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Crypto fascist

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crypto fascist

Crypto-fascist definition A person whose fascist views or motives are kept private or secret. Having private or secret fascist views or motives. adjective. French Translation of “a crypto-fascist” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over French translations of English words and. Some white supremacist groups accept cryptocurrency donations to support content they produce, such as video streams, podcasts, and radio shows. LOAN BITCOINS FOR SALE

Third, they accept cryptocurrency donations for general support. The report provides several examples of this activity. Andrew Anglin, publisher of the neo-Nazi message board and website The Daily Stormer, is known to have at least different Bitcoin wallets. Fuentes also operates a store that sells themed merchandise that can be purchased with the cryptocurrency Litecoin.

The National Socialist Movement, which has called for all non-whites to be forcefully removed from the United States, accepts donations in Bitcoin. You are too busy being bludgeoned by the sounds and lights. Nevertheless, the message is there. Might is right, the global economy will be restored, America is exceptional, homely people deserve political disenfranchisement, and so on. It bears mentioning that these are films that are in many cases being marketed to children.

Ruthless enemy! From the Middle East! Heroic, rugged individualists! A big, sentimental score! Lots and lots of blue-screen! Endless amounts of body parts spewing theatrical blood! It's a barely watchable film, but what from Hollywood these days is not similarly unwatchable, when so many high-profile releases are based on a medium, the comic book, made expressly to engage the attentions of pre- and just post-pubescent boys.

At least comic books themselves are so politically dim-witted, so pie-in-the-sky idealistic as to be hard to take seriously. But in the films of this era, the Marvel and DC era of Hollywood, even when the work is not self-evidently shilling for large corporations with product placement or militating for a libertarian and oligarchical political status quo which makes a fine environment for large, multinational corporations , the work is doing nothing at all to oppose these things.

With this in mind, an honest recognition of cinematic propaganda, we shouldn't be shocked by Frank Miller's comments about Occupy Wall Street. It is naive to be shocked by them. But let's evaluate the particulars of his remarks just the same. Miller tries to repel the OWS message "Maybe, between bouts of self-pity and all the other tasty titbits of narcissism you've been served up in your sheltered, comfy little worlds, you've heard terms like al-Qaeda and Islamicism" by reminding us that we are at war.

This despite the fact that OWS is focused primarily on income inequality, and thus mainly taken up with domestic politics, such that OWS doesn't really take a position on the "ruthless enemy" and doesn't need to. But in this post-Iraq war moment — when the most aggravated conspiracies we seem to have in New York City involve, for example, a lone Dominican guy who advertises his hatred of the government on Facebook and who may have been entrapped by local police — our "ruthless enemy" just doesn't seem quite as numerous as Miller's Persian hordes.

Beyond Bush-Cheney fear-mongering, Miller's further complaint seems to be that people who camped outdoors in Zuccotti Park for two months were not terribly clean. The Spartans were no doubt tidier in Thermopylae. But if the crowd of 32, who turned up to march in NYC last Thursday — after the "pond scum" had been ejected from the park — are any indication, this hygiene issue is no longer a reliable talking point for Miller or for Newt Gingrich, the rightwing posterboy of the late 80s who has now entered the race for the Republican presidential noimination.

The 32, included some professional types, at least one retired police officer and lots of elderly people, many of whom had recently showered. Same thing at UC Davis, and at Berkeley. Those college kids usually have showers in their dorms.

Miller also accuses the OWS protesters of being too technologically savvy. For example, he accuses them of playing Lords of Warcraft. Now, I admit it, I know nothing of multiplayer online role-playing games, nor do I own an iPhone nor an iPad. Nevertheless, I maintain I am correct in imagining that what Miller actually means here is World of Warcraft. This superficial mistake suggests what should be plain: that Miller wrote his jeremiad quickly, perhaps late at night, when a lack of restraint is often linked with the onset of unconsciousness.

He didn't bother to reread it. He therefore overlooks at least one obvious point. Namely, no one is more likely to play World of Warcraft than the kind of adolescent boy who also thinks is quality cinematic product. Miller's hard-right, pro-military point of view is not only accounted for in his own work, but in the larger project of mainstream Hollywood cinema. American movies, in the main, often agree with Frank Miller, that endless war against a ruthless enemy is good, and military service is good, that killing makes you a man, that capitalism must prevail, that if you would just get a job preferably a corporate job, for all honest work is corporate you would quit complaining.

American movies say these things, but they are more polite about it, lest they should offend.

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