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Mosaic impact investing

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mosaic impact investing

Impact News & Resources · Investing in Employee Ownership: Financing Conversions Through a Private Equity Fund Model · ESOPs Address Wealth Inequality, New Study. It advocates for the continued relevance of mosaic theory as a foundation for sustainable or responsible investing. May 13, — HCAP Partners is pleased to announce that Jessica Kim, an Impact Capital Managers (ICM) Mosaic Fellowship winner, will join HCAP Partners for. 1 DASH KAC BTC

And no one feels more passionate about this sentiment than millennials and older Gen Zs. Making up an audience of over 3 billion[1], this population is different to traditional high-net-wealth individuals. It is a segment that usually prefers brands to be more aligned with their personal values[2]. As a result, offering tailored environmental, social and governance ESG investments represents an opportunity for brands — financials or non-financials alike. With their interest in ESG, we have recently seen these new mass market investors easily and cheaply invest via online trading platforms from the comfort of their own home.

And yet, accessing this market has been a challenge; limited to the likes of stand-alone platforms such as Robinhood and eToro plus a few banks who had built their own platform. That was until brands started to utilise financial orchestration platforms. Often referred to as embedded wealth, and enabled via orchestration platforms, brands facilitate communication between all parties, enabling consumers to access highly personalised investment services at their point of context.

In essence, the opportunity to invest comes to the consumer rather than the consumer having to search out and go through extensive identification and verification processes. However, they are not without their own challenges; particularly when it comes to customer profitability and retention. As a result, they are continually looking for new, personalised solutions that will appeal to their digitally savvy customer demographic, particularly ESG-related solutions.

Embedded wealth is enabling these digital banks to offer just this. Through orchestration platforms, digital banks can now offer their customers regulated investment products, via self-service or advice-based investment channels without the need for cumbersome or costly implementation.

And once embedded, the value is instantly realised by banks when accompanied by sustainability data and capabilities from ESG-related partners connected to the platform. Personalised, appropriate ESG investing With investment products offered in conjunction with sustainability tools, digital banking customers can select the projects that they want to support according to their personal values as well as understand the benefits that their investment can really have on a dedicated goal.

They can also select investments based on carbon reduction and neutralisation focus. A word of caution — the outcome is as good as currently available data. How many Fellows do you select each year? There were 8 Fellows in our inaugural cohort, across 7 ICM member funds. In and , there were 19 fellows across 17 ICM member funds. In , we expect to place between Fellows. How do you determine where a Fellow is placed?

During the application process, applicants are asked to rank-order various preferences - namely location, impact focus, and fund structure. Applicants are then matched to participating ICM funds based on these preferences and fund interest. Who is eligible to apply? All first-year graduate students completing a 2 or 3-year graduate program are eligible to apply. We encourage applications from diverse candidates and from individuals who identify as traditionally underrepresented in the field.

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