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Rainbow dash crying

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rainbow dash crying

Tank is a very young tortoise, Rainbow Dash is a pegasus. What happens when she dies? Twilight · Rainbow Dash · Tank. Cathartic Crying: When Rainbow Dash is despondent over her failed attempt to stop winter from coming, Fluttershy bluntly tells her friend that she's going to. Find hd Rainbowtashie, Crying, Pegasus, Pony, Rainbow Dash, - Rainbow Dash Crying, HD Png Download. To search and download more free transparent png images. DRAFTKINGS NEW PLAYER PROMO

This is Character Development for her, as after this episode she drops her shell much easier, at least around those she cares about. Berserk Button : All it takes for Rainbow Dash to go ballistic is Pinkie saying the word "hibernate".

Pinkie Pie: Shhh! Don't say that word! That's what started this all! Bittersweet Ending : Rainbow is unable to stop winter or Tank's hibernation, but they'll see each other again in spring. Brutal Honesty : When Rainbow won't admit that she is sad, Fluttershy lays on some tough love by saying she'll be spending her winter petless. And when Applejack, of all ponies, is on your case for that Call-Back : Fluttershy, of all characters, is the one who confronts Rainbow Dash with the truth that she'll have to be apart from Tank for the winter and makes her cry, all for her own good.

It's evident that Fluttershy has taken to heart what she learned from dealing with the Breezies. The Cloudsdale Weather Factory is a prominent plot point. Cathartic Crying : When Rainbow Dash is despondent over her failed attempt to stop winter from coming, Fluttershy bluntly tells her friend that she's going to have to spend the winter without Tank.

This leads to Rainbow wailing with vigor over her soon-to-be loss. Rainbow Dash is not known for crying an awful lot, only shedding a few tears in the episode " The Last Roundup " and weeping silently in " May the Best Pet Win! Adding her grief over Tank hibernating to her "tough girl" exterior only makes her bawling in this episode all the more cathartic. The Running of the Leaves is seen in the Cold Open in preparation for the coming of winter.

Though it's not seen, we can assume Twilight used the cloud-walking spell from " Sonic Rainboom " on Applejack, Pinkie and Rarity, to allow them to enter Rainbow's house. AJ is also seen using her back hooves to launch a projectile a snowball in this case as she's done in a couple other episodes.

Once again, Rainbow Dash pulls an undercover mission somewhere she isn't supposed to be. Since this is Tank's first winter, this episode seems to fall somewhere late in the year Rainbow first got Tank in " May the Best Pet Win! Disaster Dominoes : Dash tries to be subtle in her sabotage of the Cloudsdale factory, but Tank's sleep-deprived flying ends up making more of a mess than she intended.

Does This Remind You of Anything? Tank even winds up getting buried in the end. Double Standard : When Rainbow Dash cries, the others awkwardly try to comfort her, not knowing what to do since she almost never cries. But when Fluttershy starts crying as a result, everypony starts crying with the exception of Applejack and Twilight. Although with Applejack, she said she was crying on the inside.

Drama Queen : This characteristic of Rainbow Dash's rears its ugly head again as she has a huge breakdown over the fact that Tank is going to hibernate. Dressing as the Enemy : To infiltrate Cloudsdale's weather factory, Rainbow Dash dresses in a worker outfit she finds in a locker Why they keep tortoise-shaped and -sized worker outfits there is a mystery.

Everything Makes a Mushroom : The giant snowball fired from Cloudsdale makes a big, snowy mushroom cloud when it hits the ground. Fantastic Racism : Spike is not amused when Rainbow says all reptiles are the same. Five Stages of Grief : Rainbow Dash goes through each of them over the course of the episode.

At first, she doesn't believe Tank has to hibernate and even goes about her business preparing winter, only for him to keep falling asleep Denial. When these attempts fail, she breaks down in tears as the realization Tank must hibernate sets in, and it takes the rest of the Mane Six to comfort her Depression. In the end, she finally gives in and allows Tank to hibernate, although she insists on keeping him company for a while by reading him a story Acceptance.

Floating Continent : Cloudsdale moves from location to location to make its scheduled season changes. Fourth Wall Psych : After an argument between Rainbow Dash and Pinkie, both suddenly turn to look directly at the camera.

The scene then cuts to the rest of the Mane Six looking on in uncomfortable silence. Gone Horribly Right : Rainbow Dash sneaks into the Weather Factory in an attempt to stop winter but winds up creating a giant snowball which completely blankets Ponyville in a matter of minutes. Got Volunteered : Twilight uses her magic to push Applejack forward to get her to comfort Rainbow Dash while she is crying.

