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The london forex rush system review

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the london forex rush system review

or reputation You have to read this honest London Forex Rush System REVIEW London Forex Rush System by Al Russel. London Forex Rush strategy special for uk Accurate and breakout forex daily Give You Point Daily. When start a new day Forex. The Bad: Not fully automated system. Requires a lot of manual work. London Forex Rush was developed by A. PAYING DOWN DEBT VERSUS INVESTING IN BONDS

Let me explain… The bulk of the trading volume happens inside the body of the candle. So, by ignoring the wicks we keep our focus where the real action happens. But, there is a tremendous advantage that comes with it. This will give you more confidence in your trading. These two trading sessions tend to see the most forex volume. Around this time frame, the major banks and financial institutions start their day.

Everyone has their own needs. Let me explain… A lot of the trading volume activity will come from the banks, which will try to accommodate their corporate clients. So, inevitably trading at the London open or New York open will get you more volatility.

In other words, this is your prime window for making money trading. Because volatility is synonymous with more trading opportunities. Most of the trading activity will be compressed in this time frame. If you miss your entries and a trend emerges from the London opening range breakout, the market will not give you a second chance to get back into the trend.

Make sure you monitor the first hour after the London trading session opens. Our team of experts has done a very rigorous London breakout strategy backtest and found the perfect time window to make money forex trading. Be sure to act quickly because the window of opportunity is very limited. Here is how it works: When to Trade the London Open Strategy The ideal time window to trade the London open strategy is one hour before the actual open and one hour after the London open.

Basically, you have a 2-hour window of trading opportunity. Our backtesting results have revealed that the 1 hour before the London open has as much relevance as the 1 hour after the London open Most of the times the volatility will start to pick up 30 minutes before the actual London open.

Actually, our favorite London trading setup to trade is when the market starts to move before London open. The trading foundation to trade profitable the London daybreak strategy is to trade against the crowd. This statistic has been circling around for many years. So, what can you do to not be part of that statistic? Our backtesting results revealed that by fading the London Open we have a very high probability trading setup.

You need to follow some strict trading rules for the opening range breakout. Otherwise, we can keep the money to fight another day. The bulk of buying and selling stops becomes an easy target for smart money. Remember that traders need liquidity to execute their orders. And, the smart money is always in search of liquidity to fill their large orders.

Next: Rule 2: The One-Hour before the London Open Needs to Generate the Breakout Our backtesting results revealed that momentum really starts to pick up 1-hour earlier than the actual London opening session. There are some smart ways to trade this burst of momentum. This is where things get interesting. And protecting you from yourself. Fear and greed are the top enemies of a profitable organization.

And the London Forex Rush system is here to safeguard you from all that. The indicator will inform you when to enter and when to exit. Just follow the indicator along with the dollars will come straight to you. Over-trading is one with the top mistakes among the new traders. But the London Forex Rush system will tell you to trade only when all of the buying and selling conditions fall in line.

By doing this you may never over-trade again. Thanks to the London Forex Rush system. Impatience is also a nasty aspect. Simply because the system will trigger trades only one time a day. And which is during the early hours. This means you will not have to be impatient all day lengthy waiting for your trades to show up.

And naturally the built in formula with the London Forex Rush system will guard you from risks.

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the london forex rush system review

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The london forex rush system review forex usa llc

The London Forex Rush System


For these advantages, the London Forex Rush System gets 4 stars. Despite the fact that it gives you all the points you need to trade, you can also choose between aggressive and conservative stop loss as well as between aggressive and conservative targets. You can trade the way you feel more comfortable.

The London Forex Rush system only trades the first two hours of the London session… Two hours a day is all you need to intra-day trade this system successfully! While specialization can offer unrivaled expertise and profits to a user, its downsides are that you could be missing other potentially bigger opportunities elsewhere or on a different time. I liked the website, the videos and the simplicity of the idea, and I decided to give it a try because it was priced quite reasonably.

The London Forex Rush System signals a trade if an existing trend during the Asian session goes into a consolidation range during the Asian lunch hours. The idea is that when the huge jump in momentum comes in with the European traders, the price will break out of the range after the London Open. The London Forex Rush System is solid with this trading strategy, but very poor in its execution.

For example, the trend indicator is very unreliable as it often misses an obvious trend until it is too late. Another frustrating flaw in the system was that it often makes entries too close to the stop loss point, or even sometimes enters trades in the wrong direction altogether. I tried reading the instructional eBook to try to resolve these problems, but it was not very clear and really hard to follow.

I finally decided to email the London Forex Rush support, but after repeated attempts and no replies, I had enough and decided to refund the system.

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The London Forex Rush System

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