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Gap strategy forex untung

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gap strategy forex untung

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Gap strategy forex untung determine lot size forex trading gap strategy forex untung

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After the gap fills and the price falls back to the level you have marked, buy or sell in the direction of the gap. Place your stop loss level somewhere below the candlestick that initiated the gap. You can rely on any take-profit strategy to cash in your profits if the trade goes in your favor.

Gap Trading Strategy 3: Trading the breakout of a gap Trading the breakout of a gap is very similar to trading the support and resistance strategy that we've mentioned above. They both rely on the tendency of a gap to form a support or resistance zone, which the price may retest. However, these two strategies focus on two different directions the price moves in, when it hits this support or resistance zone.

These two trading strategies are the possible scenarios that could occur when the price fills up the gap and uses the same gap as a support and resistance level. You can try out this technique using one of these effective breakout trading strategies. But the most common approach is to wait for the price to breakout out and retest the level before entering a position. Sometimes, the price gaps in one direction and just keeps following the same direction without filling up within the next 24 hours.

There are many ways to trade the Gap and Go strategy, and most of them involve combining the strategy with another forex technical trading tool. You could use a volume indicator, such as the FXSSI Better volume indicator , to determine the amount of momentum behind the gap. As soon as you notice the gap, read the bias and strength of the candlesticks to help you predict the potential bias of the price. And although the candlestick after that is a bearish candle, the next two candlesticks are going to be strong bullish ones.

More experienced traders might have picked this out as a bullish bias, and they would have been right. This is another strong bullish sign, and you should make the trade. This could lead to wrong conclusions. But use other forex technical tools to confirm your gap trading strategy. In the Gap and Go strategy, for instance, we used forex candlestick patterns to help us predict the potential bias of the price.

What is a Trading Gap? An example of a gap up is shown below. Gaps can be important in trading because there is a widely held belief among traders that gaps are usually filled quite quickly, which provides an opportunity for Forex traders to make a likely profit, because the most likely short-term direction of the price can be successfully predicted.

A gap is defined as being filled when the current market price returns to enter the price range of the previous session. It is very easy to identify a price gap visually from a price chart in your trading platform. Price Gaps in Forex I used examples from the stock market above because price gaps happen far more frequently in stock markets than in Forex markets.

This is because the Forex market is open continuously from Monday morning until Friday night , with the exception of a few major public holidays, so opportunities for gaps to occur only really happen over weekends.

In stock markets which close overnight, a price gap can happen on any day.

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Forex market gaps

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