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Fossil fuel free investing software

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fossil fuel free investing software

So we invest in things like renewable energy. So we have a company in there called First Solar. So they're based in the US. They design. Accelerating progress on 24/7 carbon-free energy: FlexiDAO secures investment from Google, Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund, SET Ventures and. MEG ENERGY CORP= is a pure play Canadian oil sands producer engaged in exploration in Northern Alberta. All of its oil reserves are more than 1, feet below. FOREX MODERN DAY PRICE ACTION PDF GENERATOR

Fossil Free Funds analyzes the fossil fuel exposure and carbon footprint of thousands of U. We make it easy to know what you own, so you can align your investments with your values. Learn more How to make your investments align with your values Search for mutual funds and exchange-traded funds ETFs by name, ticker, or asset manager. Our database covers 3, stock funds available in the U. See your results. For each fund, we track fossil fuel investments, carbon footprints, and clean energy investments.

Look for aligned options. Mike Thiessen: [] So, again, this is sustainable investing. So why would we decide to invest in a fossil free manner? Why would we decide to invest sustainably? And here is a big reason for that. There is a relentless rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

But in , it bypassed that that threshold. So a lot of people see this and they see this connection to to climate change. They want to be mitigating climate change and reducing their carbon footprint. Mike Thiessen: [] So this would be the values perspective of why to divest. So investors that are that are investing in fossil fuel companies or other companies are essentially funding these companies. So as as as a stockholder in a fossil fuel company, you are really an owner of the company.

And then other people decide to divest due to a financial perspective. Also regulation. Mike Thiessen: [] So divestment is really a social phenomena. And we see this phenomena happening in three different ways. We saw this with the weapons divestment around the apartheid in South Africa. So within these three waves, the first wave is typically religious groups and activist organizations or foundations decided to get out of a certain industry.

So fossil fuels being the case now. We have a lot of activist type clients. A lot of universities are divesting. Certain countries have divested. So Costa Rica has decided to divest. We have universities considering divestment. And then in terms of the third wave in in in Europe and in certain other areas of the world, they might be starting the third wave.

And a lot of retail clients are considering divestment, especially in certain areas of Europe. Mike Thiessen: [] So when we talk about sustainable investing and fossil free investing, there are many different terms. Mike Thiessen: [] So first of all, we have regular investing.

So this is what everyone knows. Next, we have responsible investing. So that would be responsible investing. Next would be socially responsible investing and a social response to investing. So you are drawing a line. Public market risk. And then the next category of sustainable styles is mission based investing or impact investing.

So the first category here is liquid impact. And Genus has a fossil free, high impact equity fund that would that would fit in this liquid impact category. The next category is illiquid impact. It could be 10 years for some private equity funds. Mike Thiessen: [] So within illiquid impact, you could be investing in things like private debt or private equity or real estate infrastructure. And then we have venture compact. So venture impact is venture capital, but with an impact focus. And then finally, we have philanthropic impact.

So philanthropic impact is a is a unique type of impact investing where you are deciding to give up some return or take on additional risk to have that impact that you wanted to make. But a lot of studies show that you are able to have similar returns with impact investing as you are just with with regular investing or responsible investing. So these are kind of are our negative screens. They call them. So this would be kind of within the socially responsible category.

So here we have products like fossil fuels, weapons, gambling, junkfood, nuclear, adult entertainment, alcohol and tobacco, GMO. And then also within our fossil free funds are sustainable funds. We rank the stocks based on environmental, social and governance factors.

And then we take out the bottom performers in those areas. We also look at the underlying pillars of environmental social governance. So things like climate change, biodiversity loss. Because there are some different definitions of what fossil free is, what fossil free investing is. So for us at Genus, we again have listened to what what our clients want when it comes to fossil free investing. So this would be things like pipelines. Mike Thiessen: [] And when we build a portfolio, we need to continually monitor the portfolio and look at different controversies that come up.

So here you can see the cartoon about the emissions scandal around VW having in , 14 to 13 to So we we continually are looking into controversies like this and avoiding controversies that are either widespread or quite severe. So the VW scandal would be something that we would look at. But this is kind of this is the results of of all of this sustainable investing. All of the fossil free investing. This is what our clients get in the end. And also financial returns as well. So first, on the on the left here we have fossil fuel reserves.

So you can see the first three funds have zero reserves. And these are fossil free funds. These are the Genus fossil free funds. And then beside them in the red and the blue line are the benchmarks. So these are the indexes that we compare our funds to when it comes to financial returns.

