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Swiss coin crypto currency hedge fund

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swiss coin crypto currency hedge fund

The small Swiss canton of Zug, famed for the low taxes that have drawn multinational companies and hedge funds to its lakeside shores. Cryptocurrency growth opportunities for wealthy families. Cryptocurrency investments are on the rise with interest booming in recent years. Find out the main challenges & opportunities facing crypto hedge funds. MICHAEL BETTINGER MARIETTA OHIO

Bernegger September 20, I started exploring Bitcoin first in and, still today, I am fascinated by the opportunities and future potential digital assets pose as an emerging alternative asset class. One of the most relevant recent developments, which is often not covered, is the emergence of crypto hedge funds. Compared to the early days of crypto assets, when there were mainly private investors or traders in the space, a massive inflow of professionals entering the market has begun with the emergence of crypto hedge funds.

In , the average crypto hedge fund performance by strategy was as following: In — which was a very challenging year for digital assets — quant trading was the only strategy that generated positive returns: These numbers suggest that systematic hedge funds are the best performing strategy for digital assets, but, in general, all crypto hedge fund strategies are able to generate sustainable alpha.

The ecosystem for crypto assets and crypto hedge funds is growing The vast majority of investors in crypto hedge funds are either family offices or high-net-worth individuals. A growing number of funds of funds have been investing in crypto hedge funds, causing the whole ecosystem to evolve quite quickly. More and more talent from the traditional hedge fund world is moving into digital assets , including established hedge fund titans like Paul Tudor Jones.

Back in May , I explained why Bitcoin is an ideal inflationary hedge , and institutional investors are increasingly looking at this emerging asset class from a hedging perspective. It is obvious that investments in crypto hedge funds will be a big part of these additional inflows of capital. Their volatility is alluring when tranquil markets are depressing industry returns.

But that can be a trap, as the investor well knows. The result is painful for hedge funds, which rely on sharp market moves to make their bets pay off. Digital money seems like the perfect antidote. Bitcoin has risen fourfold since the start of the year, notwithstanding a 34 percent plunge in early September. Novogratz, who began dabbling in the digital realm after crashing out of Fortress two years ago, claims to have made enough money to buy a Gulfstream jet.

There are problems with his strategy, though. Novogratz says the market is a massive bubble, meaning he must be counting on being a better market-timer than others.

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