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Fifa 15 totw investing in oil

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fifa 15 totw investing in oil

Guide with everything you should know about FIFA 15 Ultimate Team upgrades: dates, rules, winter upgraded players, stats, new UP cards. Oil in a dive after the OPEC+ agreement Coronavirus effects on videogames Wowo Fifa 22 vs PES Price per Magazine As I mentioned in the Investments section, any other approach could fail, but investments have consistently proven to be reliable. People keep messaging me. FANDUEL FREE 100

They are categorized in tiers: Gold, Silver, and Bronze, which can affect how difficult it is to get them as rewards. Consumables can be found in Packs, earned as rewards, or bought in the Transfer Market. As long as Consumable Items are marked tradeable, they can be traded on the Transfer Market.

Dive into one of the competitive modes in FUT to show your skills and compete with other players on the pitch. Every Thursday morning, you get a choice of rewards based on your finishing position for that week: FUT Coins and tradeable and untradeable Packs. For a closer look at Division Rivals, check out our deep-dive article. Play-Offs: Progress through a limited number of games on your own time and earn points toward Champions Ranks and Rewards. Finals: The Qualification Token lets you join the Finals on your own schedule, but please note that the Finals take place on weekends.

Finish all your matches to get your rewards immediately. For a closer look at FUT Champions, check out our deep-dive article. The mode resets every Sunday at UTC. The higher you progress, the better the rewards will be. For a closer look at Squad Battles, check out our deep-dive article.

Ultimate Draft Ultimate Draft lets you draft your team to challenge other players in up to four matches to earn rewards. You can play Ultimate Draft online against other players or AI-controlled opponents. Choose from five different formations, pick your Captain, and choose the best fit for each position on your team from a five-Player draw. Subsequently, Audi also partially halted production at its Neckarsulm site. This is an important step to address the current slowdowns considering that semiconductors will also be needed for 5G and 6G, autonomous driving, for Industry 4.

The main goal, at this point, is to strengthen cooperation between member states and increase investment along the supply chain value of semiconductors on equipment and materials, advanced design and manufacturing and packaging, where possible through recovery and resilience funds. This agreement will pave the way for the launch of an industrial alliance and a collective approach can help EU to leverage its existing strengths and embrace new opportunities as advanced processor chips play an increasingly important role for the industrial strategy and digital sovereignty of Europe.

In these times there are entities who have made a fortune and, on the other hand, there are some who have shut shops. In this article, I will deliberate on Inventory management and the rise of e-commerce and its impact. In my next article, I will deliberate upon disintermediation and shifts in customer mindsets and the need for change.

Remember, the inventory does not accumulate by itself. Every organization creates it. Not all inventory piles up beyond control. Many instances are created in the blind corner of the warehouse. First of all, inventory management itself sounds to me like an oxymoron. It may sound surprising to many people as well. Inventory is just the arithmetic outcome of your procurement minus the Sales.

So, what you really must manage is the Sales aka Sales Speed. Yes Sales Speed. Create a holistic rewards program to impact selling behavior. One way of doing this is using proactive sales BOTs. The beauty of using a BOT as an automation tool is that you can that can minimize the sales team leading to Savings and at the same time ramping up your organizational selling capability, by using the BOT to generate leads.

Another area that needs focus is Reporting. You have obviously heard of ABC analysis. Similarly, if C is a very long list of very small and tiny quantities, the effort of selling is going to be quite high and invariable it will be a heavily loss-making sale.

Both the scenarios have been created collectively by the sales team. Awareness is the key. This is because a lot of customers are expecting the same level of service as B2C companies. Well, customers are the pivot point of change for any industry! Surely, there cannot exist a dilemma between whether one should create and manage their own e- commerce setup or fall in line with the global and local major e-commerce players.

Both are essential! With exceptions, majority of the traders are yet to align with the science of dealing with e-commerce majors. Many decisions taken by e-commerce players are machine and algorithm driven. I can understand the difficulty among the trading community as they are not used to dealing with a dynamic and fast changing customer viz.