And when it comes to when it comes to these sustainable metrics. And so they have significantly or they have significant fossil fuel reserves. So the one benchmark, which is 35 percent TSX, 65 percent MSCI world, it would have four hundred and ten million barrels of oil equivalent within the portfolio. Whereas, you know, if you compare it to our fossil free portfolios, they would have zero fossil fuel reserves. You also have to look at other companies that might hold fossil fuel reserves as well.

A lot of mining companies will have fossil fuel reserves even though we will invest in other mining companies, but not if they have if they have reserves. And then we also look at carbon intensity and we can drastically lower our carbon intensity by investing fossil free. So carbon intensity is the tons of carbon emissions that a company is emitting per million in sales. So a company like a coal utility is going to have massive carbon intensity.

So their carbon intensity might be something like 10 or So it really varies. So you have coal utilities about ten thousand. Fifteen thousand. You have tech companies at about ten or fifteen. And then we also have ESG ratings. So ESG standing for environmental, social and governance and through sustainable investing, we can have higher ESG ratings on average within within funds that are benchmarks as well.

Mike Thiessen: [] Another critical element of sustainable investment is engagement. So these are the engagement themes that we that we work with companies on. So first we have climate transition. We have decent work, human rights, reconciliation, water and plastics, which is new for , and then corporate governance. So we work with a great organization called Share and they help us work with a lot of these companies and try and make them better.

Better, which makes our portfolio better. Mike Thiessen: [] So one question that we often get from from clients and from potential clients is, you know, I want to invest sustainably, I want to invest in the fossil free matter. But what does this mean for performance? I still need to make money for retirement. I still need to make money for kids, tuition, whatever might be. So can I still perform and be fossil free and lower my carbon footprint?

You can have a fossil free portfolio and still have great performance. So here is fatback tests and that goes back about 21 years. So we looked at the market in Canada, the U. And then we were then we looked at those sea markets and looked at the performance. If you were to be fossil free optimized, you were you would be able to significantly beat the market on an annualized basis in Canada, in the US, internationally and globally. Mike Thiessen: [] And just to drive home the point, even more so, this is our live performance of our fossil free flagship fund.

So has a six year track record. And over the six year time period, the annualized return has been twelve point seven percent versus the benchmark that has a return of eleven point five percent. And the benchmark does include fossil fuels. Mike Thiessen: [] And again, just more performance, fossil free investing.

So this is our fossil free institutional balance composite. And overall, the performance for these balanced mandates have been seven point eight eight percent versus the benchmark, which is seven point four or five percent. So if you look at Canada, if you look at the TSX, about 30 percent of the value of the TSX comes from oil and gas, refineries, utilities, transporters of fossil fuels. And it makes it quite difficult to fill that gap because you have to fill that 30 percent with the rest of the 70 percent and it can skew the portfolio quite a bit.

So we think globally, because if you if you look at a global index, fossil fuels make up only about 10 percent of the overall index. Mike Thiessen: [] So another way that we do it is we energize portfolios without energy. So this is the optimization that we had talked about before with with that fact test. We actually look at what sectors, what industries, what companies are highly correlated with oil and gas in the short run.

And we fill that gap with those companies. So this is what we call optimization. So impact investing is is an area of sustainable investing that has been fast growing. So it would impact investing. This enables you to activate more of your financial resources to do good.

But with impact investing, you can activate your entire portfolio or whatever portion of your portfolio you devote towards impact. Mike Thiessen: [] So sometimes we like to use this iceberg analogy when looking at a portfolio and looking at the impact above the water.

You have kind of all your traditional portfolio returns. You have you have growth. You have income. You have your financial returns. But then below the surface, you also can have a large benefit and you have the potential to do a lot of good through impact investing. So just some impact investing examples. So within our Genus fossil free, high impact fund, we have we have these companies that are that are within the fund. So we invest in things like renewable energy.

So we have a company in there called First Solar. They design, engineer, manufacture, construct, large scale solar power plants for global companies. And we also invest in energy efficiency companies like Citrix. So Citrix is a cloud computing company.

And Cloud Computing is much more energy efficient than local computing. We also invest in companies that that operate green buildings. So like Capitaland out of Singapore. So Capitaland makes about 83 percent of its revenue through operating, leasing and constructing green buildings around the world. We also invest in companies that have socially impact.

So social impact in health care. So we invest in companies like Jazz Pharmaceuticals that have made large advancements with with cancer treatments. We invest in educational companies like Benesse Holdings out of Japan.

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