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Over 0.5 goals betting strategy

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over 0.5 goals betting strategy

Over goals in a match mean that 1 or more goals are required to win the bet, and 0 goals mean the bet loses. The over goals market. There are many goals scored strategies available, and the over goals is the safest one. You're looking to predict the number of goals. Under Goals is the equivalent of saying that a match will end , but the beauty of an Over Goals bet is that you don't need to specify an exact. MINING CRYPTOCURRENCY APP

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Over 0.5 goals betting strategy easy horse betting calculator


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First Half Over 0.5 Goals - Small Stakes = Long Term Success


The better isn't required to anticipate a goal from a specific team and there isn't an overall goal limit or threshold. All the better just need to have an inkling that at least one goal will be scored within the minute match - simple enough, right? How to Bet on Over 0. This gives the punter a greater chance of one goal being scored and therefore a greater chance of taking home some winnings.

As with each football betting market, some research should be done into the stats of each team, their track record, and the individual players. Strong attackers and weaker defenders mean it's more likely for a goal to slip through the net. If a better fancies taking some advice, check out the prediction pages written by expert writers on kickoff. These well-versed football betters spend their time looking at all sorts of statistics, patterns, and head to head records of matches in over 30 leagues around the world to find the greatest odds on offer.

Odds on the Over 0. However, if research is done, statistics are checked, game history is studied and a sure-fire win looks good, winning a bet is always a boost and it's always promising to have a bit of extra profit in your pocket. Find out which matches look most likely to finish with over 0. There's a huge football tipster community on kickoff. So, if unsure where to place a wager, why not follow a tipster? If interested in signing up to our Pro Member account, you will receive unlimited access to the site and it's easy to follow or copy tipsters.

Register with KickOff here. Fancy a Freebie? There are many bookmakers and betting sites who offer free bets , offers and credit to new and returning customers. Written by Ashley Salek for kickoff. The other reason to bet on the over 0. Drawbacks of Backing Over 0.

It is often between 1. The exception would be if it is a fixed percentage of your bank and you also have a concurrently big bank of course. Plus it can be frustrating to sit through a game when no goals are scored, hoping for the deadlock to be broken right up until the 90th minute, only to be disappointed. Some games look like they will never have a goal, whilst others see chances raining in from all sides but are feted to finish goalless.

Getting the Most Our of Your Over 0. They have the best liquidity and value, whether you are betting pre-match or in-play. Over 0. With the odds being so low for over 0. The first step to look for in this over 0. We want leaky defences and strong attacks that give us the best chance of there being a goal.

You can use a site like soccerstats to get full statistics on teams and their scoring records. Look for teams that have a very high number of games without a A list of teams below shows teams who have had a high number of games without a goalless draw. It may be as low 1. Another thing to look at is sides who have key defenders missing and therefore are more likely to concede goals than the odds would suggest. This can present excellent value. This is a strategy where you are looking to slowly build up a bank over time.

That is the beauty of compounding. Alternative Strategy An alternative over 0. With this approach, you wait until the second half and then assess how the game has progressed. You can use in-play tools like the In Play Scanner to find instances where lots of chances are being created and a goal is likely to be scored. The odds will generally move in accordance with how much of the game has elapsed and the odds at the start rather than how open a game is, so if you can find matches where shots are raining in on goal and chances are being created, you could find some strong value.

You can also use sites like Flashscores that have live stats including the number of shots on and off target, possession and corners for each game, which gives a good guide to how a game is unfolding. Some sites like Fotmob now even have live xG expected goals data, allowing you to see a quick summary of how much goal action there has been in a game as it is unfolding. Waiting Until Half-Time If you are prepared to wait until half time, there can be rich rewards as the odds on over 0.

Here is an example from the UAE league: As you can see, the game is at half time and the odds for over 0.

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Helps you feel better one clue place As such, the same risk common to all soccer betting systems is still here. This implies that you have a larger chance of winning the game if you put your money on the odds outright. The only difference is that you will not be able to play the win either half option any longer. Now all you have to do is lay the over 2. Unlike the each way bet, over 0.5 goals betting strategy do not have to worry about who is winning and who is losing or betting scamsas long as someone is scoring you are fine.
Over 0.5 goals betting strategy These sites are promising in terms of their payment options, home over 0. Betting on over 0. Late-stage tournaments: During the latter part of a match, the chances become increased that there will be more goals in the game and hence this might just be the perfect time to place the odds for over 0. This is of course more risky, but if it is a very open game with plenty of efforts on goal, then it can pay to bet on the deadlock being broken. Under 2. Drawbacks of Backing Over 0.
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Presidential betting See more Get bonus What does Over 0. If a goal is scored within the first 10 minutes, you have guaranteed your stake. Do that and you are ready to participate in the most exciting part of online wagering. This would be a team that you would look to avoid for this betting market. Why is Over 0. This type of system pays small winnings over a relatively long period.
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over 0.5 goals betting strategy

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