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Top 10 finish betting websites

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top 10 finish betting websites

The best UK betting sites are reviewed and ranked in's updated list of online bookmakers with the best betting sites UK offers. We'll highlight weekly golf betting odds and the top sites, of outright betting is wagering on a player to finish in the top 5, 10 or 20 in a tournament. Premier League - Top 6 Finish Betting Odds. Get the best available Premier League odds from all online bookmakers Bet £10 Get £20 in Free BetsT&Cs apply. REPLACE ICON PNG ALPHABET

Golf betting markets Straightforward win bets still appeal to the average golf punter, as odds are often appealing and it has been the standard way to wager on golf for many years. But as online betting sites have evolved, more golf bet types have become available, including request-a-bets which combine multiple selections or props into a single wager. There are dozens of different bet types, but below are the most common.

How to bet on golf Win A win bet in a golf tournament involves simply backing an individual to lift the trophy. There are no prizes for coming second in this instance - it is a first-place finish or nothing. If the golfer's odds are short and they are among the favourites, you might just back him or her to win because the place money is not worth it.

Each way This type of bet will be familar to horse racing punters, and with each way wagers you can receive a payout even if your selection doesn't win the tournament. Half of your stake goes on them to win, and the other half is for them to finish in the top places. The amount of places paid varies, and you should always try to bet with the golf betting sites that pay the most places, which is often Paddy Power. Top finish If you fancy a golfer to finish towards the top of the leaderboard but not necessarily win the event, you can just back them to finish in the top 5, 10, 20, 30, or You could also do this if you, for example, get great odds on a win bet on the Betfair Exchange, but also want to put on a 'place' type bet elsewhere.

By looking into these markets, you may find more value and more variation within the odds. This can be a fun way to take more interest in the tournament, and you can put your picks into an accumulator. Similarly, you can bet on single-round match bets between golfers that are put together to play in 3-balls on day one and day two. Make or miss the cut At the end of the second day of a four-day tournament, there is a cut in which a number of players towards the bottom of the leaderboard are eliminated.

The option to group bet however does allow accumulators and multiple bets to be placed. In a large field there will be a lot of groups playing the course and so this gives the potential of running accumulators with lots of selections. Golf accumulator insurance is available for this type of accumulator bet too with some great offers. Usually the best US player or European players but this can easily be found by country too, such as best Irish player, top UK player, highest Australian, best of the rest of the world, etc.

This type of bet is useful where you are more familiar with players from a certain region. If you think you know who the best UK player is but unsure in the context of the the whole field then this is a good bet. Hole, Round and Match Betting Golf is a tiered game. A match is usually 72 holes for the major tournaments and these are made up of individual rounds of 18 holes, a match will therefore have 5 rounds. There is usually a cut off at 36 holes where the leaders go on to play the two final rounds and the rest are dropped.

This means there are lots of betting opportunities. Betting on who will win the first round is very popular. It is also common to see betting on the first 36 holes before the cut, indeed betting on who will make or miss the cut. The most common bet type is on the whole match, i. Prop Bets Golf has an interesting scoring system and lots of obstacles to the hole. This means the sport lends itself well towards prop betting. This is simply a yes or no answer bet. Be careful though while these bets are fun the odds rarely reflect the true odds unless you have an offer.

Specials There are large fields of players in Golf tournaments and this means lots of specials betting is available. It is popular to bet on individual player's performance either over a whole season, a match or even a round. You can generally bet on whether a player will reach a certain score or if they will hit an obstacles, etc. One of the most popular bets is how many majors a player will win in a season or how many seasons it will take a player to reach a certain number of majors.

You will occasionally see more novelty bets, especially from bookies like Paddy Power. Things like 'will Rory McIlroy get back together with his tennis player ex-girlfriend' and more. Again be cautious with specials betting, odds are rarely reflective without offers and payout limits can be capped very low. In Play and Pre-event A game of golf can be a long old process and this means there is plenty of in play live betting available. You can place group bets by the hole or round for a quick turnaround or bet on whole days play and sit back.

