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Ethniki asfalistiki nicosia betting

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ethniki asfalistiki nicosia betting

Ydra Asfalistiki Enosis Neon Agiou Dometiou is a Basketball team from Cyprus, based in Nicosia. •the partners-in-charge of Nicosia and Ethniki General Insurance (Cyprus) Limited mergers and acquisitions, betting and gaming. Their pensions and health insurance are paid by the Russian Federation. 27 J. Debreczeni, 'Hazárdjáték' [Gambling], Népszabadság [daily newspaper]. LOUISIANA SPORTS BETTING REGULATIONS

Undoubtedly, there has been extensive damage, especially in the retail and catering sectors which have been directly affected, but also in other sectors that have been indirectly affected, such as manufacturing and the supply chain.

The local economy faces a lot of losses. An economy that was largely based on the presence of students in our city, should change direction. Income from housing, food, entertainment, etc. Professionals whose standard of living depends on the day-to-day running of their business have found themselves in harsh position. This is where the government comes in with a series of measures to relieve entrepreneurs and workers, on a very large scale and in many forms.

The Chambers have pivotal role as state advisors, to propose measures, to correct possible problems and to propose interventions. We are currently preparing for the recording of losses, so that we can propose solutions of substantial results. It is imperative to express our positive view, which is necessary for the recovery of the economy.

It is a positive aspect that the EU Recovery Fund will provide significant opportunities and a variety of financial tools. Personally, I am optimistic but at the same time I will point out that nothing will be achieved without hard work and dedication to goals. Everyone who believe in it should follow. During the crisis, technology has shown new directions, which means that we should adapt to the new conditions.

Important investments and big projects will boost entrepreneurship and income. As an example I will mention the Patras Motorway, which is a completely mature investment included in the Development Law, and is also supported by the state. The implementation of this project will also attract other investments in the automotive industry and beyond. At the same time, it will create the conditions for significant investments in the hospitality, manufacturing and services sectors.

We plan the connection of the agri-food sector with tourism and culture, and we support the digital convergence of companies. Moreover, the Chamber of Achaia participates in an international forum, and as a result it has succeeded in attracting and implementing European programs for the strengthening of entrepreneurship and the emergence of young entrepreneurs. There are currently 12 such programs running, which have benefited many small businesses and young entrepreneurs.

Finally, the Management of European programs implements parallel supportive programs for various sectors and offers major opportunities to young people but also to companies that have a growth orientation. Since the pandemic is still raging, one cannot truly anticipate its ultimate outcome.

However, all economic sectors, enterprises and various groups of employees have been affected, either positively or negatively. Established procedures, terms and conditions of operations and transactions, communication and working modes have changed within a few months, to an extent that would have taken years to implement under normal circumstances. These changes, in their entirety or in part, are here to stay as part of our daily routine, reflecting the flexibility and prompt adaptability of the human race.

FARCOM is among the enterprises that withstood the pandemic, since it is active in a sector of consumer goods: on the one hand, a large share of company products meet first-line needs of consumers; on the other, the distribution channel the company uses was not affected by the successive lockdowns.

However, such commercial opportunities cannot be attributed to luck alone. Alternative solutions and paths were found, difficulties were dealt with immediately, procedures were further improved, and effective decisions were reached without delay. Company turnover was significantly strengthened in , and this dynamism was maintained into , despite adversities and the unforeseeable future of commercial activities.

And this is not all; FARCOM never stops investing in continuous education and training of its workforce and executives. The company keeps improving and developing its internal procedures and operations investing in new technologies. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. It requires hard work, perseverance, patience, learning, sacrifice, and most of all, love for what you are doing, because when you really love what you are doing, faith grows bigger than your fears.

Power Health is the first Greek company that believed in the efficacy of food supplements, opening the way to natural products, and is recognized as a significant chapter of the Greek economy for the past 36 years. We take advantage of the wisdom and power of nature and, along with science, we are close to the modern consumer with innovative formulations, even at international level, created by the well-established Research and Development Department. The Greek Pharmacy has been bringing us closer to the Greek Family offering natural and innovative solutions to health through high quality, safe and effective products.