Sooner or later lives and businesses are going to be driven only by actionable intelligence derived from data. Ans this Shift calls for the community to get trained on orienting themselves towards data — both in terms of actions that they take as well as on past performance. Remaining immune to data is not an option anymore! More inputs on disintermediation, changing customer demands and change management will be covered in part 2 of this article in the upcoming issue.

Novaphone - Mobile Phones 1 We are in an economy that tends to dematerialize. The fact is that the prices of raw materials, the most physical and concrete, are booming. After suffering for part of , starting with oil which even ended in negative territory on a famous 20 April, the recovery was extraordinary: the Dow Jones Commodity Index which is an investment tool scored The latest Commodity Supercycle hit a record high in Production brake The question is not insignificant: at stake are not only the higher production costs for companies but also the shortage of raw materials which in some sectors is already stopping production.

While the situation is good for mining and trading companies, it is worrying for many others. Also because the increases are not classic, traditional, given only by an imbalance between supply and demand. There are particular bottlenecks and shortages: the shortage of semiconductors has blocked production in several auto manufacturers and the consultancy AlixPartners predicts that due to the shortage of chips the sector will produce 3.

And it is even more difficult to predict whether the boom will be short-lived or will really take on the characteristics of a new Supercycle. As far as metals are concerned, we are likely facing a bullish Supercycle. Prices in this case benefit from policies to combat climate change.

Which involve extensive use of metals, such as nickel, copper, for electric motors. In general, for all raw materials, Torlizzi still sees sustained prices. In particular, the fiscal stimulus of the Biden administration in the United States almost six trillion dollars gives a strong reflationary push to the economy. Both the White House and the Fed want prices to rise. As a result, markets look at commodities with different eyes than before. So much so that the increases started already in the second quarter of , when the American central bank actually started monetizing the debt".

Construction and steel prices restart In addition, infrastructure programs in the United States and Europe suggest a high demand for raw materials, especially those needed to produce steel for construction. In addition to the macroeconomic reasons, there is also the fact that the lockdowns linked to the pandemic have kept the production of raw materials flat or down; but at the same time some consumer products have accelerated sales, in particular of products requested by people who were locked in the house, such as washing machines and computers.

The supply chains have entered into crisis. In semiconductors - for which there is a global shortage that will probably go on for a long time and affect the auto sector, the computer sector and several others - we saw that - the situation is similar. Chinese autarchy Naturally, in the price boom, the choices of the largest manufacturing in the world, the Chinese one, do not fail to weigh. China has absorbed four million tons of copper.

If we consider that in general tons are enough to move the price, the extent of this intervention is evident. It is that China has used the past few months to store raw materials with the aim of not making its industry short of supplies. In fact, Beijing is following a policy that we could define as autarchic in the sense that it discourages the export of its raw materials while continuing to support the export of finished products.

To get the size of how much the Asian giant weighs: half of the steel used in the world is consumed in China. Protectionisms, lockdowns, bottlenecks The result of this intertwining of forces that add up protectionism, lockdown queues, physical and political bottlenecks that hold back world trade and geopolitics in tension is that the prices of a bit of everything have risen: copper, nickel, lithium, palladium , ferrous minerals, aluminum, timber, agricultural products, feed.

The new balance of the economy Much will depend on the duration of the closures related to the pandemic and the progress of government stimulus and investment policies. Structural changes in the economy - the race towards digital and green infrastructures - and geopolitical conflicts, however, pose a question mark on the trend in commodity prices, which could remain high until a new equilibrium is reached.

Maybe it's a new economy Supercycle. What to expect from the Fed? Tapering could begin by the end of the year. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, in his speech at the Jackson Hole symposium, did not disappoint analysts' expectations, providing some indications on the reduction in purchases of securities and mortgages, now equal to million dollars a month.

In his speech at the meeting of central bankers in Jackson Hole, in fact, the Fed chairman remains vague about the exact timing of the tapering September or November? Thus, no precise date. I believe that such progress has been made for inflation. There is also clear progress towards maximum employment.