Hates Being Alone : Part of the reason Rainbow tries so hard to keep Tank from hibernating is a desire to avoid being alone. Initially, she tries preventing winter since in this show, seasons and weather are artificial , but then comes to terms with the fact that she can't and Tank will need to hibernate. Human Snowball : Rainbow Dash and Tank become a part of the giant snowball that crashes into Ponyville. Hypocritical Humor : Rainbow Dash, still in denial after hearing Fluttershy's assessment of Tank, takes him to Spike in the hope of getting a second opinion from a reptile.

Spike says he can't help her because dragons don't hibernate, despite Rainbow's far-fetched claim that he and Tank are practically twins. When Spike tells her to take Fluttershy's word for it Rainbow Dash: Well, what would you know? You're a dragon!

I Did What I Had to Do : Part of Rainbow Dash's song features her admitting that her trying to stop winter is wrong, but if stopping it will keep Tank from hibernating, then it's what she has to do. Ignored Expert : Rainbow Dash takes Tank to see Fluttershy, Ponyville's animal expert, immediately after the title sequence.

Fluttershy then assures her that nothing is wrong with Tank and he just needs to hibernate for a few months. Because she doesn't like this answer, Rainbow Dash takes increasingly desperate measures towards her own solution before ultimately accepting what Fluttershy said in the first place. Implausible Deniability : After Rainbow learns about Tank hibernating, she briefly goes into full I Reject Your Reality , refusing to even say or hear the word "hibernate".

Inelegant Blubbering : When Rainbow Dash breaks down crying in the third act, she starts loudly bawling her eyes out, and it doesn't take long for Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity to start crying with her. Insane Troll Logic : Rainbow's attempts to convince everyone that tortoises don't actually hibernate are all this. Instant Cosplay Surprise : Rainbow Dash uses a "rainbow tornado" to change three ponies from their winter gear into summer getup, to their puzzlement.

I Reject Your Reality : Rainbow Dash briefly goes into this state, denying that Tank has to hibernate despite Fluttershy telling her so. I Resemble That Remark! Back at her cloudominium, Rainbow sulks in bed as Tank grows even sleepier. Her friends arrive to console her, but their words do nothing to cheer her up. When Fluttershy bluntly points out that Rainbow is going to spend her winter without a pet, Rainbow finally cracks and breaks down in tears.

Fluttershy explains to the rest of the Mane Six that Rainbow needs to let it all out in order to accept Tank's hibernation. Rainbow continues to cry, and Fluttershy, Rarity , and Pinkie Pie briefly share in her sorrow. When Rainbow finally stops crying, she feels better, and she thanks the ponies for helping her through her grief.

A short while later, ponies around Ponyville have fun in the snow. Rainbow arrives with Tank, having finally accepted his hibernation. At the base of a tree, Tank digs a small burrow for himself to sleep in, and the Mane Six say their goodbyes until spring. Before joining her friends in having fun, Rainbow Dash reads a bedtime story to Tank.

Quotes For more quotes, see the episode's transcript. Rainbow Dash: Come on! You're practically twins! Spike: Because he's a tortoise and I'm a dragon! Rainbow Dash: Same family though, right? Spike: No! Rainbow Dash: I'll take that as a yes. Rainbow Dash: [huff] These things are heavy! Chock full of snowflakes! We're gonna have such a killer time in the snow, Tank.

Pinkie Pie: Aww, look at the cute wittle Tankie, all snuggly-wuggly, getting ready to hibern— Rainbow Dash: Don't say that word! Pinkie Pie: Which one? Rainbow Dash: That one! Don't say that word! That's what started this all! Twilight Sparkle: We all know how upset you are about Tank.

But you shouldn't take your anger out on your friends. Rainbow Dash: Who said anything about anger?! I didn't say anything about anger! I'm not upset! And I am not angry! Do I look angry?! Sunshower: So where do these clouds go? Open Skies: Over by Clear Skies. Sunshower: But there's clear skies everywhere. Clear Skies: Yo, Clear Skies right here! Sunshower: But there's clear skies over there, too! Clear Skies: That's Open Skies! Sunshower: There's open skies everywhere!

Open Skies: I'm not everywhere, I'm right here! Sunshower: [sighs] Wait. You're Open Skies, and you're Clear Skies, then what's all that? Clear Skies and Open Skies: Open, clear skies! Open Skies: Hey, where'd our fluffy clouds go? Clear Skies: Fluffy Clouds?