Power Health set up a strong basis, designing a new way of life that contributed to the creation of a new shelf in the Greek pharmacy, but also a sector that even though was initially disputed, along the way gave inspiration to others. Power Health has expanded its business into the natural cosmetics market, under the brand name Inalia, offering an innovative range of natural cosmetics products for a premium complete skin care.

The company has also made a substantial move with the acquisition of Provipax SA Fleriana , a firm which specializes in natural repellents and household products. We are proud to say that we have all the guaranties to represent Greek entrepreneurship by investing in three pillars: Quality, Innovation and International expansion.

Despite the intense competition from the respective multinational companies, Power Health has established its position abroad and operates in 23 countries, gaining the trust of the foreign consumers. Always remaining faithful to our values, we have been fully committed to our first and foremost purpose: to bring with ethically and safety high standards the Power of Nature at the service of human needs. At the same time, the Greek extractive industry rose to the challenge and responded promptly to the needs created by the pandemic to support the National Health System as well as local health facilities and societies.

The extroversion of many of the industry activities was the key factor in retaining production capacity at high levels. Compared to Greek exports, the extractive industry ranks fourth following agribusiness, chemicals, and equipment; Greece has the largest share of extractive industry exports in terms of total exports among the EU 28 — 8. To highlight the above, it is worth mentioning the doubling of marble exports in recent years, our ranking as the top bentonite exporter worldwide, our ranking as the top magnesite exporter in the EU and one of the top exporters of pumice worldwide.

Growth in Greece must be based on reinforcing exports and foreign direct investment while capabilities for public expenditure and lending remain limited for the foreseeable future. The extractive industry contributes to the stabilization of the Greek economy and eventual growth through the high and increasing export share as well as its international character and ability to attract investments.

In this difficult time, the Greek extractive industry adapts to the situation and aims to continuously being a source of competitive advantage of our national economy. Italy and Spain do not leave much room for share, while at the same time new countries enter the market, making the competition even tougher. In this environment, and despite any problems, opportunities for the development of standardization and exports of the olive oil are clearly created.

Many consumers gain more knowledge about the nutritional value of quality olive oil by changing their nutritional habits and searching for products with an upgraded quality profile. Thus, they are looking for certified products, safe, with a stable taste and value, and the prospects for olive oil are good, as it is a staple food product, with recognized high nutritional value in many countries.

Lately, olive oil companies and organizations involved have made efforts to promote this excellent product and boost Cretan exports. Exporters have begun realizing that excellent product quality is not enough to establish their products abroad, but they also need to focus on other features, such as product appearance packaging, label , certifications, awards. At the same time, they are renewing their mechanical equipment, developing ideas and producing innovative products.

As a result, more and more branded Cretan olive oils occupy prominent positions on shelves of large super — market chains abroad. However, any efforts made are not following a specific national strategy. Despite the fact that exports of bottled olive oil have increased recently, the rate of this growth is slow and we still have a long way to go.

The above data show an inability of the branded Greek olive oil to stand worthy on the shelves of the large distribution abroad and to claim not only recognizability but also added value. One of the main reasons for this is the long — term absence of export marketing strategy and structured promotion for Greek olive oil, when competing countries invest significant funds on it.

We therefore conclude that in order to improve the situation and create conditions for strengthening the exports of branded Greek olive oil, the companies need the assistance of the state. State and companies should join forces and, based on the principles of Regional Marketing, promote our local product and highlight its quality excellence and advantages. We can learn from the mistakes of the past, the right examples from competing countries, be flexible and see how this can finally be reflected in actions, activities and then, as a final valuation, in exports and statistics.