And why are we hearing about it so much? The term tapering indicates the slowdown by the central bank in the rate of purchase of assets mainly government bonds on the secondary market. Tapering is therefore the monetary policy that is adapted to slow down an expansionary policy also called quantitative easing , until it is completely concluded.

In other words, with quantitative easing central banks adopt expansive monetary policies that result in the purchase of government bonds on the secondary market, the purpose of which is to support the prices of the securities and, at the same time, inject new liquidity into the economic and financial system. When central banks decide that the time has come to stop the stimulus then, they define a program of gradual reduction of purchases until it stops altogether.

This restrictive monetary policy program is called tapering. If the stimulus does not end, it could trigger an overheating of the economy with an excessive growth of inflation. On the other hand, if the stimulus suddenly ceases, the real risk is that we can send the economy into recession, canceling all the effort made up to that moment.

Is Tapering necessary? Words that suggest a possible start in November, as predicted by many analysts, but the timing could be affected by the pressure of the hawks, who instead would like to start with the reduction already after the meeting scheduled for September. Powell's words pushed Wall Street and the European stock exchanges higher, while the euro-dollar exchange rate stood at 1. The yield of the ten-year T-Bond is 1. At present, if inflation expectations - which central banks assume are only temporary - prove to be wrong, the risk is that the economy could destabilize due to excessive growth.

Today, therefore, we should worry more about a possible delay in intervention by central banks than about restrictive policies to be adopted. In such an uncertain context, how did you decide to operate? Better to stay away from the stock markets?

Or benefit from the ongoing economic recovery? The new iPad and iPad Mini. And the new Apple Watch Series 7. Here are all the news and prices of Apple gadgets presented today September 14 The chip is the new A15 Bionic: it is a fast chip that offers improvements to the entire system, thanks to 15 billion transistors and a new 6-core CPU that improves performance, machine learning capabilities and speech recognition.

Artificial intelligence is also the protagonist of the camera system: the photos, explained by Apple, will appear brighter thanks to a new megapixel wide-angle main sensor. In addition, the Cinematic Mode is introduced: a Cinema mode that thanks to artificial intelligence improves photos and videos thanks to depth effects and automatic changes in focus. Also new is the image stabilization system the same introduced on the iPhone 12 Pro Max which stabilizes the sensor instead of the lens ensuring greater clarity in photos and videos.

The connectivity sector has also been improved, with more 5G bands that will allow you to use iPhone 13 with 5G connectivity in over sixty countries around the world. Five colors pink, blue, midnight, galaxy and red , pre-orders from September 17th and availability starting from the 24th of this month. Starting prices: euros for the iPhone 13 and for the iPhone 13 Mini. And so also this year Apple presents the two flagship versions of the iPhone, the 13 and the 13 Pro Max.

The best performing iPhone has a more advanced camera system and has a longer battery life. Three rear cameras one telephoto, one ultra-wide and one wide-angle that have been optimized to work with iOS 15 and are based on the new ISP processor of the A15 Bionic chip. Also in this case there is an advanced image stabilization technology while the night shooting mode arrives on all lenses. Among other novelties, macro photography arrives: the new ultra-wide-angle sensor, in fact, can also take photos with a close focal distance for example food, flowers, fabrics.

Photo Styles also arrive, allowing users to bring their own preferences to each image, thus applying the same adjustments to different parts of the photo. Also on these iPhones there is the Cinema mode while the other novelty is called ProRes: it is a professional video codec that offers greater color fidelity with less compression. News also on the display which is a Super Retina XDR with ProMotion technology: for the first time on the iPhone this technology allows an update of the screen from 10Hz up to Hz for increasingly fluid images and scrolls while respecting the battery.

Four colors: graphite, gold, silver and Sierra Blue, the version with 1 terabyte of storage space also arrives for the first time. Pre-orders will start on September 17 while all products will be available from The new 9th generation iPad The new 9th generation iPad it's the cheapest iPad, suitable for most of the normal operations we perform every day has an A13 Bionic chip with Neural Engine and is announced 20 percent faster than the previous version here the our review.

