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Btc giveaway 2018

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btc giveaway 2018

The Vertcoin Twitter account was hacked and promoted a fake giveaway of 10 BTC, asking users to send BTC to enter the sweepstakes. Attention, friends. It's our BTC Giveaway month. If you Spot trade for the first time during our promotion period, you stand a chance of. “I'm giving away 10 Bitcoic (BTC) to all community! I left the post of director of Tesla, thank you all for your suppoot!” the tweet reads. IS MY ETHER WALLET DIFFERENT THAN LEDGER WALLET ETHEREUM

Indeed, Elon Musk's identity has been used in the past by other would-be scammers hoping to parlay Musk's popularity in order to trick users into thinking that he is, in fact, giving away cryptocurrency. In August, a group of researchers published evidence of a massive botnet fueling crypto scams on Twitter, utilizing fake accounts to give the appearance that real people were interacting with the giveaway organizers. It's an issue that Musk himself is fully aware of, having posted about the issue last month.

At the time, he sought help from crypto-community members, including dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer, in an effort to block the scam solicitations from his feed. Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Twitter says it's been improving how it tackles these cryptocurrency scams. On Tuesday, hackers briefly took over the Twitter accounts of retailer Target and Google's G Suite to promote a fake cryptocurrency giveaway, raising questions about whether the social media company has the problem under control.

And now Target. This isn't just Target's problem. This is Twitter 's problem. They clearly haven't got a handle on these cryptocurrency scams. On Monday, hijacked Twitter accounts for Farah menswear, a UK clothing brand, and the Australia office of IT consulting firm Capgemini also tweeted they were giving away cryptocurrency. At first glance, the tweets looked as though they were coming from Musk but the names of the account handles signaled they were scams.

Other businesses , including a book publisher and record label, have been victims of this scam. The attackers hijack a verified account, often with thousands of followers, and change the name and profile picture to impersonate Musk. They then ask users to send some of their own cryptocurrency to participate in the fake giveaway.

It's in the process of being restored and no Capgemini client operations have been adversely impacted," said Violet Yeo, a spokeswoman for Capgemini, in a statement on Monday.

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