The EU Recovery Fund is a huge opportunity for the Greek economy, but at the same time a great challenge for all parties involved in the planning, implementation, monitoring, assessment of completion and evaluation of results achieved. The second important factor was the attraction of private investment, followed by the need to utilize framework contracts with the companies which will implement the projects and the need to introduce the proper legislation to speed up the award, execution and acceptance of funded projects.

Therefore, it is our firm position that, without careful and detailed planning, the proper implementation of the projects is at risk, but, in any case, success will only be assessed upon completion. So, we need to stress that meeting the deadlines is an extremely critical factor.

It has been clarified that the grant will not be disbursed if the funded projects are not properly completed by August 31, In view of this, the recent SESMA survey showed that the following three issues are particularly important: mobilization of private funds; proper legal framework for the assignment of projects and resolution of objections; and, effective project monitoring and management structures.

Apparently, banks will be willing to support good companies that will be able to present convincing business plans. Again, the involvement of consulting firms is crucial. In conclusion and assuming that the Restructuring Plan will be successfully implemented, we are optimistic about the financial future of the country. Even though will be hit by the pandemic, the prospects for and beyond look brighter. Nowadays, the prospects in the field of information are changing at a demonic pace and the internet is a source in a different environment and one of the most appropriate media.

Particular attention was paid to trade, environmental and sustainability issues. Our relationship with the association Cosmetics Europe has developed constructively throughout this period, with frequent contacts and results. Our achievements include the unity of our members in so many different networks of the market, retaining a large number of members, and the fulfillment of their financial obligations. The Covid pandemic is likely to weaken by the end of A new growth model must be promoted throughout the European economy.

Measures have already been announced by the European Commission in time. Our real economy in the future will be based on company mergers and investments, with an emphasis on tourism, logistics, exports, research and production. In addition, it is necessary to support companies through cuts in their debt to the State. The Beauty Industry has a lot of room for growth in both innovative products and services. Finally, the Association places special importance on the issues of climate change and cosmetic products safety.

It goes without saying that the Beauty Industry has a direct interest in and is highly aware of sustainable development. In addition, the resources of the Recovery Fund will help strengthen our Industry. A huge effort went into dealing with the unique circumstances resulting from the pandemic. Crop yields were maintained, while supplies to the domestic as well as European markets increased both in volume and value.

Unforeseen circumstances in harvesting, packaging and transport were gracefully overcome. Greek fruit and vegetable exports in reached 1. Vegetable exports reached Overall vegetable exports show a rising trend with a notable exception for cucumbers which are on the decline. Our Association views the above data for as reflecting an overall positive development while setting an alltime record in terms of volumes and at the same time raising the average price per unit for our products.

Mandarins achieved a new record at So did strawberries at At the same time, in there was a significant drop in imports into our country, by The drop was mainly recorded in vegetables These figures account for an increase of 6. Even though we consider as a good year in general, it was not without some chronically persistent issues such as illegal trade without any added value or required fiscal or phytosanitary documents.

We note a lack of official policy and strategy as regards agri products and a very clear need for one, both with regard to cultivation and trading particularly export trade. We expect the global fruit trade to increase due to a rise in population, but also due to improved prosperity. To deal with the challenges of increased demand, better quality, safer products, but also the diversification of products offered by our country, it is imperative to adopt new policies.

In addition, improved cultivation methods, cool chain infrastructure, storage, packing and logistics will make us more competitive, viable and extrovert. Therefore, a new national strategy must be implemented. Studies are required on the outlook of consumer markets and trends so as to design the restructuring of currently cultivated crops, taking into accounts traditional crops.

It is necessary to specify growing areas by crops, adding new varieties and prolonging growing and trading periods. The authority for such an endeavor lies with the Council of Agricultural development, which needs to be reactivated and supported by representatives from production and trade institutions. Prosperity through trade continued to grow throughout the Hellenistic and Roman periods until the decline in fortunes of the Roman Empire. It was not to recover until Constantine the Great pulled the Western Empire together under Christian rule and thus Cyprus became part of Byzantium.