Improved the photographic sector, both rear and front, with a 12 megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera that gains the Center Stage functionality, which we had seen on the iPad Pro: during the increasingly frequent video calls it always keeps who is talking whether it is a person or group in the center of the frame. The new iPad has a Two colors space gray and silver , two versions with Wi-Fi connectivity and also with cellular connectivity : starting price euros, available from 24 September.

The new version features an 8. On board we find an A15 Bionic chip, a battery that promises to be more durable and a 12 megapixel rear camera with Focus Pixels technology and aperture with larger aperture for clear images. Another novelty is the arrival of the Touch ID for biometric recognition on the power button as for the iPad Air. Four colors pink, galaxy, purple, space gray , two versions with Wi-Fi and even cellular connectivity : starting price euros, available from 24 September.

The shape has also been redefined, with more rounded corners, while the watch becomes even more resistant to water, dust but above all to shocks. With a larger screen, they explain from Apple, it is easier to read emails or messages but above all to enter text: in fact, a new extended keyboard arrives. At the moment while we write, Apple does not leak information on availability in Europe. The subscription service will include starting from September 27 some interesting news, some of which were aimed at winter sports, such as skiing and snowboarding, in order to encourage athletes of all levels to increase strength, improve balance and develop resistence.

But to this is also added the new function dedicated to pilates, so as to allow users to have more and more options available to maintain and improve strength and flexibility. Continuing, the new Guided Meditation feature was shown, very useful for reducing everyday stress with an exercise program that helps those who use it to improve their lifestyle.

In support of this discipline there will also be video and audio, so you can practice it in any place and time. The last feature to report is Group workouts with SharePlay, coming this fall, which will support a maximum of 32 people at the same time. During these moments, users will be able to share their sports session with their friends by sending a simple message or by starting a call on FaceTime via iPhone, iPad or AppleTV with AirPlay.

To conclude this series of announcements, it was announced that the service will be made available during the year in 15 new countries, including Europe, and will boast six different languages, although it is not specified whether ours will be included. The most popular cryptocurrency marks an increase of 3. Leaving aside the sensationalisms and recent news, however, what could be a lasting and calculable trend of bitcoins, especially in anticipation of important global issues such as the imminent already reality?

What are the Bitcoin predictions? When it comes to estimates on the price of BTC, but the speech always applies to all cryptocurrencies, the conditional is always a must given that crypto-assets are very volatile and therefore sudden changes in the direction of the prices can always be possible. Having said that, we can talk about Bitcoin forecasts. The starting point for addressing this topic is represented by the trend of the Bitcoin price in real time.

Bitcoin predictions: Anthony Pompliano's opinions According to Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, demand for Bitcoin has clearly beaten supply in recent months. This is happening because of the May halving.

Furthermore, according to the investor, the current macroeconomic context is pushing up the value of Bitcoin. It is clear - the manager added - that low interest rates but also money creation and the 2 percent target set by the Federal Reserve for average inflation, push many retail investors to buy Bitcoin. Anthony Pompliano's opinions on the Bitcoin forecasts are therefore very positive even if it is the manager himself who urges caution. According to the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, there are two potential risks in relation to Bitcoin that doers should take into due consideration.

The second risk, on the other hand, is of a geopolitical type and would be triggered when we were to witness a truly aggressive coordinated intervention by various nation-states. The risks that can affect the positive Bitcoin forecasts are there this is undeniable but the probabilities that these unexpected events may occur remain low. Bitcoin: utility as a key factor in pricing According to the President and Founder of the Bitcoin Association, Jimmy Nguyen, the real utility of Bitcoin will be a key factor in determining prices next year.

In the predictions theorized by the Bitcoin Association there are also improved interfaces and user experiences capable of allowing faster access to digital currencies than what happens today. According to Nguyen, the use of BTC will spread to all those sectors that process and monetize important data such as health care, games but also digital marketing, supply chain and Internet of things , therefore, as a turning point for Bitcoin.

In fact, today the value of BTC is mainly based on speculation but now the time is ripe for a change of pace. Such a scenario would spell the end of Bitcoin as a store of value. A decidedly counter-current perspective compared to the dominant vulgate according to which Bitcoin is by its nature a store of value.