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Yooess Dee es una poni terrestre que trabaja de paparazzi. Su nombre fue creado por los fans. Pink Lady es una poni miembro de la Familia Apple. Su Cutie Mark son 3 rebanadas de manzana, la misma de Ambrosia. Verde de Envidia: Aparece de nuevo en el episodio Verde de la Envidia justo cuando el disfraz de Fluttershy es expuesto ante los ojos de los ponies, Pink Lady se encuentra justo en el lugarS1E20 Twilight dun goofed Pink Lady en Verde de la Envidia cuando ocurre eso, y cuando todas las ponis corren hacia Fluttershy.

Al final del episodio se la ve comprando una jarra de Cidra para festejar por que sus primos conservarias la granja. Carrot Cake y Sra. Son los jefes de Pinkie Pie y le rentan la planta superior de la tienda a Pinkie como hospedaje. El Sr.

La Sra. Cup Cake. Se los muestra preparando muchos pasteles y pan dulce en general con motivo de la visita de la Princesa Celestia, en el episodio La Plaga del Siglo, y son los meseros de la Princesa en la fiesta que se lleva a cabo en La Aventura del Ave. Faust ha dicho que los Cakes aman a Pinkie como si fuera su propia hija. En La Aventura del Ave, en el minuto 5 con 9 segundos, el grito de asombro de la Sr. Pound cake es un pegaso y Pumpkin cake es una unicornio.

Apariciones El Sr. Su principal rasgo de la personalidad es la inteligencia. En el Core 7 series, su Cutie Mark son 3 flores blancas. Ella es miembro del equipo animal y del equipo planta en el acto musical del episodio Empacando el Invierno. Ella es la maestra de ceremonias, mientras que Spike sostiene los premios por ella.

Le da la bienvenida a Diamond Tiara y se va. En Llamada de la Chica aparece con la cola de Parasol, pero en la imagen de bebe y ella joven aparece normal y el resto de sus apariciones normal. En Equestria Girls le ponen el segundo color de su melena como color de piel, el primero como el segundo y su color de piel en poni como el color principal del pelo.

En Equestria Girls sus colores son los de Berry Punch. Su cutie mark son tres rocas. Ella justo sale cuando toda la familia estaba a punto de mover rocas cuando escuchaban algo del granero, entonces ella llama a Pinkie Pie por su verdadero nombre preguntando si era ella la que hacia esos sonidos. Antes de que su verdadero nombre fuera revelado, se le conocia como "Sue", por uno de los fantasmas de Pac-Man, en el videojuego de Ms.

Pac-Man, a Clyde le cambiaron el nombre por Sue, posteriormente Sue seria una fantasma de color purpura totalmente ajena a Clyde. Es la familia Pie pero no tiene el apellido como su esposo eso no explica lo de sus hijas. Los fans dicen que ella es la madrastra de Pinkie ya que Maud es por parte del padre. Su cutie mark es la misma de PepperMint. Su cuero es de color rosa con la crin de color amarillo y unos ojos violetas. Su Cutie Mark es de una cereza.

Aparece por primera vez en el episodio La Magia de la Amistad, Parte 1 como poni de fondo. Aparece en el episodio Llamada de la Chica en un puesto de vegetales, negociando con Shoeshine. Durante casi toda la primera temporada, se la ve como poni de fondo en todos los episodios. Tiene un color de cuero de color lavanda y una melena de color ciruela.

Su Cutie Mark se compone de un racimo de uvas violetas y una fresa, la cual comparte con Berryshine y Berry Dreams. Ellas toman la delantera en la recta final del concurso, y ganan la La Hermandad de los Cascos. Duplicados: - tres duplicados en la multitud, - dos duplicados, , - uno Berryshine en el equipo de planta y uno en el equipo de animal, - tres duplicados en la multitud, - un duplicado, - dos duplicados, De acuerdo con el paquete de Europa, a Berryshine "le encantan las frutas del bosque".

Curiosidades Algunos fans creen que tiene una adiccion por la bebida. En el episodio Empacando el Invierno, en el minuto aparece como pegaso. Vive en Manehattan. Es una miembro oficial de las Cutie Mark Crusaders, por lo que se puede asumir que es la fundadora de la rama de Manehattan de las CMC. Su crin y su cola son cortas, y tiene unas pecas al igual que su prima Applejack y su primo Big Macintosh.