In the 7th C AD marauding Islamic hordes plundered many of the cities, sacking, looting and burning as they went. Many beautiful Christian buildings were destroyed and whole townships abandoned. The raids lasted for over two hundred years and the Cypriot people were obliged to pay taxes to whichever Caliph was in power, and to Constantinople. This injustice continued until the Byzantine Emperor defeated the Arabs and made the island secure once again.

The last Byzantine ruler of the island was the self-styled Emperor of Cyprus Isaac Comnenus who had usurped power from Constantinople during the chaos that followed the fall of Jerusalem to Saladin in After eight years of despotic rule, he made a grave political error by attempting to capture Berengaria of Navarre when her ship was driven onto the shores near Limassol during a storm.

As a foreign princess, she should have been offered courtesy, instead of which she received only insults. Her future husband Richard I king of England came to her rescue, snatched the island from the usurper, sent Isaac into exile and married his bride in Limassol castle in May Delighted as he was to find a treasury full of gold, Richard had no use for the island and sold it to the Knights Templar.

Then with his newfound and much-needed wealth he continued on his third crusade to retake Jerusalem. It was not long before the Templars discovered that the Cypriot people were not prepared to put up with another regime of harsh rule and went into hostile rebellion.

With their resources already stretched by the crusade, the Templars requested that king Richard relieve them of the island. As some small recompense for the loss of Jerusalem, Richard handed the island over to Guy of Lusignan and thus began years of French rule. Initially being ruled by a dynasty from France was no more beneficial to the Cypriot people than the previous rule.

It introduced a feudal system that gave power to the barons who had supported Guy during his battles in the Holy Land. However some local laws and customs were retained and gradually peace among the people was restored. Tenaciously, the Kings of Cyprus continued to hold on to the title of King of Jerusalem long after all hope of regaining that Kingdom was lost, and they were crowned in absentia in the great Cathedral of St.

Nicholas in Famagusta. The Orthodox religion was oppressed and the number of Orthodox Bishops was reduced. Though not totally forbidden the faith was pushed out into the less wealthy areas and the revenues amassed by the Orthodox Church were re-allocated to the Church of Rome.

Religious suppression angered the endemic Cypriots who mistrusted their new overlords, and the continuing contrast in lifestyles with the building of flamboyant abbeys and churches demonstrated the increasing divide between the two distinctly differing peoples. However over the next three centuries, this was to change and ultimately Cyprus and her people derived great benefit from the period of French rule.

Although there were times when foreign powers cast envious eyes on the realm of Cyprus resulting in attempts to take the island, there were also periods of great peace. There were enlightened rulers such as Hugh III, who encouraged the widespread interest in cultural reform and promotion of the arts. His court was known throughout Europe for its brilliance and his reign was spent mostly in the country not journeying about other countries of the Mediterranean, a fact that endeared him to the Cypriots.

However the next monarchs were not so lucky and their reigns were marred by interfamily feuds. Relative calm was restored by Hugh IV, who though somewhat an intolerant monarch, was a man who loved beautiful things and it was during his rule that the final additions to Bellapais Abbey were made.

In Peter I came to the throne and started his rule well. However after only seven years his reign started to decline; his trusted advisers died and he was at the mercy of the barons who undermined him and his evil Queen, Eleanor. She eventually succeeded in having him assassinated and became co-regent with her brothers in law until her infant king Peter II attained his majority.

During the coronation of Peter II, a long-brewing feud between Venetian and Genoese nobles erupted and developed into full-scale war. The Genoese landed in force in and plundered many of the cities, churches and abbeys. They took and held Famagusta and captured James the Constable, who had been one of the co-regents, and held him prisoner.

The hapless young king was completely controlled by his mother who succeeded in having her other co-regent Prince John, murdered. Peter II died without issue, James still imprisoned by the Genoese became heir and managed to raise the ransom for his release.