Furthermore, the President and founder of the Bitcoin Association believes that the growing interest of institutions in Bitcoin will help consolidate the primacy of real utility in determining the price of BTC. Will it really be like this? If this scenario were to be realized, the history of Bitcoin would never be the same and perhaps even that of humanity would begin to change.

Bitcoin predictions views of Raoul Pal Even more optimistic are Raoul Pal's forecasts on the value of Bitcoin in Pal recalled that most of the new Bitcoin offering is currently being absorbed by Paypal, Square and Grayscale. The decline in supply, in the face of robust demand, has pushed the value of Bitcoin higher.

According to Pal, there has never been a market with such an imbalance between supply and demand and obviously all this plays in favor of the price of Bitcoin. Thinking in terms of Bitcoin forecasts, Pal believes that, despite the arrival of the covid19 vaccine, governments, to support the economic recovery, will be forced to launch strong monetary stimuli and this kind of policies will lead to an inevitable devaluation of currencies.

Precisely this process together with a context characterized by low interest rates will lead the price of Bitcoin to new highs. Bitcoin predictions what Paul Tudor Jones' fractals say According to a fractal that was devised by Paul Tudor Jones, the price of Bitcoin would be just at the beginning of a prolonged rally which, in the long term, could translate into exponential growth to be exploited to trade CFDs using an authorized broker.

There are two reasons why Bitcoin could also replicate the gold boom of the s. First, BTC boasts a fixed supply that cannot expand. Thanks to this strength, Bitcoin is configured as an interesting asset to safeguard against inflation risks. Furthermore, Bitcoin has the same characteristics that make gold a safe haven asset. As for the question of supply, it is not only a good that is characterized by scarcity but it is the only good in the world that has a deterministic and fixed offer.

For this reason, Bitcoin will never suffer the potential supply shocks that gold might face in the future. It is precisely this characteristic that pushes investors to say that BTC can be a more effective safe haven than gold. This parallelism pushes many to consider a BTC rally here definitely probable. Bitcoin price will go towards To launch this provocation was the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Kraken who on Bloomberg's microphones stated that Bitcoin could very soon rise to an infinite value so that Regarding the dollar, Jesse Powell used very strong words stating that this national currency has just 50 years of domination but is already showing the first signs of weakness and for this reason it cannot be excluded that people, very soon, may start measuring the value of things in Bitcoin.

Do the Kraken CEO's estimates seem completely unbearable to you? Time to time, and perhaps it is also worth remembering that the opinion that BTC will soon be able to surpass gold has a very broad consensus on social networks and beyond.

As Cointelegraph recalled, the latest to express trust in Bitcoin was billionaire and former Bitcoin skeptic Mark Cuban who, in a response to SchiffGold. Bitcoin price prediction conclusions And here we are at the end of this long excursus on Bitcoin forecasts. There are many opinions in circulation and, contrary to what one might think, the various opinions are not so much in conflict with each other. Regardless of the various targets indicated, there is a minimum common denominator between the various analyzes: everyone agrees in indicating the relationship between supply and demand, in the monetary policies followed by central banks and in the different perception by investors, the reasons why the price of Bitcoin in will only grow.

The resurgence of Covid infections in many areas of the world is leading to new closures, with a probable impact on oil demand and production activities. And investors are worried that the global economy may be entering a phase of stagflation: a surge in consumer prices - largely linked to tensions on raw materials and logistics - accompanied by a slowdown in growth.

And the agreement approved in a lightning summit on Sunday 18 paves the way for an increase in supply that risks being excessive compared to oil needs, especially if the economic recovery were to stop. Brent has also slipped below the psychological threshold of 70 dollars, while the WTI has sank below 68 dollars.

Possible relapses still uncertain Analysts are actually divided on the possible effects - bullish or vice versa bearish - of the decisions of Opec Plus. The agreement reached on Sunday 18, just in time to anticipate the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha, has cleared the field of many uncertainties and averted the danger of a breakdown in the coalition, which in theory could have provoked a price war.

