in and songs by all of the Volume a very special summer camp for Netanya is supported by the Center youth.

They are really great children suffering from cancer. It is situated and improve all the time. Their Sunrise Camp takes place every year in East Netanya and integrates confidence and desire to excel is in Even Yehuda and is one of the few youth from all the neighborhoods exciting. The audience went crazy summer camps for both the ill chil- in the area. The show ended with a breakdance The youth at the center decided to On the drums by the dance star of Volume.

They practiced hard for several weeks and put together a really exciting show on the night, charging NIS 20 a seat and almost selling out the seat auditorium. Michmoret which is located right guests as they set out on a bus trip Not only did everyone, adults and on the beach. Eileen told the story and social experiences. Applebaum, our long-time supporters, He was our guide, first sharing They had so many questions and and contributed money to ESRA for with us stories of Carmi, who was lots of discussion on the return this project.

Eileen is a bereaved his friend. Force cadet air crash disaster, as had a thrilling view of what being I wanna go to flight school. This visit was He had been an avid surfer and commemoration room for fallen a big WOW. The Michmoret program were also able to view the debriefing was a perfect match. Thank you to the Elan family. The girls them, saying it was the end of the project for them, but not the end began by writing greetings in each of their access to her.

This was followed emotionally, learnt life skills, and compelled not only to bring the cake by a workshop of making beautiful began to understand the importance but also to stay for the ceremony. Nina opened the festivities for her as well. Mazal Tov! I n , two Bedouin shepherds wandering the dusty, rock-strewn northwestern shore of the Dead Sea of one of those ancient clay jars. But above all, the followers of When this writer visited the Muslim faith had stumbled Qumran recently, the extensive across a most magnificent legacy site was abuzz with archaeologists National Park Center, where visitors for the Jewish people.

Since brought future fame to Qumran. The impressive water Hashmonean period, and react and make a cisterns have been cleaned out and right through to the quick exit. In actual fact the south along the Dead Sea shepherds had discov- shoreline. And so begins, or one should and partially reconstructed with Kochba revolt C. It is quite memorial to the four soldiers, one wondrous that so many people could can only be even more in awe of the Underneath this description is a have survived in ancient times and incredible achievements of those sketch of how the kiln would have lived such a rich community life in who built a thriving community in looked way back then, a robe-clad such terrain — unforgiving but the most difficult of conditions, Jewish artisan standing alongside.

The structure they Remains of building; Painstaking surging with horrific force down had built has been left in place as reconstruction toward the Dead Sea, shooting out a memorial to the brave fighting between the deep crevices gouged men and water seekers. These facilities have bamboo shoots cover large areas. A lthough called the Harod Stream, this body of water twists and turns over a distance of been caringly and tastefully designed to blend in with nature, and attract The higher places afford breathtak- ing views over the Jezreel Valley and hundreds of thousands of visitors across the Jordan Valley to the slopes 32 kilometers, far outliving the title throughout the year.

Above However, that particularly glorious the Harod wends its way between them, on trails developed along the sight is often shrouded by heat hazes dozens of fishponds and lush ridges of the Gilboa mountain range, during the relentlessly hot summers. Shean National Park Bridges Trail. Flocks of Israel National Parks Authority and for miles. In another of the rooms is a floor no doubt to retrace their flight paths A nearby board alongside the ruins depicting various harvesting chores.

By the time narrow basalt canyon with amazing how impressive the original bridge it ends up in the Jordan River, it has waterfalls spewing foam. The would have been. Over the 32 kilometer route to In present times a steel the Jordan River, one can find suspension bridge links the the remains of many flour mills and two sides of the canyon at this point, In the vicinity of the bridge, although bridges built in the Roman and providing a wonderful view not only closed to the general public at the Ottoman periods.

The arches provide with birdwatchers. The monastery was views far across the Beit Shean and destroyed in C. Kingdom of Jordan, a country that The monastery is known for its On the other side is a welcome KKL took its name from the river. Sitting bottom row. F rom a young age, my parents fed me family stories at every opportunity they had. I loved was quiet, gentle and efficient as she walked back and forth, a bedpan or a metal chart holder in hand. And then one day, not too long ago, I was given an amazing gift: a kit for checking my genes to be sent to hearing them over and over again.

We hardly had reason to so many genes, I found several intrigue, and usually flavored by interact but I noticed her when we second cousins in the list of connec- the history of our people. I thought sat down to eat a meal in the small tions. There were some surprises, I knew them all until I discovered staff dining room. She appeared too. I, embarrassed as I was at my poor cated to finding and connecting knowledge of Hebrew, never relatives, suddenly flashed on my When I was in my mid-twenties, a reached out to her.

My memories of those months family members from scratch. Throughout the following decades, a relative, Dana Peleg, who lives the stories about my family stayed on kibbutz Ramot Menashe in the As a young resident in the ward, north of the country. I would retell them to somehow, I managed. The doctors related on both sides!

