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Better place rachel platen live tv

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better place rachel platen live tv

Better Place - Rachel Platten Great Song Lyrics, Best Friend Song Lyrics, Music Lyrics stand by you by rachel platten ✿ Numb Lyrics, Quotes To Live By. See Rachel Platten full list of movies and tv shows from their career. Find where to watch Rachel The Best Halloween Movies to Watch on Every Streamer. "Better Place" is a song recorded by American singer and songwriter Rachel Platten for her third studio album, Wildfire (). The record's third and final. FOREX PLATFORM AWARDS

As a part of a study abroad program, she went to Trinidad to do an internship at a diplomat's office and at a record label. While she was there, she sang backup for a friend's band in front of over 80, people at the International Soca Monarch finals in According to Platten, from that moment on she knew she had to pursue music full-time.

She performed her solo music around the Village and eventually began touring the country. She has worked with numerous charities, Musicians on Call where she sings bedside to hospital patients for 11 years and she is an ambassador for Music Unites. She also works with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and was an ambassador for Live Below the Line, a call to end world poverty.

Career — Trust in Me and Be Here Platten released her debut studio album Trust in Me in , which she has called "a collection of demos". The song has been used in various media, as well as serving the official anthem for the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

But, okay, one of them was: I really loved what I was doing. I loved making music, I loved writing songs and I loved performing. And I was performing. Even though it was small bars and doing covers three hours a night and hustling and bringing my 85pound piano all around the city. If anyone wanted to join me, awesome! So, I loved performing, and I was still performing. Lewis Howes: Very cool! I love that about you. Rachel Platten: Thank you.

And I got to do that, maybe once a week, when I was really in the flow of it. So, every week you would go to a hospital and sing songs for kids or any patients? Rachel Platten: Yeah, bedsides are kids, yup, and seniors. Lewis Howes: And sing to them. Did you do covers? Did you do your own stuff? I do my own stuff. They actually wanted me to do covers. I mean, they are sick and usually just grateful for music. Lewis Howes: Wow.

So, how long were you doing that, and when did you start doing that? Rachel Platten: I started when I was 22, as soon as I moved to the city. Or maybe And I know that doing charity did make me feel good. I was always doing charity in high school and college and I wanted to combine the two.

So, I looked online and I found this organisation. Way more! Way more than the moments that are what people tell you should be fulfilling. Like the awards and the audiences. Rachel Platten: I would really love to go, yeah!

You realised your passion for singing a long time before you made it in the mainstream, and I heard, I think I read it on your site, you talked about, you were a back-up singer in a big performance, when you were 22 or Is that right? Rachel Platten: Yeah, I think 19 or 20, yeah. So, you me to tell you the story? And then in one of my classes, this amazing guy named Tony with huge dreads and this amazing accent came and he had this presentation about Trinidad. And something lit up inside of me.

And the presentation was all about carnival, and the biggest carnival in the world is in Trinidad. Maybe second biggest to Rio, sorry. And I saw these images, and he talked about how music infused the culture there and it was just all about music, and I was starving for music. I had been shutting that part of me down. And so I saw this as a way to just secretly slip into it and see what would happen if I went to a place that was all about music, that communicated in music.

Okay, fine, fine. I know the songs! Lewis Howes: New songs? I can play and sing. Lewis Howes: They let you play piano? I was freaking. And I got on that stage and I did not feel an ounce of fear. I felt completely on purpose. I felt completely at home. How do I get in the front of the stage? Lewis Howes: Did you get to the front of the stage? As a kid? You said the music… Rachel Platten: In choirs and a capella groups, in musicals.

I was a dork. Lewis Howes: I sang in a musical and in choir. I never did the a capella, because I was never that good. I just tried to blend in. Rachel Platten: Lea Michele is one of my close friends. She is the best! Lewis Howes: I would love her to come on here. Now, Glee, I was literally obsessed. Lewis Howes: Until the last season, then it went kind of downhill a bit. But, great show. So, I just appreciate it. Rachel Platten: Yeah, I know what you mean. Lewis Howes: Fixer Upper is so good!