The result seems to have made everyone agree, at least for now, given that some countries have contented themselves with promises: this is the case of Nigeria and Algeria, which have submitted a request for a revision of production quotas, but only obtaining the commitment of the group to examine it in the near future.

Almost full victory for the Arab Emirates The Arab Emirates, on the other hand, took home an almost full victory, obtaining a higher basis on which to calculate the production cuts: 3. In addition to Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Russia will also have a new base - and therefore license to produce more - both will rise from 11 to And surprisingly, Iraq and Kuwait also received an increase of , bg each. All the new reference quotas will come into force starting from May The agreement with the Emirates has in fact also released the extension until December next year of the pact on Opec Plus cuts, which would otherwise have expired in April, with a free all of which risked collapsing the price of the barrel.

It has also received the green light for the program for the gradual reopening of the taps, with production increases from thousand bg per month that will begin in August and will continue in principle also in in this way the group - which in at the peak of pandemic had applied a maxi-cut of 9. In theory, of course. Because Opec Plus has kept the door open to react to any unforeseen events. The final okay to the production increases in will come in December, when the group reserved the right to take stock of the situation on the market.

And before then there will be other opportunities to change course, if necessary, because the summits will continue to be held on a monthly basis. Coronavirus effects on videogames was undoubtedly a unique year in the recent history of humanity, which in fact changed or changed our way of life forever.

In this context, some economic sectors have and are still struggling, while others are paradoxically more prosperous than before. This mechanism is fueled by the fact that people have been forced into their homes for some time: among these activities obviously all the delivery services ecommerce, grocery shopping and food at home, and so on and home entertainment stand out.

The video game sector, as a good exponent of the latter category, has experienced an unprecedented year, mainly because many people, given the impossibility of other entertainment outside the home, have invested much more money in buying video games.

Also considering the launch of the new consoles, traditionally a sales driver for software, was the perfect storm for the gaming market turnover. In the face of a record year, the industry has, however, had to deal, like any other economic sector, with the effects of the pandemic. If a studio is shut down, production is interrupted, or key developers change shirts, the effects tend to be noticeable sometime later.

It has already happened in the past and we have already experienced it during the great global economic crisis that began in The games continued to go out normally, but many studios of all sizes, due to the economic situation, had to close their doors in the following years due to a wave that had hit, but slightly later: crack was emblematic of THQ, which at the end of was forced to sell off all its IPs and went bankrupt, before closing its doors in The global crisis was not the only cause, of course, but it played a fundamental role.

There are three aspects that have already happened and that will slow down the industry in the near future, substantially reducing the stocks available on the market. The first is represented by the difficulties of production and distribution of the new consoles: the launch of PlayStation has undoubtedly been a success with about 4.

Sony has not directly pointed to the difficulties of manufacturing the console at Covid, but it is obvious that part of the problem for all the big tech companies is that their hardware is produced and assembled in China, and even if the production chain has not stopped, it has certainly been slowed down by the spread of the virus, especially as regards logistics. At the moment Sony is in the enviable, but not too enviable, situation of having millions of potential customers who have not been able to buy the console for almost six months.

The second thing that was noticed in was the absence of the events in attendance: last year no GDC, no E3 and no Gamescom. This certainly represented an obvious inconvenience for journalists and users, since the events were converted into digital versions almost always not up to par with their physical and often botched counterparts. Above all, however, in a crucial year with the new consoles coming out impossible or almost impossible to test before the launch, it represented a very serious problem for small and medium developers.

Although it may not seem like it, given it is a highly technological sector, the game industry is based on people and human relationships, and giving up the dozens of business events around the globe was a big sacrifice that could also have marked the future of more than a few titles and developers.

Normally, in fact, during these events, developers have the opportunity to meet publishers and distributors, where it is also possible to submit a pitch, or present their games to obtain funds. How big and how deep is yet to be understood, but we will realize this over the end of and the course of , and we are probably already realizing it now. Finally, the third and most obvious of the problems that, alas, has already caused various publishers and developers to change strategic plans, is smart working.

