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Investing in farmland 2022 corvette

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investing in farmland 2022 corvette

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Agricultural real estate draws on the returns of commodities, which have surged in demand with global trading conflicts. But commodities also bring inherent risk. Drought, floods and diseases can take out entire crops or impact profitability. Farmers and ranchers are feeling the pinch of inflation too.

Input costs such as fertilizer, seed and chemicals have reached all-time highs. Farm equipment is also difficult to acquire, causing higher than expected prices for new machinery. Even weather is of concern, like the extreme drought impacting much of the Western U. While these environmental and operational risks might deter new investors, access to portfolio-based analysis tools allows for a more comprehensive review of risk.

These portfolio tools leverage both historical and real-time production data combined with dynamic environmental data to benchmark potential and quantify results. However, determining the market value of a farm requires a more extensive review than traditional real estate investments. Take, for example, the appraisal process. Residential property value is calculated using regional market comps i. Resources like CoreLogic CLGX and Versik are commonly leveraged to generate parcel-level data that real estate professionals, insurance professionals and bankers utilize for underwriting and property appraisals.

These limits of data access, data analysis and data providers are some of the largest barriers preventing investors from managing agricultural real estate like other asset classes. Technology is catching on to this need. Today, cloud computing powers satellite imagery and machine learning algorithms to create near real-time scanning of the data needed to establish performance benchmarks and model farm cash flows and profitability.

These new data sources offer what risk-driven investors are seeking: reliable, actionable and accessible datasets for portfolio analysis and risk-based pricing models. This data fuels new farmland investment strategies that work for the modern investor by crowdfunding farmland and removing this barrier to entry for everyday investors. What is a farmland REIT? These farmland REITs usually hold various types of farmland across a range of states, and they rent that land out to farmers.

You can buy shares in a farmland REIT similar to buying shares in a company on the stock market. As the value of the REIT's land holdings goes up, so does the price of your shares, meaning capital appreciation on your investment. In addition to these returns, you can also earn dividends on farmland REITs thanks to the rental income they receive. Farmland REITs offer one of the best ways to invest in farmland without actually purchasing land, along with agriculture ETFs and crowdfunding platforms like FarmTogether.

The total market capitalization of Gladstone Land Corp. LAND is offering a dividend yield of 2. Farmland Partners Inc. FPI is the second-largest farmland REIT by market cap, with holdings that comprise approximately , acres spread across 16 different states. Farmland Partners' farmland tenants grow 26 major commercial crops aimed at filling the demand for food, fuel, fiber, and feed.

This REIT is up this year, but only 4.

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AcreTrader Review 2022 - Should You Invest In Farmland? investing in farmland 2022 corvette

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