Lewis Howes: Fixer Upper. Rachel Platten: Chip and Joanna, what are you doing? Rachel Platten: Why? Rachel Platten: We need to pause the pod right now and dive into this. Lewis Howes: Great airplane… Great at my place, just watching it. Back to you. So, you sang in choir, you sang in musicals, you sang in a capella, then you mentioned something about music being disconnected from you life, or it kind of shut down.

What happened? Why was it shut down, or was it just missing? Be serious. I was never told by anyone. You should pursue this. In choir? In musicals? Rachel Platten: No. I mean, choir, when I was little I did. Join local theatre. They were screaming my name.

No, wait! So, you had this opportunity to go on stage in front of this many people, you had felt zero fear. Not in the middle. But moments before big things. You actually need that adrenaline. I started singing and it was perfect. Do you feel fear when you… Lewis Howes: I speak sometimes? Yeah, before, a little bit before. I used to be terrified going on stage. But then I really practiced over and over until I overcame it. Rachel Platten: Like Toastmasters? Rachel Platten: Yeah, I know. Lewis Howes: She listens to the podcast.

I love this! Rachel Platten: I listen to the pod. Lewis Howes: Toastmasters changed my life. Lewis Howes: The Pod. I like it. Cast, pod, yeah. You just got to do it over and over. Hundred percent! I believe that! I walk myself through moments. I visualise every single moment of a show, or a performance, and I walk myself through the entire thing, and I visualise it all going perfectly and me feeling peaceful throughout it, and powerful.

Lewis Howes: So, who has been your greatest teacher, would you say? Rachel Platten: I have a tough time with this one. His name is Breck Alan. Rachel Platten: Yeah, musicians. But then, ultimately, you need to find your own sound and I think this is for any field. You need to find your own route, and your own path. What you have to give the world is valid and worthy and we want that.

We want more of that. All you need to do is clear out the bullshit so that you have the best version of your unique gift that you can. Oh, so I guess in answering that, I kind of figured it out! When did you really start to believe in yourself. Rachel Platten: Yeah! All the time. Do you? Doubt yourself? Lewis Howes: Yeah, when I get nervous.

Am I ready for this? I know I can write a song. Lewis Howes: Writing a song. Rachel Platten: Writing a song. Why am I doing this? Lewis Howes: What else are you great at? Great dog-walker. I have a dog and I take him on great walks. How do you develop this sense of belief and confidence in yourself? First off, how did you do it when no-one was watching for twelve, thirteen years?

Knowing that, what are you going to turn to in those moments of doubt? I can go to work out. Lewis Howes: I can stretch, do a jog, call a coach. Rachel Platten: Yes. The mission thing is a big deal. Staying on purpose and on mission is really important for me to combat fears and ego stuff. I mean, I used to get really nervous for speaking gigs.

And then I would over analyse afterwards. Rachel Platten: That serving is the biggest deal. Lewis Howes: Serving in the biggest way, then who cares how much I mess up? Rachel Platten: Exactly! Rachel Platten: I think probably performing with Taylor Swift.

Lewis Howes: Ooh! When was this? Rachel Platten: A year and a half ago. Does it get bigger than that? I have a funny story about it too. Just chill. Or just performing with Taylor? Was there like, 80, or ,00 people there? Lewis Howes: Only?

I remember being lifted up to the stage and then seeing the lights, because she had this thing where everyone had these little sparkly lights that lit up together, and seeing them around me… I had envisioned that moment, every moment I envisioned, happened. By the way. Almost every moment. This is the moment I was dreaming about. Her team call you? Or how did that happen? Rachel Platten: I was in a writing session and she texted me. Or did you sing one of her songs? Rachel Platten: My song.

I sang Fight Song. Lewis Howes: No way! Rachel Platten: It was really cool! And I really did a good job too. Lewis Howes: Whose opinion matters to you the most right now? So, I would probably say critics. Rachel Platten: Recently. Recently like three weeks ago. Lewis Howes: Really? How did this awareness come to you? Rachel Platten: I had this crazy experience. Lewis Howes: The balls? Lewis Howes: Yeah, I was there three weeks ago.