He reorganised the kingdom and was succeed by his son Janus. The country was once more prospering when in Egypt invaded and the island was controlled by a foreign power. The next sixty years saw a sad decline in the monarchy as French rule came to an end. He married a Venetian, Catherine Cornaro and died in somewhat suspicious circumstances leaving his widow to rule. His posthumous son died at a year old and Catherine ruled for thirteen years until the persuasive powers of her native Venice became too much for her and she abdicated the throne in For the next eighty years, Cyprus became a Venetian stronghold.

The towns, cities and coastal fortifications were strengthened against the growing might of the Ottoman Empire. All their efforts to make the island safe against further invasions were in vain when the Ottoman forces landed at Larnaca in and rapidly took Nicosia in a swiftly savage siege. Kyrenia gave in without a shot being fired, leaving the last major city Famagusta to be conquered.

The taking of Famagusta took ten long months, during which the Ottoman forces suffered tremendous losses at the hands of the small but brave force within the city walls led by Marc Antonio Bragadino. Courage and bravery were insufficient when the city ran out of supplies and Bragadino was forced to surrender. The churches were handed back to their former owners, Catholics, long hated by the Orthodox faith were expelled and many of the Catholic churches became mosques.

The population of the island was increased by settlement from the mainland of Turks who were promised gifts of land by the Sultan. However there were still taxes to be paid and financially the people did not find themselves much better off. Corruption in Government was rife, poverty and famine wreaked havoc, and a great plague in the mid 17th century decimated the population. Taxes were reduced and the Ottoman authority appointed the Orthodox Archbishop as the representative of the people.

Thus tax collecting was put into the hands of the church, a system that worked for a short while until greed got the upper hand, once again reducing the peasants to penury. The Russian Empire was slowly chipping away at its common borders with Ottoman possessions and the British Government was asked for help in stopping further incursions.

A deal was brokered between the Sultan and Benjamin Disraeli which permitted control of Cyprus by the British Government which in turn would continue to pay taxes to the Sultan. It was expedient for Britain to control the island because the Suez canal had opened in and it was feared Russia would try to take it and command the newly opened trade route.

With the outbreak of the first world war, Turkey joined forces with Germany and Cyprus was annexed to the British Crown. In Britain offered the island to Greece if they would agree to fight with the Allies. Greece declined the offer. In the island became a crown colony under the control of a governor. Enosis, union with Greece which would have been automatic if Greece had accepted the offer of the island in became of great importance.

There were riots in and Government house was burnt to the ground. With the onset of the second world war, Cypriots both Turkish and Greek fought in the British armed forces. At the end of the war the call for Enosis was renewed. In Archbishop Makarios called for a vote of the people on the subject of enosis and over 95 percent voted in favour. The British were not prepared to relinquish the island at the time and the battle for self rule was led by the EOKA rebel leader George Grivas with the blessing of Makarios.

Despite the request for Enosis being outlawed and Makarios being sent into exile, Greece applied to the United Nations for the right to self-government, the Turkish Cypriot minority were not taken into account as they were not considered of any importance. An eventual solution was reached and the London Accord that granted the island its independence was signed in , with the Republic of Cyprus becoming an actuality in The campaign, which started when the first EOKA bombs exploded at It created civil strife and mistrust between the two Cypriot communities.

EOKA received direct support from Greece in money, arms, organization and propaganda. Under a compromise settlement known as Zurich-London agreements, Cyprus became an independent Republic in Since then, April 1 is a national holiday. It was celebrated in memorial services in Churches and gatherings in cities and villages in the free part of Cyprus.

EOKA-B emerged twice, in and , in collaboration and cooperation with Greece, to attack the Turkish Cypriots, one of the two co-founding partners of the Republic of Cyprus, with the aim of uniting the Island with Greece. Between and , several groups embarked on a renewed terrorist campaign for enosis.