Converting a team of even just 30 people, out of the blue, from face-to-face to remote work is not easy at all, partly because video games are the result of team efforts, and organizing remotely is much less efficient. To give an example, there is the question of specific hardware: if we can all have a PC at home, it is not so easy to have a development console; similarly, there is also the issue of data security which is always crucial in a company that produces video games.

Working from home means implementing something that is unthinkable for some companies, i. Some companies during the months of the pandemic professed security, reassuring players and investors that smart working was not a problem, and it is certainly true in some cases, as it is true that other companies, such as Square Enix, have testified that a quite different reality: in October , some time after the worst period of the pandemic, via Yosuke Matsuda, it stated that work on new video games has been completely frozen.

Reality is probably somewhere in between in many cases, but world game development is certainly not going at its usual speed. It is quite evident that there is already a certain shortage of titles in the first two quarters of and if we look back it is exactly one year ago that the problems began.

Let's not worry too much, however: many experts stated that in everything will return approximately as before in terms of quantity and quality, because it is likely that video game production will complete the adaptation process in the last part of to its new condition and will start to to return to production rates comparable to the past, perhaps leaving humanity itself earlier from the tragedy of the pandemic, which in any case we hope will happen soon.

The challenge between EA Sport and Konami is renewed for the best football game of the year. The release of the new Fifa and PES, which will now be called eFootball, is not that far off, and trailers and rumors are already leaking out that can influence the balance towards one or the other video game. All the news announced so far, the differences and info on gaming platforms, licenses, teams, players, gameplay, release date and prices.

As for Fifa 22 there is already a date: EA Sport has announced that the new title will be officially released on October 1, , but already now it is possible to pre-order it on the official site for PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Stadia, also obtaining several bonuses. The release of PES official name eFootball is scheduled for next autumn.

Historically Konami anticipated Fifa sales by releasing its game two weeks earlier than its rival. Until a few days ago the information was extremely few, but close to the Euro final EA Sport has spilled the beans, releasing the official trailer of Fifa The main novelty will concern the introduction of a new latest generation technology, called HyperMotion Technology, which will allow you to have a more engaging and realistic gaming experience.

This new discovery is the result of various motion capture sessions that took place in the field that allowed the creation of extremely realistic animations. Huge changes will also affect the machine learning algorithm that will allow you to write new animations in real time, transforming the movements of the players during the game. EA Sports announced that it has also worked on goalkeepers with the aim of replicating the positioning style of the strongest goalkeepers in reality.

New tactics for the attack phase will also debut in this edition of Fifa 22 that will allow greater control over the construction of the action. Konami to keep up with Fifa 22 has decided to base its video game on the Unreal Engine in order to guarantee fluid, realistic and natural animations.

To discover the gameplay instead we will have to wait for August, but we expect news for local matches and challenges between various console generations. From next winter, the Android and iPhone mobile versions will also be added. How much will Fifa 22 cost? EFootball will be released completely free of charge free-to-play on all consoles, PCs and mobile devices. Konami will periodically add new content and game modes, some of which will be purchasable individually, thus giving players the opportunity to build their own gaming experience.

In fact, Konami's goal seems to be to increase its user base and consequently also the microtransactions within the game. As can be easily expected, FIFA will also be released this year in different versions. In addition to the classic Standard Edition, which contains everything you need to jump into the awaited sport on October 1st, an Ultimate Edition will also be marketed. As for the release and price, it is already available in preorder on the official stores, giving the possibility to access even some excluded bonuses.

Here's how much it costs. Price per Magazine 1 Well, they have, and not just in one country: it seems, in fact, a global practice. Only during the month of June in America, consumer price inflation rose to 5. On a regular basis, Inflation normally occurs in a growth market. We anticipated with the onslaught of the Covid Pandemic that the world market growth would be in decline for some years to come. However, this does not seem to be the case.

Then, not only have we had to endure the heartache of Covid but now we find that inflation is attacking us everywhere. The thought of not having to endure inflation based on the fact that the Pandemic would possibly stunt growth and prevent inflation was a little hope in the overwhelming and devastating effects of Covid, but now it seems not to be the case. It has been a very strange 18 months indeed.