Pero descubre que ambas no tienen sus Cutie Marks. Busca a sus amigas para presentarla y convencerla que se les una al grupo. However, as the story progresses she starts to become more insane and at the same time begins to realize that all of this was the biggest mistake of her life.

Pic made by: 8 - The Cough As a virus quickly spreads across Equestria, simply by coughing on one another, ponies everywhere are dying within a short amount of time. As a way to escape the virus, the Mane 6 lock themselves in a dark room, boarding up all the windows and doors.

However, someone within the room coughs and everyone freaks out, the Mane 6 are now part of a game to find out who was the pony who coughed, whoever was the one who coughed must die before they spread the virus to the other five ponies. There are many different versions of this creepypasta, one is where one of the Mane 6 is killed and the other five survive, one is where the entire Mane 6 dies of sickness.

Only the reader can decide what happens in the end of this horrific apocalyptic creepypasta. Not only had she had outlived two of her family members, but she was also afraid of outliving all of her friends as an ageless alicorn. Twilight discovers a horrific way to keep all her friends alive What would you do if you became a doll forever? Pic made by: 6 - Rainbow Factory Have you ever wondered how a rainbow in Equestria was made?

You don't wanna know how a rainbow in Equestria is made. Just like, The Cough, there are many different versions of the rainbow factory, but I'll explain the most common one. Basically, the story takes place sometime in the future, Scootaloo is old enough to fly and take flight training in Cloudsdale. Things were normal throughout her days at the school, however, on the day of graduation tests, Scootaloo fails as well as two of the other students in her class, the three of them are all knocked out and taken to the Rainbow Factory.

Here, they make a terrifying discovery of how rainbows are made, because pegasi have no horns, they can't use any magic to make rainbows, so they find an easier way to make rainbows without any help from alicorns or unicorns: by harvesting students who fail their graduation tests; earth ponies and unicorns are used as an alternative source of color for the rainbows. When it was Scootaloo's turn to be harvested, she is first met by the manager of the facility, who was revealed to be Rainbow Dash, she tells Scootaloo how disappointed she was with her and basically shuns her for failing her test.

The story has three endings that are all canon, and it's up to the reader to decide what happens next. Whether it'd be that Scootaloo dies and she is harvested, or Scootaloo escapes, kills Rainbow Dash and informs the authorities about the Rainbow Factory, or she is released from the facility, only to be shadowed by Rainbow Factory agents who will always watch her for the rest of her life, to make sure she doesn't tell anyone the truth about the Rainbow Factory.

The Candy Mare was created by a mad scientist of a candy maker who kidnapped fillies to use as taste testers for his experiments, many of the children died from these experiments, however, one filly didn't and had a craving for flesh, so she killed the scientist and transformed into a monster made of candy. She later breaks free from the laboratory and goes on a killing spree throughout Ponyville and with the ponies defenseless, all they can do is run.

Pic made by: 4 - Rocket to Insanity This story is an alternate ending to Cupcakes, where Rainbow Dash kills Pinkie before she kills her. As Rainbow Dash wakes up from a dream of Pinkie Pie killing her, she begins to wonder if her dream is going to become a reality. It plays out like the normal Cupcakes story, however, when Pinkie Pie offers Rainbow Dash a normal cupcake, Rainbow quickly grabs a knife and threatens Pinkie, telling her to back off.

Pinkie is completely confused at why Rainbow Dash is threatening her and tries to approach Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash quickly stabs Pinkie, killing her. This act of murder causes Rainbow Dash to go insane, basically showing everyone who the real monster is. Twilight asks her friends to help her with her science experiments, and as the good friends they are, they agree to assist her. However, what they don't know is that these experiments lead to their deaths, as Twilight performs deadly "experiments" on them, such as electrocuting, nailing her friends to a table and dissecting them alive.

Applejack even notices a table of a bunch of jars with organs in them, which could indicate that Twilight's friends aren't the first ponies she's tortured. All the jars have labels of different ponies' names, including Apple Bloom, which obviously frightened Applejack.

Pic made by: While this pic does not actually involve the creepypasta itself, the evil Twilight does fit well with this. However, just a few days later after the party, things in the library start acting weird, such as the floor creaking, objects moving their own, etc.

Spike believes the library is being haunted by a ghost, however Twilight refuses to believe in such a thing. Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash begin to play around with Spike's fear, and comes to the library one night with an Ouija Board just to mess with him.

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Rainbow Dash Crying


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Trixie makes Rainbow Dash cry.

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