Most members of the terrorist movement held regular jobs in the Greek Cypriot community; half were police officials and members of the National Guard. There was also considerable evidence of support of EOKA B activities by the Greek junta, whose hostility to Makarios became increasingly apparent during the early s.

The junta was believed to be involved in several attempts on the life of President Makarios. In March , Makarios narrowly escaped death when his helicopter was shot down. Makarios walked away from the crash, but his pilot was killed. Former minister of the interior Polykarpos Georkajis, in contact with local right-wing groups and the junta in Athens, was thought to be implicated, and was assassinated shortly afterward.

A paramilitary presidential guard loyal to Makarios, called the Tactical Police Reserve, was organized in In a further attempt to bring subversive forces under control, Makarios dismissed many National Guard and police officers suspected of EOKA B activity. Since this time the island has remained divided.

It is a fully democratic state and with exception of a few border incidents, internal peace has been established. Efforts to reunite the island under a federal structure continue, however, under the auspices of the United Nations.

As Cyprus planned to join the European Community in May , there were renewed negotiations about the status of the Island. In December , the borders between the two parts of Cyprus were partly opened, numerous Greek Cypriots visited the north, and labour migration of Turkish Cypriots to the south, especially Nicosia began. A referendum on the Annan Plan, a United Nations proposal for reunification was placed before both communities in April, The plan was rejected by the Greek Cypriots while approved by the Turkish Cypriots but required the approval of both sides to succeed.

Proposal of the Annan Plan: The Annan Plan had undergone five revisions in order to reach its final version. This new country was to be a federation of two constituent states — the Greek Cypriot State and the Turkish Cypriot State — joined together by a federal government apparatus. An additional three non-voting members would be assigned The plan included a federal constitution, constitutions for each constituent state, a string of constitutional and federal laws, and a proposal for a United Cyprus Republic flag and a national anthem.

It also provided for a Reconciliation Commission to bring the two communities closer together and resolve outstanding disputes from the past. It would also have established a limited right to return between the territories of the two communities, and it would have allowed both Greece and Turkey to maintain a permanent military presence on the island, albeit with large, phased reductions in troop numbers. In February, , the election of a new president in the Republic of Cyprus brought a new boost to the peace process, and a final settlement of "The Cyprus Problem" looked closer than it had for a long time.

In July of that year, the two presidents issued a joint statement committing themselves to a solution of the Cyprus problem. A further statement in December of indicated hopes of a settlement by the end of Things slowed down for a while at the start of because of elections in Northern Cyprus, and in April a new leader was elected. Although a known hard liner, the new leader, Mr Ergolu, assured the United Nations that the talks would continue, which they have done.

In the Autumn of , a further crossing point was opened between Yesilirmak Limnitis and Kato Pyrgos in the far west of the island. There is also a strong movement from both sides of the divide to open further crossings south of Lefke, and east of Nicosia. Since the new set of talks started in , the two leaders have had 88 meetings up till the end of November Movement, however, has been painfully slow, with both sides blaming the other and there being selective leeks to the press to prove their case.

Both leaders have positive expectations towards Cyprus problem solution and collaboration on brining unity to the island. Mediterranean climate with crystal clear sea, hot dry summers and mild winters make it an ideal holiday destination in the world. The island is a friendly vacation place for all sun lovers because Cyprus has approximately sunny days annually for the entire year.

Climatically Cyprus is one of the healthiest regions of the world. What you can experience is beautiful sunrises and sunsets on Cyprus island, vacation in Cyprus is possible in every season. North Cyprus enjoys a climate with long warm and dry summers from mid May to mid October and mild wet winters from December to February.

Autumn and Spring seasons in Northern Cyprus are short and relatively dry with occasional winds. M Weather in coastal parts of North Cyprus such as Kyrenia and Famagusta is much milder compared to inland, due to the sea breeze and humidity of the Mediterranean. Frost and snow are almost unknown in North Cyprus, although night temperatures can fall to low levels in winter, specially during the month of January.

