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Crypto civilization

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crypto civilization

Category. Society, Civilization, Culture. Featured artists Blockchain Blockchain. by Jaime Byrd. From € , Blood Canals Blood Canals. by Artivist. Civilization $CIV: Community Investment VehicleThe world's first hedge fund Civilization features bleeding-edge, patent-pending products. Civilization Official. @CivFund. CivFund - the world's first Community Investment Vehicle ($CIV): fully decentralized crypto fund l Email: [email protected] AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL ELECTION BETTING

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Peters secured for time storage numerous items, all of which were donated. Paramount newsreels filmed the occasion. Peters included these segments in The Stream of Knowledge , a film about the crypt. Producer David O. Selznik donated an original copy of the script for the movie Gone With the Wind. There are approximately , pages of microfilm from more than works.

Peters used similar methods to capture and store still photographs and motion pictures. Voice recordings of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, and Franklin Roosevelt are among items placed in the crypt, as well as sound clips of the cartoon character Popeye the Sailor and a champion hog caller. To be sure the openers of the crypt could see and hear these records, Peters placed electric microreaders and projectors in the vault.

In the event that electricity is not in use in , the crypt holds a generator operated by a windmill to drive the apparatus, as well as a seven-power magnifier to read the microfilm records by hand. The chamber of the crypt when finished resembled a cell of an Egyptian pyramid, with artifacts on the shelves and the floor.

On May 25, , Jacobs and Peters sealed the crypt in a solemn ceremony. They welded the door shut and fused onto it a plaque with an elaborate message written by Jacobs. Representing the federal government on the occasion was Postmaster General James A. The last items placed in the vault were steel press plates of the Atlanta Journal, in which reports of World War II predominated, as well as a voice recording by Jacobs.

National media organizations continued to visit the crypt every decade, butby it had been virtually forgotten. The society studies the variety of time capsule projects worldwide. Peters supervised construction and served as the Crypt's archivist who would represent the current civilization. Many items are stored in stainless steel holders, lined with glass and filled with an inert gas to prevent aging, a concept later carried over to the Westinghouse Time Capsules.

Carlson that show the history of intelligence and human development. These microfilms contain more than standard books of literature over , pages , including the Christian Bible, the Quran , Homer 's Song of Ilium , and Dante's Divine Comedy. Roosevelt , and Benito Mussolini. The sounds of Popeye the Sailor Man and a professional pig caller were stored inside the crypt. Peters, the archivist, placed electric microfilm readers and picture projectors in the chamber to allow future generations to view and listen to the recordings.

He also provided a windmill to generate electricity to run the devices, as well as a magnifier for the microfilm records, should electricity not be in general use by the 82nd century. He pointed out that the world had been engaged in scientifically preserving the human civilization customs and culture for future generations, and in this crypt it had been presented to these people.

A dedication ceremony at the Oglethorpe University campus took place in May , led by David Sarnoff of Radio Corporation of America and the Paramount newsreels of the occasion were later placed in the crypt. Directions to the Crypt of Civilization in the state of Georgia in southeastern United States was written in seven Asiatic and seven European languages and deposited in various type libraries all over the world.

The information provided told of its contents and showed its location in relation to reference points like Stone Mountain. Amos Ettinger, William B. Hartsfield , Dr.

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The Kardashev Scale: How Far Can Our Civilization Go?


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Civilization - The Worlds First Dex Fund (Full Project Review)

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