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Ethereal clash of souls

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ethereal clash of souls

A fresh twist on the 3D MOBA Videogame genre. EMPLOYEES. Ethereal: Clash of Souls, videogame, MOBA, Platforms: PC, (Console later). Ethereal. likes · 21 talking about this. Ethereal: Clash Of Souls introduces new, engaging gameplay tactics while keeping old familiar roots of the. About This Game Each corner of its world has been carefully designed to communicate without any text and expose a novel puzzle to solve without time pressure. COLLEGE FOOTBALL BETTING LINES EXPLAINED THAT

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Ethereal clash of souls risk managed investing in viatical funds ethereal clash of souls


I spent some time chatting with Undying Games founder Luke to get a closer look at what the team has been working on: Softmints: What is Ethereal going to do that Paragon didn't? Luke: I think this is a good time to reiterate for everyone that Ethereal was never intended to be a 'Paragon 2'.

Ethereal came from our desire to redefine and innovate the MOBA genre: we want to stand out as our own thing. The first place our goal led us was Paragon went through different iterations of verticality, but it never truly made players feel challenged to capitalise on elevation differences. Ethereal will, and here's how: we've arranged the lanes differently. Each lane is on its own separate plane: so top, middle, and bottom lanes are literal names. Players can jump from top lane to middle lane, and middle lane to bottom lane There are also the class abilities to discuss.

Our heroes are divided into seven classes, and each class has a special ability. For example, one class can fly, another can parkour and climb walls, while another can break trees and boulders. Only one class has access to Teleport. Paragon was a 3D game where all the heroes had 2D movement. Interesting mobility tools were assigned on a per-hero basis, for example only Kallari had a triple-jump. We're taking a different approach by being a 3D game with several 3D movement types as standard, and we're designing our levels to support those and make sure players constantly find opportunities to use their environment in clever ways.

We're excited about this because it adds a new layer of decision-making: both when engaging in tactical encounters, and when planning a team strategy. How many Sky Slayers do we need, how many Marksmen? Using those, how are we going to control objectives? Of course, some heroes will have extra mobility tools as a complement to their class ability. Variety is important too! Finally, this class system lets people enjoy Ethereal in a flexible way. If you want to master all the different types of movement: that's great!

If you have a favourite, you can stick entirely with that and still have a pool of heroes to choose from. And for those who prefer a more traditional playstyle, there are heroes which use Teleport or can enjoy alternative perks. In this way, the game welcomes everyone! If you have a favourite, you can stick entirely with that and still have a pool of heroes to choose from. And for those who prefer a more traditional playstyle, there are heroes which use Teleport or can enjoy alternative perks.

In this way, the game welcomes everyone! How is Ethereal going to push genre boundaries forward? Luke: Our emphasis on verticality is doing exactly that! It's also exciting for us to offer players a game with a new type of freedom: to mold and shape metas without direct enforcement from the devs.

We're as interested in exploring this new space as you are! Even so, this doesn't reflect our full aspirations, most of which I'm not allowed to talk about just yet given the ruthless nature of development. In the long term, we aspire to push boundaries even further through the creation of new maps and modes. The verticality of MOBA level design in particular is something we're in a strong position to explore. What are your objectives for the Ethereal community?

Luke: Our biggest goal is to create a place for people to enjoy themselves, whether that be in game or in the community at large. We want a positive environment for people both in and out of matches so the fun isn't soured by malicious intent from others as we've seen so much of across gaming in general. We also want to ensure players have a voice and a platform to be able to make themselves heard.

One part of that is making sure players channels for reaching us, and we've used discord to great effect so far. Last year we brought a discussion to the server on 3D mobility obviously a big deal in our game , and had over members! We ended up scrapping several kits and redesigned at least one class ability based on what we learned. It's also important that players feel educated, so they can understand how we think and engage with us in a more informed way. We'll be running a State of the Game blog every two weeks after initial public testing launches, and each post will include an open-ended questionnaire to gauge interest for upcoming features.

What is the number one challenge for Undying Games as a team? Luke: The biggest challenge we've faced so far is making the game the best we can with the resources available to us. We're entirely self-funded to this day, so finding volunteers and paid professionals for each department of development has been a long-running and often frustrating common theme for Undying Games.

I think the biggest concern we all have now is how we are viewed by the community, and by new people finding out about us. Given the delays, first impressions when we show what we've been doing all this time will make for a pretty big moment: we want to be known for delivering on what we've promised. Marketing and exposure is also a part of that challenge.

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New Ethereal Roadmap and Myth Designs! - Ethereal: Clash of Souls

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