Rachel Platten: Oh my God! Lewis Howes: That was me. I was doing the whole thing. I want what God wants for my life. And whatever that looks like. I love the songs I created, my fans are loving the music. And I really think I believe that right now. I believe that. I hit every single goal I wanted and then I just wanted more, and more and more, and I was… Ugh… It sucks.

Lewis Howes: I hear you. Now, as you were, again, performing for an audience of two every night or whatever for years, ten. Were you performing all the time in the city? Or was it coffee shops and bars when you could, or was it weekly?

What was it like? Depended on the year? Rachel Platten: Yeah, depending on the year it changed, but I had a Monday night gig at Prohibition on the upper west side in New York. Awesome place. It was so great. If you guys are in the city, listening, you have to go to Prohibition and tell them I say Hi. They were so kind to me. This is another reason I kept going! Because I had this amazing network and family of musicians and friends that supported me and that I supported.

Other times I would go on little mini tours. I got a van, in my mid-twenties. It was freaking awesome! I still have the van, by the way. I might go revisit home tours. I used to do a lot of house concerts, and I would take this van to them, so I might do a reunion house concert thing. That would be cool. Look into it. You can book a musician to come to your house and play for you and your friends. Lewis Howes: Would you get paid a lot for these gigs? I was so broke.

Well the house concerts were pretty good, that was like, I thought it was pretty good. Lewis Howes: A few hundred bucks, like Rachel Platten: I think, like, a thousand. For two hours of gig. Rachel Platten: Yeah, for me and a drummer. Lewis Howes: Now, were you working a job as well, doing this? Rachel Platten: I had so many jobs, I got fired so many times. Oh, my God. Lewis Howes: Vaus. Rachel Platten: Yeah, Vaus, talking about temping, I think. On The Pod! Thank you! Yeah, so I was temping.

I come off so much better than I am as a worker. I was horrible. I just got fired so many times. Lewis Howes: So how did you sustain this life for ten years in the city? How did you survive? Rachel Platten: I hustled my butt off. I wrote commercials, I sang jingles. That was really, that was incredible, writing and singing jingles was great.

Rachel Platten: Yeah, yeah. My apartment was, my rent was really cheap. There is cockroaches and mice, it was gross. Lewis Howes: I love MacDougal. MacDougal and what? Lewis Howes: I used to live off Prince and Mulberry. Rachel Platten: Oh, my God! I did not know! Lewis Howes: Loved it there. It was the best. Back in Rachel Platten: Yeah, it was an amazing area. Lewis Howes: , so maybe I ran into you sometimes.

Rachel Platten: I was still there, yeah! Lewis Howes: You were still nobody, huh? Hundred percent. When was that? He had just graduated from law school when we met and then he went to business school, so he just loved school, and we had a lot of debt, so we were struggling. But then, when he graduated and actually got a job, he of course, started paying down his debt, but we had enough to move down to Battery Park into a fancier place.

I was doing the commercials and stuff. That was probably around ish, We had just gotten married and I think we moved. Five or six years? Rachel Platten: Seven years. So in , okay. When a dynamic change is, now everyone knows who you are, well a lot of people know who you are.

Lewis Howes: A lot of people know you. Rachel Platten: At conferences too, people are screaming for me. Lewis Howes: Lots of conferences. House conferences. Now, what is that like? How as the dynamic changed, or has it not? Has he been fully supportive? Have there been different conversations? He is unbelievable.

And even though I had nothing going on, it kind of seemed for a night, that I did. So, when I met Kevin, I think the first thing I did, besides go on a date with him, was bring him to a concert and see how he acted. And he was so cool, he was so supportive, he was so excited. And I forgot about him at the show! I think he was just there talking, he was, he just made friends! He was chill. All he ever wanted for me, is for me to be as successful as I could, and he pushed me and pushed me and he taught me to work hard, harder than I thought possible.

And he supported me every step of the way. Rachel Platten: His sense of humour. But, so, you know, nothing has changed. Lewis Howes: Nothing has changed. Rachel Platten: No, not at all. Rachel Platten: I know! Lewis Howes: In Santa Monica? Rachel Platten: In Santa Monica! Rachel Platten: In the spring. I will, yeah. I will a hundred percent. Lewis Howes: I will be. I love food.

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