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Couch potato investing performance appraisal

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couch potato investing performance appraisal

The Couch Potato portfolio is one of the lazy portfolios, which means it is easy to implement and maintain while producing a respectable return. The portfolio is very easy to manage. The Couch Potato strategy lives up to its name in every sense – it is a hands-off approach that works. The premise of a passive investment strategy, aka the Couch Potato model, is to generate returns that will match the market, by using low-cost. ETHEREAL ASSASSIN SKYRIM

Short-term investments, on the other hand, should be weighted more heavily toward bonds to minimize risk. And maybe some do, some of the time. The period ended with a thud in when not a single Canadian fund manager investing in U. Even when actively managed mutual funds do match or better market performance, investors may never receive those additional earnings because the fund manager takes such a sizable cut off the top. By paying less in fees, investors maximize their annual returns which compound over time.

Online brokerages vs. Online Investment accounts vs. Robo Advisors: How to choose? If you want the ease of a ready-made slate of index funds or ETFs, you will pay for that convenience — how much you pay depends on the service and funds you choose.

To extend the metaphor even further, you could say actively managed mutual funds are like chi-chi restaurants with valet parking, celebrity chefs and outrageous menu prices to match. Here are some guidelines on how to choose the best couch potato investing option for you. Go with an online brokerage such as Questrade if you: Want to pick your own customized portfolio of ETFs and asset allocation Can perform all the transactions manually Have a larger portfolio Make lump-sum, infrequent transactions as each stock trade or ETF sale charges a small commission Want the lowest management fees around 0.

Also, emerging markets can perform poorly when the U. That said, recently, REITs have struggled due to recession worries. The Canadian stock market did well overall, due to energy and commodities exposure. Every asset is negative in , except for the real asset fund. In an environment of rising rates, the longer-dated treasuries ZFL. TO and ZTL.

The longer-duration bond ETFs have more price sensitivity to rising rates. Here is a comparison between the Advanced Portfolio models from January through September Once again, the inflation fighters can be a drag on portfolio performance during disinflationary times what we experienced from to Early days for inflation? We might be in the early innings of inflation.

Stagflation—when inflation is high and growth is slowing—can last for several years. Just look at the stagflation of the s as it seeped into the s more on that later. Investment assets have yet to see ongoing inflation or stagflation pricing, although asset performance in and is hinting at how they might react in a prolonged inflationary environment. We are currently in a stagflationary environment. But, of course, no one knows if we are in the early stages of stagflation or if the central banks can tame inflation by raising rates—and hence, cool off price increases.

Core vs. The market appears to be thinking that inflation might be tamed. The inflation-fighting assets began to fall in the second quarter of Over the long run, the BMO Balanced portfolio delivered an annual return of 5.

We would expect the core model to outperform in a disinflationary period, or when inflation is mostly under control. If we remain in an inflationary or stagflationary environment, the advanced couch potato model should outperform the core portfolio. All that said, there is often very little cost to adding that inflation protection, according to what I see in my research.

And in most periods between the s and now, adding gold, commodities and REITs as increased the performance of a balanced portfolio. Here is a wonderful visual presentation on inflation, stagflation and deflation. The commodities allocation is not available on Portfolio Visualizer from , so I used gold as the inflation-fighter. The balanced portfolio with gold outperforms the traditional balanced model by 0. Once again, whether or not to add gold and commodities is a personal call for the self-directed investor.

For my wife and myself, I hold gold, bitcoin, energy stocks, commodity stocks and commodities in modest amounts in our balanced growth portfolios, creating my own version of an all-weather portfolio. Being in semi-retirement, I need and want that financial and emotional protection from raging inflation or stagflation.

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The Couch Potato Portfolio

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[Ep. 83] - The Simple Genius of the Couch Potato Method - Dan Bortolotti

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