We all know that where there exist losers there are always winners: after all, we ourselves often profit from that exact scenario. We have seen billionaires, like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, nearly triple their personal wealth, while at the same time we have seen airlines, retailers, the arts and leisure industries completely obliterated. Services seem to have eroded away, the health services are on their knees, travel is almost impossible and there is a general underlying feeling of restriction and apprehension.

Still, according to the experts, we are booming! I always say: if it makes no sense, then there is no reasonable sense to be made out of it. So keep searching until you find the truth. Now, I normally am an advocate for positive thinking combined with positive energy.

If I could truly believe this, then I would be elated. It seems to me that we dwell in a world driven by corporate entities and huge corporate organizations which are all linked and intertwined one another. Did you know that the worlds billionaires have more wealth than 4.

It just makes it harder for us to live, financially and emotionally. Particularly when we are bombarded everyday with the restrictions of a Pandemic but at the same time we are told that we are economically booming. I am convinced that in the very near future all the governments of the world will implement a virtual digital currency. This has already been launched as a pilot by the CBDC, this is all the Central Banks in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa and will completely remove the necessity for banks to deal with intermediaries.

The pilot will end in early at which point this will be rolled out internationally. This means that you as a consumer will deal directly with the Central Bank. It also means that every single transaction that occurs will be specifically recorded and monitored, and cash will no longer exist in our lives in any way. So, I find it really hard to listen to the politicians telling me that the economy is on the mend. My own or theirs? They want it for all for themselves.

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Many players want to include the new left winger in their team and thus also need to buy the other player to link him up. The price for the old player increases! The best time to buy potential cards is about weeks or even more in front of a speculated release. I recommend to rely on events from the past games, because many things will repeat! In this case experience will help you a lot, because you have the approximate time in your mind when something is coming. If you have no experience on that, you can go ahead and look up a release schedule of the last games.

That will help! Next to that " FUT Watch " is very interesting and reliable, because they leak codes from the game very early. This can help you to get information on upcoming content. Whom to invest? If you're investing because of potential rating requirements, it's always better to focus on players, which are linkable to other players with a certain rating. For example: Spain or Brazil have many opportunities in all ratings!

Next to that the position is important as well. I recommend avoiding goalkeepers except for the high rated ones. These cards have very low chemistry on all other positions. Left backs have at least some chemistry on the left midfield for example.

The same goes with other positions. Stick to players which are always more demanded than other ones, even if they're more expensive during a buy window. The potential that these cards get even more demanded is very high! Stats are not important while investing because the cards will get recycled in SBCs anyway and there are no requirements regarding certain stats. All-in or Clubstock? I recommend not going all-in on one player and buying him several times.

The risk of losing many FIFA 22 coins is very big in this case. Same goes for getting profits, but we have to find a balance between risk and potential profits. Next to that it's more effective to use investing as a passive way to trade. You could make a clubstock, where you buy all ratings of gold or TOTW cards and store them in your club.

The big Belgian has had a difficult time with injuries of late, and Chelsea fans plus his OTW card owners will be delighted to see him back among the goals. An overall 90 card makes him a very usable option if you have a Premier League squad. He may be a bit short of pace, but good finishing and physical stats mean that you can cause some serious havoc if you use him correctly. He may have been a part of a leaky backline, but he looked impressive on the ball and scored a brilliant headed goal.

His lack of pace is definitely an issue for FUT Champs or Rivals, but with lots of space to grind for Icon Swaps or Winter Wildcard Swaps tokens, this is an item that could be really fun to use. Strong defending stats, plus solid passing and physicals could help you keep clean sheets in Friendlies or Squad Battles. High level dribbling and passing means you could deploy him as a creative midfielder, sitting behind two pacey strikers.

His Ultimate Team item really mirrors his real life strengths, with brilliant physicals and stamina — plus decent dribbling stats.

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Fifa 15 - Investing Trading Tip! (Easiest Way To Make Coins!) fifa 15 totw investing in oil

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