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Back and lay meaning in cricket betting odds

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back and lay meaning in cricket betting odds

For advanced cricket bettors, back and lay betting is a technique that they often use in order to attempt a managed return. In theory, the practise can. 'Back-to-Lay' betting is a technique whereby the bettor will place a bet on a selection at high odds, and look to lay the same selection at a lower price on. Back lay betting is the main concept behind matched betting and other low-risk trading strategies. It allows punters to make a guaranteed profit without putting. GFT FOREX LEVERAGE 1

This is simple back betting. Back betting is the most common type of bet with bookmakers, and if you have ever taken a bet on a horse, you have probably done back betting without even realizing it. To paraphrase — a back bet is basically staking money for your horse to win.

Lay Betting What is lay betting? Lay betting is more recent and a little more complicated than your traditional back bet. Lay betting rose in popularity with the advent of betting exchange platforms where punters bet against each other rather than against a common book maker. In a way, a lay bet is the stark opposite of a back bet. Therefore, when you place a lay bet on a horse, you are staking money on it not to win.

Lay bets are not as common and have only come into the picture in recent years. However, a lot of punters prefer taking lay bets over back bets simply because it may be easier to pick one horse from a group of horses to place anywhere but first rather than to pick one horse from a group of horses to come first.

Even though lay bets are less common than back bets, they are fundamental in certain betting strategies such as matched betting. Here at Freebets. What is a Back Bet? So, for example if you were to bet on a horse to win a race, this would be a back bet. You wish to place a bet on the Match Result market and Arsenal to win the match. This would be a back bet on Arsenal to win the game. In order to win the bet, Arsenal would have to win the game.

If the game was to finish a draw or Everton were to win, you would lose the bet. What is a Lay Bet? On the other hand, a lay bet is a little different. This wager is a bet on an outcome not to happen. Therefore this is the opposite of a back bet. One of the key differences when it comes to lay bets is that you are not betting against the bookmaker, but rather other players. You can only place lay bets in betting exchanges.

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