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Round robin betting rules

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round robin betting rules

Round robin is a way to place multi-bets but separate them such that a single loss does not make you lose your entire stake. Likewise, it opens. First with the simple stuff: a round-robin bet is a parlay with three or more games, where you essentially split up the bet into multiple. This type of wager works like a parlay, where the odds of several outcomes are combined into one wager. To place a round robin parlay, you choose different. AC MILAN LAZIO BETTING

These would be: New England The odds in a round robin are normal parlay odds, which are 2. Basic Rules Although round robin rules vary from site to site, there is some overall consistency regarding minimum and maximum teams and combinations. The minimum number of teams is usually 3 and maximums are often set around 8.

The number of combinations usually stands at 2 and the maximum is around 6. You may not mix winners from the same game in round robin wagers. As an example, if in our wagering example New England is playing Miami, the Dolphins cannot be included in the same round robin. Hedging Your Bets Playing round robins can be a good way to hedge your bets. Chances are good that you can hit one pick or even two. However, that does not mean that this type of bet is a piece of cake.

You want to populate your round robins with teams of which you are fairly certain, and only make your picks after engaging in studious research. Round robins are less volatile parlays. If all the 13 seeds won, the round-robin would not be better than a four-leg parlay, where all those juicy plus money odds would roll over winnings three times.

The round-robin removes that best-case scenario and creates a scenario where only two of the four bets have to win to make more money than playing the bets individually. The clear downside is the investment. Playing that round-robin required placing six parlays. It might be wise to drop the price of each parlay in the round-robin down, considering you will have to place several parlays to fulfill the round-robin. How to do them Sports betting apps or websites do round robins a little differently from each other, but it should work similarly to selecting a parlay.

Select at least three bets, go to the digital bet slip section and find an option for round-robin. From there, there are several more options and terminology to go with it. Advertisement The names vary, but the number of bets in each parlay will usually be in the title.

In the case of a four-bet round-robin is the four-bet parlay, all three three-bet parlays and all six two-bet parlays.

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Visit Betting Sites Guide Round Robin Calculator This calculator presents you with the maximum win, situational result and total risk amounts on a round robin bet. Read on to learn more about round robin bets, how to use the round robin bet calculator and the advantages of using this wagering strategy.

What is a Round Robin Bet? A round robin bet allows you to select a number of bets, group them together and then place various parlays within that group. You must make three or more selections for a round robin bet. You can then specify the number of parlays you would like to make.

For example, if you made four selections, you could place 11 parlays within that group six two-team parlays, four three-team parlays and a four-team parlay. You can choose point spreads, totals and moneyline selections when compiling a round robin bet. However, if just one team lets you down, your bet would crash and burn.

You would then be placing 10 two-team parlays, team parlay bets, 5 four-team parlay bets and a five-team parlay. If one team fails to cover, most of your 26 bets would still pay off and you would earn a profit. If two teams let you down, you would still recoup most of your stake at odds of on each selection. Alternatively, you might decide that you do not want to place five-team or four-team parlay bets within that round robin bet. You might decide that you only want to place three-team parlays within that group of five selections.

In that instance, you could change the parlay size to exactly 3x. How to Use a Round Robin Calculator Follow these steps to quickly work out the bet total, total return and the situational result of any round robin bets you are considering with our calculator: 1.

Choose the number of games you want to include in the round robin bet. Add in the odds offered on each selection. For instance, you can cover the 6 doubles, 4 trebles, 1 four-fold, and 4 single bets. The beauty of this type of wager is that you can use any sports and all types of wagers.

Discover more ways to gamble in our comprehensive betting guides right here. Betting Sites For Round Robin Bets All in all, a round robin bet is a great way to cover multiple outcomes and help minimize your risk. You can find the top betting sites that accept round robin bets from our list of online sportsbooks. All of these sites are regulated in the US and are percent trustworthy. Sign up, make your first deposit and earn a welcome bonus.

You can even earn free bets to use how you like!

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What Is a Round Robin in Sports Betting? How to Bet a Round Robin round robin betting rules


Each portion of the above round robin pays as long as two of the selected teams win. For example, consider what happens if the Atlanta Falcons lose their game. In a standard parlay covering all three teams, the entire wager would lose if the Falcons come up short. In the round robin, a Falcons loss only derails two of the component parlays, and 2 still wins. By choosing a round robin, the bettor has covered all three teams but can still score a payout even if one of them loses.