Fog is infrequent and usually confined to the early mornings but there are longer periods on the mountains in winter when cloud often envelops the highest peaks. Sunshine is abundant during the whole year and particularly from April to September when the average duration of bright sunshine exceeds 11 hours per day. Winds are generally light to moderate and variable in direction. Strong winds may occur sometimes, but gales are infrequent over Cyprus and are mainly confined to exposed coastal areas as well as areas at high elevation.

Remove shoes before entering a house or mosque as people used to sit on carpets on the floor. If someone suggests reading coffee grains at the bottom of your coffee cup, turn the cup upside down onto the saucer to be read. Tavli, like backgammon, is the usual game played in coffee houses. Museums and art galleries are good places to gain an insight to a culture as are local festivals.

Festivals are ideal events to enjoy real local culture first hand. Folk dancing depicting the story of everyday life, the girls more sedate than the boys showing off their skills. The blue eye nazar boncuk , seen hanging in doorways, on clothes, in cars and jewellery is to ward off evil looks and spirits.

Handicrafts include Lefkara lace work, from the Venetians era, for bedspreads and tablecloths etc. Good buys are Kilims, small colourful rugs, silk pictures and brooches. Festivals are also ideal times to try Turkish Cypriot food. Its mix of Mediterranean, Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine dishes and take-away conjures up a whole new meaning.

Traditions and Customs Cypriots are very proud of their cultural heritage, which stretches back more than years. However, you'll probably find that Cyprus today is more concerned with the events of the last 20 years than those of a millennium ago. The north of the island is busy re-creating itself in the image of Turkey, changing names to Turkish and embracing the life and culture of its northern neighbour.

The traditions and customs of a culture can best be observed in ceremonies and on special occasions. Between the Turkish Cypriot community, some of these are wedding ceremonies, feast days Ramazan , birth, children starting school, etc. Another important characteristic of the Turkish Cypriots is their hospitality. In the past, the importance of the guest was relative to their social status and their age. Serving the guests usually started with coffee or sherbets, especially those of honey, rose and carob.

Fruit paste serving was also of importance. Cypriot culture is also reflected in the rich folk art of the island. Age-old crafts, handed down from one generation to another, are faithfully carried on to this day by skilful hands and nimble fingers, fashioning handicrafts, both decorative and useful, that would grace any home. Carnival is one of the best known Cypriot and throughout the year there are also exhibitions, concerts, drama and folk festivals.

Whatever the present-day situation may be, Cyprus is littered with reminders of the island's history. Many villages specialize in a particular art form, and as you travel around Cyprus you'll see pottery, silver and copperware, basket weaving, tapestry and Lefkara's famous lacework. Turkish Cypriot Family Between Turkish Cypriots, family life is very important, so they spend most of their free time with family gatherings, picnics, barbeques and weddings.

The Turkish Cypriot family structure is that of the ex tender family which consists of three generations of people living close to eacother. The influence of the family on individuals is immeasurable. Although the island has undergone many social changes in recent times, the traditional family structure in Cyprus remains the same.

Turkish Cypriot families are patriarchal and male dominance is the norm. Men are expected to provide for the family while women are responsible for housework and childcare. If men do assist with household chores it is viewed as a bonus. Religious festivals are another important family event. Long lost cousins and distant family members gather together to eat, drink and laugh together.

Children are treated to new clothes for these festivals and receive large gifts of money to spend as they wish. Food is the main focus of family gatherings at Bayram and everyone contributes by cooking savouries and desserts to share with one another. In fact the kitchen table is the heart of the family home in North Cyprus. People in Cyprus enjoy eating together and there is never a shortage of food in the home. Women usually cook more than the necessary amount of food in case an unexpected member of the family or a friend visit.

Festivals North Cyprus is becoming a generous host to many cultural events. The island has started to host many cultural events over the past few years. They are generally held at historical sites such as Bellapais abbey, Kyrenia castle, Salamis Ampitheatre and Othello's Tower, such events have always attracted wide interest and you can come across cultural activities almost every weekend making it possible for visitors to experience such culture.

