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Nba games and spreads

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nba games and spreads

The spread, at 5½, is a handicap for the favorite that allows bookmakers to offer digestible odds for every game. For a bet on the Warriors to hit, Golden State. NBA odds, lines, spread and props at Bovada. Upcoming and live events! An NBA spread also known as a point spread is how many points a team can either win or lose by to win a bet. For example, if the NBA spread is (-2) your team. OVERBETTING FREE ROLL FANDUEL

It tells you that the sportsbooks think the Lakers have a much better chance of winning the game, and they have priced the NBA game lines accordingly. The sportsbooks start by giving the stronger team a handicap. If we stick with the example used above, you might expect to see the Lakers are the 4.

You could then opt for either the Lakers Sportsbooks generally offer on either outcome, but some will go to if they offer reduced juice NBA spreads. If you back the Lakers to cover the spread, they must win by 5 or more points. If they win by just 4 points, your bet is a loser. While this is harder to achieve, you will earn a considerably higher profit than if you had bet the moneyline.

If you bet on the Thunder to cover the spread, OKC would simply have to get within 4 points of the Lakers. The Thunder could therefore either win the game or lose by 4 or fewer points, and your bet would be a winner, but your payout would be smaller than if you had bet the moneyline. You simply have to predict how many points both teams will score over the course of the game. The sportsbooks will set a total points line of, for example, You can then bet on either over or under that line, with odds of on either outcome.

The positive number is the odds for the underdog. The negative number is the odds for the favorite. In rare cases with extremely close matchups, both teams have negative NBA odds. In this case, the side with the larger negative number is the favorite. To cover the spread, the favorite must win the game by the margin of the point spread. The underdog covers anytime they win the game outright or lose by less than the margin outlined by the spread. Bet on the final score to be over or under this number.

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The favorite is the team giving or laying points ex: Los Angeles Lakers In the example above Lakers If they win by 5 points or fewer, the bet is graded as a loss. Is a team traveling home after playing the second end of a back-to-back that went into overtime?

They might be fatigued, and since the NBA is a long season 82 games , coaches often rest their star players. We saw this play out earlier this season when the Nets hosted the Grizzlies. The Nets were at home, but they were playing their third game in a row one night after returning from an overtime win in Boston.

The Grizzlies were underdogs but had fresh legs. Memphis won the game Moneyline — By betting on the moneyline, you are betting on the game straight up, i. Favorites require bettors to risk more than they will win, while underdogs pay out more than is risked. It is more common to bet on the point spread in basketball, but moneylines are more popular for baseball and hockey betting.

Even a bad team can get hot from three and beat one of the better teams any given night. Tread carefully when considering betting on big moneyline favorites, especially if it is against a volatile team that takes a lot of threes. If you bet Under on a game total of , you want the combined score of both teams to be less than ex: This is true for point-spread and moneyline betting as well.

NBA teams often have late scratches that can dramatically affect lines and point totals. With a million other things going on for sportsbooks, it is crucial to stay on your toes and beat oddsmakers to the punch before they adjust to news. Vigorish vig or Juice — The vig or juice is how sportsbooks profit, taking a cut from sports bettors when they place their bets.

Taking into account the vigorish, you need to win not half of your bets but at least NBA Betting Tips: While is most common, some sportsbooks will try to charge more, making it very difficult for bettors to profit long term. Always look at the vig. This is why it is so important to use an odds comparison tool. By visiting this page, you can easily find which sportsbooks are charging the least amount for your NBA betting picks.

You have a four-team parlay, and only one pick loses? The Moneyline bet is simple and clear — which team will win at the end. Consider the above table again. Check for the Moneyline column. You can see that the favoured team has a negative odd whereas the underdog has a positive odd. You can place a bet over or under the projected score. In this, you can bet on the number generated by the total number of points scored in a game. If you believe that the total score will be an odd number i.

Proposition Betting Some platforms allow you to place a bet on the happening and non-happening of an event in near future, such bets are known as Props Betting. Future Betting: Long Term Just like the Props betting you will deal with the happening or non-happening of an event here. But the significant difference is that now you will be dealing with the long-term future, not just a game but the whole league.

All bets are for future events but Futures are just weeks and months in advance.

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