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Parlay tracker

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parlay tracker

Track your bets from various betting sites on any device for free. Besides adding a single bet, the tracker supports parlay as well. phone_iphone. Using the link below you can instantly view your past bets and keep track of all of your future bets. Whether it be a straight bet, parlay, teaser. Scores, Odds & Picks Tracker ago I have diligently searched for a bettors app that can track betting action and trends to assist my handicapping hobby. HOW SPREAD BETTING WORKS FOOTBALL SCHEDULE

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Also, there is a stats section where you get a lot of useful information on your performance. Firstly, you will see a graph that represents your results on a monthly basis with all stats like ROI, fund growth, average odds, average stake, number of bets and turnover. Secondly, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see another table where your results are represented by individual sports, bookmakers, odds ranges and tipsters.

All of the features we have listed thus far are free to use with Betting GS, but they also offer a pro subscription in which they offer to register lay bets with betting exchanges, advanced filtering of bets and stats, including commission, etc. Betdiary Betdiary could easily be the best bet tracker you will find online because it offers so many features. The first reason why Betdiary is regarded so well is its user interface.

They have a dashboard that gives you the most relevant information on your betting statistics, like your stats for the current day, week, month, year and overall. Furthermore, they show a graph that represents your monthly results against your results last month, with your ROI, turnover, number of bets and hit rate.

Additionally, under the stats section you can have your bets analysed with amazing graphical representations. It can be done for sports, closing odds, bookmakers, tipsters, odds ranges, time ranges, etc. This website offers so many features, next to the ones we listed, that you will have to check out for yourself, but all in all it can definitely be said that this is a 5 star bet tracker. Stake Toys Stake Toys offers all the features that Betting GS and Betdiary offer like ROI, average bet size, fund growth, breakdown of bets on particular sports, odds types, odds ranges and a list of all the bets placed.

But Stake Toys differs from other bet trackers as it allows you to insert your bets from Betfair into their bet tracker. Also Stake Toys allows you to set up multiple bankrolls that can be useful if you want to have an individual bankroll for individual sports. Stake Toys has a free version which you can use, but they also offer a subscription with some additional features. Betting Tracker Betting Tracker is number four on our list. There are several advantages of this bet tracker, firstly, it has an amazing dashboard that represents all of your most important statistics in a simple and clear manner.

Secondly, it has a great graphical representation of your progress. However, all winning bets will result in a bigger payout. You can add as many bets as you want or as the site permits, but make sure you understand the risk involved before you lose a considerable amount you cannot afford to live without.

Parlays hold a particular position in the best sports betting , and learning how to work with them will give you the much-needed climax for a great win. How does it work? How Do Parleys Work? A parlay bet occurs when the bet is rolled over from past individual wagers. Different parlays depend on the number of bets involved, so each one will have a slightly different working but still maintain the fundamental concept of combining multiple bets.

An example is a 3-team parlay that combines bets from three different teams. This combined bet means all teams must win in the respective order of their spread bets, so the overall parlay can be considered a win. Another important consideration is that you will not be penalized for losing all or one of the best because the loss of one is the loss of all three combined in the parlay.

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