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Marianna Hadjiyianni, Engino. We learnt techniques and methods for efficient changes with real examples. The trainer was very transmittable. The trainer was very informed on the subject, but also generally. The trainer was so transmittable, clear with many practical examples and was giving the opportunity for dialogue and the whole seminar very pleasant! The trainer is excellent. Through this seminar I learned new methods of approaching customers. The trainer was truly knowledgeable about the subject and a pleasant personality.

Christoforos Kakopsitou, Leo Patriotis LTD A very interesting seminar where we learned a lot of useful information that will help us in our career. Maria Loizou, Diplomat Distributors D. Cyprus Ltd We learned about changing and differentiating our way of thinking and the perception that others have.

The trainer was perfect. Costas Hatzipanagiotou, Department of Environment The seminar was up to the point, without any unnecessary information. It gave us the correct bases for the perfect organization of an event.

Vasiliki was excellent! Elena Zafiriou, Columbia Beach Columbia Restaurants The seminar was very informative and made for a variety of industries. There was a friendly approach, it was not boring, and examples were presented through personal experience. The trainer was excellent, positive, functional, communicative and gives her attention to everyone. It teaches you how to use the written word for efficient and flawless communication with customers. Alexander Photiou Very interesting seminar by a highly experienced trainer!

The trainer was the TOP! Excellent trainer! Riana Galinou Very interesting seminar! We received very clear points and a lot if tools were given on how to deal with difficult situations in the workplace. The examples given were even clearer and easier to applied Mrs. Vasiliki was very transmitable and kept my interest during the whole day.

Alexandra Antria Zivana, Smile Lab Nicosia We learned how to be more responsible, how to organize ourselves and the team, how to be more communicative about the goals and how to manage new crisis. We had a lot of exercises and learned new words. The trainer was very good and passionate with his job. Zoe Weisz, Annitak Ltd The seminar was delivered in efficient, professional and easy manner. The trainer was very professional and efficient. Christofi was very communicative and gave us many examples.

Natasa Papathoma, C. Papaellinas Ltd Very interesting and comprehensive seminar combining theory with practice. The trainer was highly transmittable and was constantly keeping the interest. Constantia Zakou, Larnaca Municipality Useful and interesting seminar with many practical examples.

The trainer was contagious and vivid. The trainer was very good, through her attitude and the choice of her expressions she made us feel very comfortable and we want to know everything! Christina Cleanthous, Cyfield Development Co Ltd The seminar was effective and we learned how to think differently and more positively. Vasiliki was very good at presenting the seminar and with her own way she made it easy for us to understand everything. A very positive and happy person.

Odyssia Nicolaidou The seminar was very interesting, I already feel that from tomorrow I will start to change many things in my character and in how to deal with others on a professional and personal level. The trainer was impeccable and honest! Personally, I was satisfied with her and her presentation!

Christofi was very contagious and gave us many of her knowledge based on the subject. Very well organized and presented by the trainer was excellent! We learned about effective problem-solving. George Constantinou Hilton Nicosia Hotel A very informative and very helpful seminar with communication and dialogue among all. The trainer was well aware of the subject and could easily transfer his knowledge to us.

The trainer was very efficient. Alkistis Panayiotou, Interfreight Logistics Ltd Excellent seminar from a very good trainer characterized by her professionalism. I my thoughts in order. The trainer was very good. Panayiota Isaia, Chesterfield Management Ltd Extremely useful seminar on theoretical and practical level with real examples.

It was very comprehensive and developed on a variety of topics and occasions. The trainer was very contagious in the way of teaching and made us feel very comfortable during the seminar. Maria Christou Pierides The programme contained a very satisfactory material and expanded a wide range around the area of Human Resources. The trainers have the necessary knowledge on the subject and a properly organized material.

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RE-Act: Michael R. Virardi at TEDxNicosia

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