A round robin involves a minimum of three bets and can involve whatever maximum the book allows, usually 15 or more. Add a fourth team, and the number of possible combinations swells significantly. They can even include the traditional 4-leg parlay for 11 total bets in what is known as a Yankee Round Robin. Other Round Robin Combinations As a bettor adds more wagers to a round robin, the number of combinations grows nearly exponentially.

Some other common round robin variations include: Canadian: All combinations of a round robin covering five teams — 26 total bets Heinz: All combinations of a round robin covering six teams — 57 total bets Super Heinz: All combinations of a round robin covering seven teams — total bets A Heinz consists of 15 2-leg parlays, 20 3-leg parlays, 15 4-leg parlays, six 5-leg parlays, and one 6-leg parlay.

That should give bettors a sense of just how crazy round robins can become. Remember, bettors that want to limit their exposure can choose not to bet all combinations of a round robin. For instance, they may only want to bet the 2- or 3-leg parlays. However, they must bet all combinations within a parlay group. They cannot bet eight or ten out of the 15 2-leg parlays in a Heinz — it must be all In-Play Round Robin Wagers Most betting apps permit in-play round robins just as they permit in-play parlays.

Bettors can even create round robins from a combination of in-play and pregame bets. The book may offer an alternative price, which may or may not be more favorable to the bettor. It may even reject the bet outright when the book has temporarily or permanently suspended in-play betting on a particular market. Log in to your favorite sports betting site or mobile app. Find at least three desired bets, preferably from different games, and select them.

Sportsbooks typically feature spreads, totals, and moneylines on the main sports category pages. The bet slip will appear on the screen after the user selects the first wager. And once the bettor has selected three or more bets, the round robin option will appear on the bet slip. Decide which round robin combinations to bet 2-leggers, 3-leggers, all combinations, etc.

The layout of round robin bets varies slightly from book to book, but adapting to the nuances of each sportsbook is easy once bettors get the hang of it. New bettors often forget this and end up wagering more than intended. Sportsbooks do not show the odds to win each round robin combination. Some, like Caesars Sportsbook, provide the odds and payouts for groups of winning combinations see below , but not individual parlays.

Hopefully, sportsbooks will upgrade their round robin convenience tools sometime soon. The last thing bettors want is to inadvertently bet multiples of their intended wager and be unable to reverse it. Round Robin Payout Example The best way to understand how round robin payouts work is to see one in action. Assume a bettor wants to place a 2-pick round robin comprised of four teams for a total of six combinations.

All wagers are point spreads. How to Use a Round Robin Calculator Follow these steps to quickly work out the bet total, total return and the situational result of any round robin bets you are considering with our calculator: 1. Choose the number of games you want to include in the round robin bet. Add in the odds offered on each selection. If you enter decimal odds, the round robin calculator will automatically change them to a US odds format.

You can choose win, lose or push as the result of each selection to see how much you stand to win or lose in different scenarios. The round robin calculator will then tell you: 1. The maximum amount total profit you stand to win if all of your selections prove to be correct. You can then go back and edit the results on the round robin bet calculator to see what you would win or lose in various scenarios.

The options are lost, void push or won. Advantages of a Round Robin Bet A round robin bet covers you in the event that one or more selections within your parlay lets you down. It is a heartbreaking feeling to make six correct predictions and then see the seventh team flop, causing your entire parlay to crash and burn. A round robin bet helps you minimize the risk of this happening by placing multiple smaller parlays within a larger group of bet selections.

You can then use our round robin bet calculator to determine whether an online sports betting site is giving you fair odds on a round robin bet that you plan to place, with all rights reserved. It tells you the return total profit that you can expect in various scenarios lost, void, won and the results are always displayed clearly when you use our bet calculator. Round Robin Rule Once you know what a round robin bet is, there are very few rules that you need to bear in mind.

You might have to watch out for a Rule 4 deduction if you place a round robin bet on horse racing selections. This occurs when a horse is withdrawn from a race, meaning that the remaining runners stand a better chance of winning. This will bring down the odds on the horse you bet on, and that will be reflected in the total payout you can expect to receive from a round robin.

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What is a Round Robin in Sports Betting? A Data Analyst Explains

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