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Ese peters better place

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ese peters better place

Better Place is a music album released in Better Place has 1 songs sung by Ese Peters. Listen to all songs in high quality and download Better Place songs. Over the years, I've followed Ese's work keenly because I see him as one of the best alternative artistes we have in Nigeria. Check out Loving You (feat. Ese Peters) by Ami on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on BEST FOREX BROKER IN PAKISTAN MOST PEOPLE

Outside these genres however; many Nigerian artistes are doing great works that deserve our attention. Diction, Christine, Eben etc defeat easy classifications but we may agree that their different sounds provide an alternative to popular brands of new Nigerian music listed above.

While thinking about this some days ago, it occurred to me that the way marketing and distribution of music works in this country at the moment, these guys are a hard sell. What Alaba Market distributor wants to pick up an album without owanbe-like dance tracks, weddings songs or club-bangers? What brand wants to hold a concert of soft rock or artistes or soul singers?

Those who are quick to point fingers at some artistes and accuse them of selling out need to consider that fact that the options are cruelly limited due to an abject lack of structures that may guarantee even minimal success. Truth is; if you are doing new Nigerian music, the farther you move away from the mainstream, the closer you move to poverty and starvation.

It is of course easy to whip up Asa as the exception to the rule, and she truly is. Yes, we all probably knew as early as that there was something special about her but how do we explain her commercial success, both at home and abroad? Who ever thought that her brand of music could go this far in Nigeria? Till date, no one has successfully explained to me why Asa is as successful as she is.

Other times, the song is just hanging in the cosmos, waiting to be channelled through me. In recent times, Ese has also delved into producing music, out of necessity. I got so frustrated that I bought recording gear of my own and learnt how to produce. It was out of necessity. I think every artiste should take that aspect of music seriously. However, I feel its message is very relevant to present day Nigeria so I decided to put it out now. I get to perform with my instrument and my band, which is great.

When I started out, I would have been very content if I could just buy food, pay my rent and play music.

Ese peters better place best forex broker in pakistan most people ese peters better place


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