And Grunia my children. As questions about were all friendly and kind; the these stories remained, I became had actually visited her relatives nurses efficient and hardworking. She facts I already knew. He might even have spoke about their Eastern European I did. Israel was a new country and had was between patients, in the when she visited the family, chatted often all that traumatic history was middle of a busy morning. I sensed to her in broken Yiddish, possibly swept under the carpet.

We told at Beilinson Hospital. She was second in charge! When were you there? And now? He would have loved it. A nice touch was the T ake one bus, fill it with excited and expectant people from Modiin to Herzliya, add a knowl- A hazy panoramic view from Mt.

Gilboa engraved poems about wind that adorned the base of each turbine. Next, Doron entertained us with stories After boarding our bus at the Herzliya train station, we energy. With Doron Kehila, and had breakfast. Jack Rabin ADV. Box Tel Aviv over 50 years tel 03 in Israel! Come and study at Kibbutzim College of Education! The and no longer try to develop Israel. This article will show following quote will show the spirit It was not simple for the 30 families that this is not true.

It was also difficult because Monsonego. I was very intrigued to what happens and we say, yihiyeh tov they had to forget the past and look hear about the community where he it will be okay. To look back is too to the future. The hard. We are still a part of this miracle and this is stronger than our personal pain and tragedy. Within two or three weeks a decision was made to settle in this desert and start over again.

It was a small group who decided to jump into the water, so to speak. At first when trying to get wife of Lot in the book of Genesis , established, we lived in temporary and their agriculture, the more I and become salt. So, I only look caravans that were moved in. We wanted to visit and see for myself forward.

After more than a year Halutza communities. If we had known that it the community of Naveh to gather of the founding leaders of Halutza, would take that long we might not information and take photos. Rabbi Eli Adler. Rabbi Adler told have come at all. There is both Gaza and Egypt. Parents from all by JNF-Australia. The source of In another building, samples from over the country now want to send recycled water sewage water is each crop are tested with a special their boys and girls to study here, from Gush Dan.

Because of the lemons are harvested every three The last thing Amir showed me quality of life in Halutza, there is a months with the help of workers was the large dairy farm funded by waiting list of those who want to from Thailand. This move here. This a project of faith project will result in 20 new jobs and and long term vision. As I write, will begin to be harvested in by encouraging me to keep the construction has been completed January At full capacity the dairy news and learn of in the desert.

The pine- should produce about nine million the optimism of apple is considered a liters of milk per year. The dry the Jewish people. In order weather in the Negev Desert is ideal to grow pineapples in for good quality milk. The first-class At the beginning of the Negev, they have to milking machines tell how much milk my visit, Amir wel- keep the plants in a special has been given and the temperature comed me in his office agriculture shelter with the and health of the cow.

Each cow has a where he showed me right moisture and tropical chip on it that feeds the information maps of the area and photos temperatures. They have created a to a computer. The milk is stored in that of what the land looked like ten climate for the pineapple like the special large containers and trans- years ago, before the beginning of climate of Hawaii. I never thought ferred daily to trucks. One of the the Halutza project, and what it looks I would see pineapples growing for reasons for this dairy farm is to have like now.

It is a green farm with of celery growing in a special agricul- area to help build the communities. It was these young families live in Halutza water and sewage from the cows. It was a hands-on living in Naveh and being a part of milk, yogurt, and cheese on site. The farm grows the community. Kuchinate Text and photos by Honey Stollman someday be reunited with their and museums around the country. I n two women, Diddy Mymin and Sister Aziza, an Eritrean nun, took this biblical injunction that vision remains a distant dream.

Many seek a new life in a country With this renewed belief, these women have turned Kuchinate like Canada, where there is hope literally. They saw the suffering of into a multinational cooperative. Women tance. The provides a safe haven, where friend- Ivory Coast, Nigeria and other blast of color, the variety of hand- ships blossom and pride and dignity African countries were enduring made objects, the intricate designs are restored.

Israel was Kuchinate began with a handful of exterior into the pulsating rhythms their only hope; but their fight for women making key chains but with of faraway Africa. The women are survival continues. While this group protection workshop. Kuchinate offers courses in sewing and crocheting. It is a From the original key chain idea allows these stateless refugees to came a multitude of creative remain in Israel until their coun- place where one can feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment.

The skills citizens and permanent residents. They aspire to display, which one can find in shops captured by Bedouins in the Sinai 42 desert, violently attacked and held shelves and be sold to customers From the warm, smiling faces captive until she finally escaped and around the country and around that greet you when you enter the crossed into Israel. Lacking skills, the world. Her child, but after suffering abuse at flight from their homeland.

Instead, idea turns into a bestseller; it seems the hands of her husband, she left what you feel when you step into that Kuchinate and the Corona virus with her child. Living hand to mouth Kuchinate is strength, fortitude were a good match. Yohanna soon on the streets of South Tel Aviv, she and accomplishment. Soon, Interested in a visit? In cooperation Translated from Hebrew by Norman Silbert As an alternative to welfare or with the Jerusalem municipality, national insurance services, which JACC also runs a youth club and A bout 3, asylum seekers from Eritrea, Sudan and Ethiopia currently live in Jerusalem.

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