Some bookies will commonly offer mixed pre-event and in play betting offers. These require you to place a bet prior to the tournament to a specific value or on a certain market and in turn you will receive a free bet. Keep an eye out for these offers, if you intended to place a pre-tournament bet anyway you may as well take advantage of the in play promotion.

Types of Golf Bet The nature of golf means most betting types and strategies are supported. For details of different bet types including how they work and how to play them can be round in our Bet Types section. In Golf you can place simple single bets on outright lines, individual player betting, etc. Each way and place betting is also common and offered by all bookies. Likewise there is potential to place full cover bets like patents and full cover bets with singles like a Lucky Again these bets can be wagered on group bets within a tournament or you may choose to place multiples bets on the outcomes of several tournaments and events, so long as these are not linked.

Offers for these bet types are few and far between but can be found from time to time. See our golf offers for more information. Handicap and Asian handicap betting is common for round and whole match betting and can be really useful in golf as it tends to level the odds in very large fields.

You may need to pick a bookie with a decent depth of market for these types of bets such as Ladbrokes. Forecast betting , conditional betting and spread betting are all available for golf, these bet types are not too common but can be found with a few UK bookies. You may need to get in touch with a betting site first to place forecast and conditional bets.

For spread betting on golf you may need to go to an bespoke spread betting exchange. Golf Tours It is now common to be able to bet on some golf somewhere in the world all year round. There is more professional golf played now than ever. Here we show you some of the major tour events on the calendar, these are the events around which you will find the greatest depth of market and best offers and deals. This is a season long leader board of the money won by the players on the tour ranking them accordingly.

This tour isn't actually restricted to Europe with events common in Asia and Africa too. Champions Tour — Designed for professional golfers over 50 years of age. For many events these payouts are higher than the European Tour. Started in players who have won the PGA or Champions tour previously are invited to the event with others qualifying in similar fashion to the PGA and European tours.

Some players have earned more money in their 'second career' than in their first. The Champions tour also has a nostalgic presence and a slightly slower pace, as to be expected. LPGA — Golf is one of the few sports where the woman's game has been thriving for decades. The Ladies Professional Golf Association was started in the s although professional ladies tours existed Way before this.

The tour works in the same way as the PGA and although the majority of the events on the tour are still based in the US the tour is now calendared in Australia, China, Mexico and many more countries. Major Golf Championships Golf has 4 major events, known as the major Championships or simply 'the majors'.

These are the most prestigious golfing events to win with the most opportunities to bet on. Established in it contains one of golfs greatest traditions, awarding the Green Jacket to the winner of the event, the green jacket is then held by that player for the next year. One of the oldest golfing events first played in and is a component of both the PGA and European tours. Sometimes referred to as the British Open this is the oldest golfing championship, first played at Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland in The first championship was held in The competition takes place every two years between the USA and Europe, the original trophy was donated by UK businessman Samuel Ryder whom the competition is named after.

The competition is played in matches between players selected from two teams of 12 players. A total of 28 matches are played between teams over 18 holes. For each match won a team receives a point and for each match tied a team received half a point. The match is three days long, the first two days consist of 4 four ball and 4 foursome matches and the final day is made up of 12 singles matches.

Europe currently edge the American's in number of Ryder cups won but this is certainly a more closer competition now than ever. Live In Play Betting Golf is a great sport for betting in play because of the nature of the game. All bookies on this site offer golf in play features of some sort. Golf has great depth of market with some bookmakers more than others. See our best golf bookmakers for more information. On the whole you can't go wrong with bookmakers like Ladbrokes , Coral and Paddy Power who all have excellent golf live betting features.

Group betting in play can have quick turnover, chose to bet by the whole, round or entire game. For reviews of each bookmakers live betting features, interfaces and mobile apps see out betting site guides.

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